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HOLY SHIT! Is this happening?! Is this shit still going?! Are we nearly done?! The answer is yes to all these things!

I am trying to post at a time that works better for the USA folks!

My computer is shit at the moment, so sorry if this mess is slow!

Let's do this hoobascotch!


It's been a long time (as usual) between episodes. So as always if there is anything you want to clarify, or if there are any questions now is an amazing time to ask.


Yay for the USA folks. *shakes fist at them*

We got our snazzy hat shot off and now about to get our face punched to custard.

So inventory check?

One Inventory check coming up!

A Bath Towel
A box of Kilojoule Buddytm
Some (now redundent) Commissar Collector Cards
A rubber
A Dataslate
Half a Jar of PEELZ
A laminated poster of SAPP
One dose of SLAUGHT
One dose of SPOOK

empty las pistol.


As usual, AMAZING archives are kept here:

the most recent episodes of which also explain the rules at the start, so feel free to catch up while I wrestle with an old computer, Australian internet and new sprites.

LUCKILY, either due to her ongoing experiences as a psyker or through sleep deprived maddness, BOONE is having visions of her dead squademates, who are going to offer her advice on her fist fight with SAPP!

REDDING, points out that the stance Sapp is using is that of a NOBLEBORN martial art, that you may have seen some of yourself. Apparently it is called 'JITENSHA'