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Nice try, but this is how I hid my Easter Egg for Convergence IV (and my passcodes to this year's scanned film, for a time). Here's your hint: if you search for special keywords (like 'winnie') in the search form, I've added some special treats. Maybe I'll add more later.
Aug 12 2002
Good lord. Rafe responds, after how many years? "Let this be a lesson to me to be more careful with my random google searches for weekend amusement - "drunk" + "corset" took me to your page, whereupon pictures of our brand of debauchery were captured. Egads! I will, however, thank you kindly for the "Rafe behaved himself" commentary - should I take the gf to that page... she'll know I haven't been fibbing about it *laugh* "
Dec 14 2001
Wow, I didn't think I was going to update this ever again. I got a letter from Carla Holley to fill in the blanks on eight more photographs. For caring, she gets a mention and link on the front page. (2021 Dec: it was a link to but geocities is dead now.)
Someday I'm going to move these pages to my own domain name and server at
Sep 23 2000:
Trid sent me another update, to whittle away at the 'who' list for four more identified photos. It's been so long since the last time someone sent mail that I think that might be the last update, and I might as well burn a CD to preserve the site for future generations. Macross expressed interest in the search software I wrote for this site, so who knows, maybe you'll see more of my name elsewhere.
Soundtrack: cars driving through the rain-soaked streets of Toronto
Aug 04 2000:
Another week, two more people helping out with identifying the subjects of my photografique artistry (wank wank wank). Thanks to Narrin/PlasmaTouch and Michael R. Barrick. 91 pictures still bear the stigma of unnamed people (although I bet I could narrow it down if I just looked through them a third time).
July 28 2000:
This week it's time to thank Trid and Lady Elizabeth for sending in letters identifying people. I'm surprised and flattered that people are still helping out and showing interest. *happy sigh* Vistor stats: 432 unique domains, 783 unique hostnames, 826 visits to the front page, 1120 uses of search.cgi. Humble, as websites go, but then this is a very specialized website. So far nobody's found the easter eggs on this site; did I remember to mention them? Damn, I did. I guess nobody looks for black-on-black text anymore. Well, here's a giveaway: another 'special word' is milk.
Soundtrack: My Scarlet Life
Jul 23 2000:
Thanks to Stuart & Amy Lyn, TRyan/`Una, Donya/masque, Jodi Mikesell, Uroboros, Artemis/Wendy/Calendara, Kiria and SmartPatrol/Morgyn for sending me info about the unidentified 'who' people. I haven't counted the hits on this site yet, but I hear that some of my photos are enjoying fame on the alt.gothic newsgroup.
Soundtrack: white noise from cooling fans and typing hands
Jun 28 2000:
248 photos (plus a handful I deleted because they're crap), 119 unidentified people, 1246 lines of comments, 266 lines of code.
Okay, so I finally got it together. The real heart of this piece is the CGI program that searches through journal.txt and makes pages of thumbnails and descriptions (and keyword frequency count. On the left are the most common keywords, but the search form will also buzz thru picture descriptions. The code itself is pretty cool, and it's also availible. Decided to keep the old events that I posted here while I developed. Immediate thanks go to Artemis, Macross, Metamorph and Rafe for helping name names in the "who is that" category of pictures.
Soundtrack: Fight Club Soundtrack and Orbital
June 23 2000
Ahh! Done processing the photos, and writing the journal. Uploaded them all, made a search.cgi program but it's not finished yet. Gotta make thumbnails and some decorative HTML and finish search.cgi. I intend to make this a searchable site. Soundtrack: Front 242 remixes
June 20 2000
It's 3:40am, and I've got all but two rolls processed. I've uploaded my journal so far, and some samples that I've been showing to friends. Enjoy the teasers.
Soundtrack: "Bible of Dreams", by Juno Reactor, spiced with Leaether Strip singles
June 12 2000
Okay, deleted half of them by accident, but the original scans are still kept by Black's. Also, my forthcoming unemployment is finally giving me the time or impudence to edit the pictures -- that and a nearly godlike ability to resist the knowledge that Sarah is naked in bed not twelve feet from where I sit. Know ye that living with un espirit du sexe makes it hard to work alone late into the night.
...damnit. Black's webserver is screwing up again. They seem to have new server softare, but they're no longer charging for the 1536x1024 resolution images, so I'm not going to complain.
(soundtrack: "Technophoby" by Decoded Feedback)
June 13 2000
It's 2am, I got two rolls photo-fixed (44 pix, by hand), with comments for all in a journal like I did for C3. I wanna sleep some.
June 2 2000
I've seen the negatives -- the lack of a flash underexposed only a handful of the 200+ photos I took. The best photos seem to be from the line-up outside the Show Box, I got plenty of photos from Peter Murphy, and there's only one I still need permission for. Thanks to everyone for being pleasant, posing when I asked, and thanks to those who were clear when they wanted not to be photographed. Thanks to the people who didn't call security when I elbowed my way to the stage when Peter Murphy came on (had to get close to get proper lighting).
(soundtrack: "Also Spach Zarathustra" by Arcane Device)
May 31 2000
I'm not finished yet... I was using a 35mm camera, which means I have to get it developed and scanned (thank you, Black's Photography, for your scan-to-net service), with film pushed into high speed, which means the commercial labs bitch and moan (thank you, Toronto Image Works, for being a _real_ photo lab). Have a look at Crimson Dragon's website (alas it's gone)... I met him, he's pretty nice, and we geeked out about digital cameras in the lobby for a while. Thanks for the offer of a net connection in the hotel.
(soundtrack: "Mutate" by Battery)

Finally, thanks to the organizers for Convergence VI for the weekend. I had a blast.