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Inu Cypher

I'm fascinated by syllabaries, and I like the symbols of the Inuktitut & Cree Syllabariums (they are nearly identical) (and technically they are abugidas). I also like the idea of saying things on the internet using these symbols as a cypher. Before I made this tool I would just use random symbols as nonsense; now I can use the syllabarium as an English cypher.

I mean no disrespect to the Inuit, Cree, or other nations that use these syllabaries for their written languages. My purpose is not to extinguish like some colonist, but to expose English to other scripts.

todo: use a real phonetic dictionary like the one from CMU.

Which abugidas/cypher to use:
Cleartext English goes here:
Cree writing goes here:
Cree to English phonemes:

(note1: Non-European languages have different phonemes than English, so scripts like Canadian aboriginal writing, Phillipines, or Japanese don't distinguish between some English sounds and may sound weird to an English speaker.)
(note2: Sometimes I use 'c' for the English consonant blend 'ch')

Further reading: