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The Last Flight of the Sparrow: Chapter Two

by Starit

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Ah, back to the land of the living, eh officer?

  • "What happened, where am I, where's the assailant, and how long was I out?"

HrgflhWhat am I, where happened, where was I out, and how long is the assailant!?

If you accept suggestions, officer, calming down should be the first one of your priorities right now. You've been unconscious for almost two hours.

fffghh... Really?

Yes. And I'm interested to know how did you manage to break your own leg and tase yourself at the same time.

  • what? you mean you didn't see him? shit.
  • "Dammit, he got away.
    Wait, you couldn't tell from the impact site that my leg was broken with a sledgehammer?
    Also, was there any blood on my clothes?"
  • "Where did you find me?"
    "Did anything happen while I was unconscious?"
  • Hug the doctor.
  • Hugz fer da dok.

Damn, he got away. Didn't you see him?

I didn't see anybody, because I haven't even been at the scene of your defeat. I finished analyzing the corpse and looked for Mogro, the Eng. assistant, to put the body in a better place, but I couldn't find him in Engineering. Half an hour later he came to my office carrying your wrecked body, saying that he found you unconscious in the Crew Quarters. He didn't mention anyone else.

Was there any blood on my clothes?

Nope, no blood. You can see it yourself, they're on the chair, with the rest of your possessions.

Did anything else happen while I was unconscious?

I wouldn't know, I've been here in the Infirmary finishing the blood tests. And yes, the blood and the corpse are of Reto Mikos.


Well, if you're done with the questions I guess I should go back to your work now. I've sealed the broken part of the carapace with quick-action plaster, and the nano-analgesics should stop most of the pain. You should be able to walk normally, but don't force it too much.


Did you just try to hug me?

Yes. No. Sorry, I guess I'm still a bit confused after the shock and all that.


  • "Say, was there anything wrong with Mongro's left shoulder? Was it favored or anything?"
  • Say, did you ever check the cabin of Reto Mikos?
    Should be an obvious place to look for clues, assuming you still have the key card.
    But check with the captain first, to get some status updates and be yelled at.
  • After asking, tell him if he sees someone like that, suspect them immediately, but don't let on.

Tiak gets up and puts on his clothes, checking his pockets. Looks like everything is in order, he's only missing the broken scalpel. And yes, he still has the card for Mikos cabin

So, was there anything wrong with Mongro's left shoulder?

Which one of them?

What? .

Oh, didn't you know? He's a Sinarri.

Tiak's brain races as he recognizes the name. The Sinarri. One of the many races enslaved by the Maurian in the past. They're free now, but the Republic dried out most of the natural resources of their homeplanets and maimed their population. Now they're used as cheap workers, employed by the same ones that caused their downfall.

Anyways, I don't scan everybody that crosses my way, and if it wasn't a serious wound, it would be easy to conceal. I didn't see anything wrong with any of his limbs, at least, at first sight.

Whoever attacked me got half of your scalpel up the left shoulder. Please, stay alert for any individual with such an injury.

Alright, alright, I'll see what can I do.

Ok, what should be Tiak's course of action now?

  • Go see the captain, stuff might have happened.
  • Were the pliers returned to engineering? Go check on our buddy there.
  • At first opportunity check that cabinet where the hazard suits were. They should both be missing, otherwise the engineer is highly suspicious.
  • Disregard that I suck cocks.