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The Last Flight Of The Sparrow: Chapter Five

by Starit

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Tiak begins to wake up in the brig, his mind still dizzy, his body still feels exhausted.

And something is dripping on his face.

  • Wakey wakey, loverboy! Adventure awaits!
  • Examine body hanging above you.
  • Don't let any of that blood drip on your last clean suit.
  • Realize that something terrible might be about to happen, but that it's probably just really creepy and not immediately dangerous.
    Prepare to roll off the bed, scoop up your laser rifle, and fire at any potential enemies. Even though it's probably just a random severed head or something. :3
  • God damn it. GET YOUR GUN!

Tiak opens his eyes, just to see familiar faces, with dead eyes. No joy in such reunion.

A Janitor and a Head Engineer, hanging from yellow cables.

  • Go on, discover that your rifle's missing already. If someone or some little drone can get in there to string up heads, it can sure as heck schlep your gun away.
  • Definitely a *head* engineer...
    Yeah, attempt to acquire WEPON. Also, check to see if BOMB is still there.
  • This is a really rude way of waking somebody up.
  • Oh, hey, somebody is threatening you in an attempt to scare you off the case.
    First, make sure nobody else is in there.
    Second, check your inventory, then the bomb.
    Third, look for signs of how they entered the brig; ideally, you'll find a smeared blood trail in the vent.
    Fourth: Marvel at how the blood could STILL be dripping so long after death. Do Maurians have absolutely no clotting or something?
    Fifth: Realize that whoever did this must be able to fit through the vents, thus ruling out Dan and the captain.
    Sixth: Realize you are having a nightmare. So informed, start lucid dreaming. Conjure up Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright riding rainbow unicorns, and have them help you solve the case.
  • Discover that all your most important items have been stolen.

Tiak can't find his gun where he left it before going to sleep, and that's not a surprise.

The surprise is awaiting him hovering up in the ventilation shaft, holding the cables from which the heads dangle. Motionless awaits, one sharp, accusatory metal finger pointing towards Tiak's face.

It doesn't move, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't produce any sounds. The small brig echoes with the proverbial buzzing of the spying machine, but after a few seconds, a robotic voice comes out of the floating device.

"KEYS... or....POISON."

  • "You want that rat poison? Why?"
    Prepare to grab the thing and smash it repeatedly into the wall and/or force field, whichever will do more damage.
  • Oh look, it's stupidly wrapped said cables around its hand so that it can't let go easily.
    Tug on the servered heads and stamp on the damn thing. Watch out for that finger in case "or poison" is a threat.
  • Grab the heads, swing it into the forcefield to fry the machine.

Tiak tries to pull the cables wrapped around the robot hand, but the hovering impulse of the device seems to be stronger than he is able to pull. He can't move the floating thing, not even an inch!

The machine moves its right arm, the extended finger nonchalantly aiming in another direction now. Pointing at the cryopod, which, Tiak just notices now, is open. He's pretty sure he closed it before going to sleep.

The synthesized voice can be heard again.


  • Fine. Climb the damn thing and unleash the green goo on top of the drone. If it can chew through the lift motors so quickly it should do quite the number on it.
    Or use the cutting tool, I guess, but so far that's been a pretty terrible improvised weapon. Can't see the little hammer doing much either.
  • Is it saying that the bomb is full of poison? Is it threatening to set off the (poison?) bomb? Agh.
    I suggest we give the bomb to the robot. In the worst case scenario, it's threatening to set off the bomb if it doesn't get keys, and nothing has really changed in terms of your proximity to a deadly (poison?) bomb. In the next-worst-case scenario, it's asking for either the bomb or the keys. If it has the bomb, it will likely try to plant it somewhere - but it doesn't mean relenquishing the keys, and gives you a moment of time to get the fuck out of the brig.
    What I want to know is why it didn't kill us in our sleep and steal them both, but...
    Anyway, it's my hope that a bloody murderous robot attempting to plant a bomb will be noticed by somebody or at least leave... yanno, traces, and that we can then deal with the scenario. If we give away the keys, though, I doubt we're ever seeing them again.
    I dunno if I trust the Queen with the keys either, but whoever programmed / controls the robot can't be much better.
  • Oh god damn it. Take out the keycards you have and hand them over. Don't give it the keycard data storage device.