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Nan has entered the HOTEL LOBBY.

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  • Freak out at the gravity of the situation. Again.
  • oh god oh god oh god. freak out a little. then check out the stuff in the cubbyholes and whats on the desk.
  • Come on Nan don't be silly just go back through the door I'm sure your boyfriend will be there.
    Er ahem.
    Attempt to calm frayed nerves and check the cubby holes.
  • This, then realize you're only in your underwear.
  • ohhhhh yessssssssss....

Nan freaks out at the gravity of the situation. Again.

  • Stay as calm as you can, see if anything's different than the last time.
    Also, you are wearing a shirt, right?
  • Come to the sudden and unnerving realization that you are now in your underwe-
    Wait whats that on the counter there? Was that there before?
  • uhm... check door? I don't really expect much but...
    wait.. do you even have a boyfriend? Who is the real you?
  • No, this cannot be! You must still be dreaming. Check and see what has changed. Those cubbyholes. That thing on the desk. Everything.
    You'll wake up soon...hopefully.

Nan is still wearing her shorts and a nightshirt. Nan tries to calm herself and inspects the cubbyholes. There are two items here: a BALLPOINT PEN and a MAGNIFYING GLASS.

  • Take the items
  • Take both items.
  • Add items to inventory.
  • Lets mix things up a bit here guys:
    DONT take those items!


  • Obviously, check that thing on the desk. Pray that the lights don't go out.
  • Examine the stuff on the desk.
  • Read guest book.
    Hug chandelier.
  • Cease freaking out. You're the main character, and the main character almost usually maybe sometimes never dies.
  • Write down "NAN" on your arm, that way we'll have a better idea of what is real and what is not.
  • Observe object on counter that was not there before.
  • Ignore this. Genre awareness of Plot Armor is the #1 cause of protagonist deaths.
  • It's also tempting fate. No one should ever tempt fate.
  • Okay Nan... what do you remember?

Nan picks up the NEWSPAPER.

It doesn't seem to make much sense.

  • That tears it, you're dreaming...What's that thing next to the newspaper?
  • Put down the newspaper and say hello to Henry.
  • Check the door.
  • Check bell, or where the bell used to be.

Beside the newspaper is a BOOK OF MATCHES.

  • Is that a partial picture of Nan upside-down??
    Attempt to open front door to escape.
  • Also, add MATCHES to inventory. Fire gooood.
  • Take matches. Try to find that guy's room again.
  • Acquire matches, look through front door.
  • Store the matches in your underwear.
  • Take the matches.
    Then lets throw the universe off track. Use screwdriver to seriously fuck up the broken clock.
  • Yes, we may as well explore. First floor first...
  • Oh ho!
    That is a fine idea!
    But I think we should attempt to repair the crazy clock.
    We are a REPAIR-NAN after all.
  • I say Nan has tired of repairing shit all the time. It's time for Vandal Nan to come out and show people who is the boss barbarian in this hotel. She has horns on her head after all.

Nan opens the front door.


  • Closing the door... nothing to see here.
  • Wait WHAT?
  • Close front door! Now sounds like a good time to explore the rest of the hotel...
  • Looks like alternate universe Nan is in trouble. I bet she was evil anyway.
    I also bet it was all that stupid clocks fault. Fuck it up properly and spread it's parts around the hotel as a warning to other timepieces.

Nan slams the front door shut and spins around, holding it closed, but no one else is in the room with her.

There's a loud impact from the other side of the door, and the sound of splintering wood.

  • Is anything trying to get through? If so, hoof it back to Henry's room.
  • Go through door to the right.
  • Go into the hallway.
  • Okay. It is settled.
    We are not going to open the front door any more.
    Especially if we end up wearing a bandanna on our face or something.
    Let's get the fuck out of here. Perhaps find that CUTE GUY and get him to help convince ourself we aren't crazy
  • Let's find another exit. That door is weird (understatement of the day.)
  • Yeah, let's not open the door again for a while.
    Go right.
  • Go look through the other rooms in the hotel. And ruin that clocks shit on the way

No, nothing appears to be trying to get through the door now. The noise has stopped and nothing is attempting to force the door against Nan.

  • try to find a window, maybe smash it open with the clock.

