Mozai :: Photography :: Convergence III
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Hello, and welcome to the awaited Mozai's C3 photos. You may recognize me as the bald-o with the vanDyke and the welding goggles, or that body that was still unconcious on the bar. You would've also seen that I was carrying a camera and pretended I was taking pictures. I wasn't pretending; high-speed film is still a neatokeenospermo toy to me.

I started taking photos at Sparky's on Thursday night (July 31st), and kept going until the morning after Roderick's Chamber (Aug 5th), taking over 120 photos. Some of them were such crap that I trashed them before I scanned them. At least one print was stolen, one print was destroyed, and I'm still waiting for the last roll to be developed. If some pictures seem washed out or too dark, download it and muck with the gamma correction.

Hey, people who've seen this site have mailed me either kudos or corrections, usually to identify themselves, and John VerBurg and moses have announced it on alt.gothic for me. Thx you two, because my newsfeed sucks, and thanks all of you who have corrected me or just said SOMETHING. As of 18 Aug 1997, the photos are complete.

Alright, I'll shut up already. If you just want to see the photos without annotations, then you suck because I spent a long time writing these pages. Not that you would ever feel the pain of the money I spent on film, development, hours of time typing and editing... o, I'm so toremented. (Enough with the obligatory mopeygoth laments.)

Okay, now if I could be serious for a moment (Shyeah, whatever), I have reason to believe that in attendance at C3 were some Replicants, a-la Blade Runner. If you remember how to identify a replicant on sight from the movie, or if you don't but still forgive my gearheadedness for citing a cyberpunk movie, you may wish to see the evidence before I get silenced.

It took me a long time to compose these images and the web site. If you'd care to see what I was thinking during the weekend I was working on this, be my guest. I'm an exhibitionist; I get turned on when my ears are burning.

You want more? Greedy. You can find out more about me at my Geocities homepage, or more about Convergence 3 at theirs. and, although having contextless hyperlinks really makes me itch, it would only be polite to have a list of other C3 photo sites here at the bottom... if I knew of any others. (09 Aug 1997)

C3 is over, we enjoyed it immensely because it was fantastic, and everything about it (like all Convergences) is about the people that it draws together. Convergence 4 will be in Toronto, I'm just one of the legions of worshipful assistants helping Siobhan NiLoughlin, so I will be there. C4 will be a blast.