  • Even so. Yon hallway.
  • RUN through doorway to the right now.
    Run up to the next floor and once there find something to smash the clock with.
  • Break off that claw with uhmm... shit.. we seem to lack furniture... never mind get the hell away.
  • To Henry's room, Room 114.
  • Let's get the fuck out of here before that door does something else biza-FLEE

Nan quickly flees from the lobby as the sound of splintering wood echoes through the halls.

  • Wait, wait. What's that hanging on the wall there?

  • Hide in the janitor's closet!
  • quick, check the janitor's closet for SOMETHING you can use for self defense.
  • Hide in closet and ready screwdriver
  • Janitors closet might have something to smash that clock with.
  • It's for that chandelier
  • That's the stupidest thing imaginable to do. Continue to room 114 (or whatever) or arm yourself with a vase. No hiding where there is no escape.
  • I thinkmight be talking about the sign/photo next to the Janitor closet.
  • Bring the pot for a makeshift weapon!

Nan attempts to open the door, but the JANITOR'S CLOSET DOOR is locked!

  • And the totally predictable outcome happens. RUN to the right.
    Run goddamn it.
  • Room 114 Room 114 Room 114
    Run Nan, Run!
  • Dodge to the right and then shank the fuck with your screwdriver.
  • Run towards the Lobby! He won't expect it!
  • When running to the right press an elevator button in case we get a chance to turn around and get back here.
  • Stab it with the screwdriver and throw the cross at it as hard as possible!
    Swing it around for a couple seconds to pick up speed.
  • Utility closets are ALWAYS locked. That was obvious.Yes, do this.

Nan runs down the hall, heading for Room 114.

She considers pressing the elevator call button, but just as she begins to pass the elevator, it chimes on its own.


  • Might be a monster fight coming up. Throw the clock at the one following you to distract it.
  • RUN.
  • Scream for Help! Maybe Someone will hear you.
    If not, them duck into a room, lock the door, and baricade it. The first creepy coming after you tore through the first door with ease.

Nan continues running down the hall.

Room 111... Room 112... Room 113...

Room 114.

  • Briefly try to open every door after 115 unless that thing is hot on your trail!
  • Get to 117! It should still be open, right?
  • OPEN DOOR 115!
  • including 115, sorry.
  • ...Of course. Try the next door.
    Go for ROOM 115! GO GO GO!!
  • I'm guessing that Henry won't be letting us in.
    Grab the clock from your inventory, and get ready to throw it. Face whatever is following you and back up to the next door, 115. Check if it is unlocked.
    Throw the clock if the shadowthings get too close.
  • Open door 115 and go in.

Room 115 is locked, and Nan doesn't have the key!

Something rattles the chains on the door beside her.

  • Fuck that, keep running! Try every door you can.
  • "Henry, is that you?"
  • Scream profanities at the chain!
  • "Henry! Is that you??"
  • Throw the clock at shadow creatures while shouting profanities to the universe at large!
  • Please don't be 'another' monster.

Nan calls out, asking if the presence behind the door is Henry. There is no verbal response -- just more rattling of chains.

Nan continues running down the hall. These are the last two doors.

  • Try 117 first! It might still be unlocked.
  • Quick, open 117!
  • Shout some more profanities at the unjust at and uncaring universe. Throw clock at followers and then try opening door 117.
  • Throw that plantpot to the ground! TO THE GROUND.
    Then check 116 since it's closer.

There's a window at the very end of the hall, some distance after the door to Room 117, but for some reason it's dark outside.

Nan tries the door to Room 116.

The lights go out.

  • We used a key to get into 117 last time, which we don't have.
    Try 116, then 117. Prepare screwdriver if neither opens.
  • Take out the broken alarm clock and use it as a light.
  • Dammit. 117 was probably the right door. Feel around for it!
  • This is not good.
    Open the door and locate the light switch. Turn light switch on.
  • Also, get to that window. OPEN IT AND ESCAPE.
  • ...nevermind then. Try creeping along the wall to door 117?
  • Use the digital clock for a faint source of illumination!

Nan stumbles, trying to find her way.

Something is approaching in the darkness, making soft, shuffling noises.

  • Throw clock at source of sound.
  • oh god not that thing again...
  • FLAIL WILDLY AT POTTED PLANT! Throw that shit!
  • Oh god, not again.
    Get that window open!
  • FFFFFFFFFF....Is that alarm clock's light helping at all?
  • Use the clock and the magnifying glass to create a makeshift flashlight
  • Pull out the alarm clock to use as a (very weak) light source.
    Move towards the window. Try opening it.
  • Screw the window, keep trying to find 117.

The window should be at the end of the hall. It would be relatively easy to find. Nan fumbles and draws out the ALARM CLOCK, but it provides no real illumination!

The door to Room 117 opens. A hurried voice comes from the other side, telling Nan to get inside!

  • Fishy, but we have no choice, get inside!
  • GET INSIDE which should be your first instinct anyways
  • Throw alarm clock at omniously glowing eyes. Then get inside.
  • Get ye in!
  • Just get in. Don't throw the alarm clock.

Nan hesitates only for a moment, and then dives into Room 117, spinning around to see an unfamiliar man close and bolt the door.


Nan tries to catch her breath. The man nods calmly, and tries to reassure her. He says it's all right, she's safe now.

  • Hug man.

  • "What the hell is going on!?"
    Resist breaking down. You may still be in danger.
  • "What were those things what is this place who are you what's going ON"
  • Ask him panickedly what the hell is going on
  • Say "Hi", be cautious.
  • Ask him what the hell makes him so sure of safety? Like a wooden door is going to stop something not even of this earth.
  • Calm down a notch, and ask him what is going on.
    Then ask his name. It's only polite.
  • "WHAT in the HELL is GOING ON."
  • What's wrong with this place? We don't even know who we really are any more.

Nan freaks out and begins demanding answers in a panic. The man places a hand on her shoulder and nods once, saying she's had a bad scare, but she's going to be okay. He says she shouldn't worry. Just calm down, and keep her voice down.

The man from Room 117 introduces himself as Pablo.

  • nan hug pablo
  • Yeah, trust the guy with the freaking axe. Try to calm down and ask him what that was out there...And why she can't get out.
  • abort backing away. it's obvious he has an axe to fight off MONSTROSITIES.
  • Construct pillow fort from sheets on bed. Calm down a bit.
  • Axe him... I mean Ask him what hes doing with an axe, and what the HELL is going on.
  • Be quiet, then. Sit down and get ahold of yourself. Introduce yourself.
  • Clearly Pablo knows that this is a trick and has already gotten ax. Look around room while freaking out and jumping at every little sound.
  • Okay fine.
    Sit on bed, take several deep breaths, then ask Pablo why the hell this hotel is so jacked up.

Nan takes a deep breath and sits on the bed, trying to calm herself. Pablo sits as well. He places the FIRE AXE on the bedside dresser, evidently having noticed Nan's worried looks at it. He assures her he would never use it on a person.

After a few moments, Nan takes a breath and asks quietly what's going on.

Pablo answers calmly. He tells Nan there's a blackout in the hall, but as long as the lights are on in here, they're safe.

  • "But... what are those things?"
  • Cue lights going out.
    Lay down on his lap, relax, hum showtunes.
  • Safe... from WHAT?
  • Ask him if he knows what is happening, beyond the blackouts.
  • realize he just invoked murphy's law and the lights are going to go out.
  • "Safe from what? No seriously, you may for some reason be accustomed to being trapped in a hotel with eldritch horrors, BUT I'M NOT. I JUST CAME HERE TO FIX AN OUTLET."
  • Cue lights going out.
  • Nan, dear, please slap Pablo upside the head for invoking Murphy's law before attempting to loot the room for anything useful.

Nan demands to know exactly WHAT they're safe from. Pablo tells her to calm down again.

He says in the time that he's been here, he hasn't figured out exactly what those things are. But when the lights go out, they find their way in. Those uninvited things.

He tries to reassure Nan. He tells her that in the light, nothing can hurt her.

  • Ask him if he knows what the broken clock is for.
  • Okay, okay okay.
    Simmer down. Introduce yourself. He seems like a nice fellow, maybe everything isn't totally bad. :3c
  • SOMETHING MOVED! pull the dresser with the axe away from the wall
  • In b4 lights go off.
    Inquire what's keeping the lights on in here. Try lighting something on fire.
  • Ask if he has any flashlights or candles or somesuch.
  • seriously, look at the back of the dresser in 145, 147, and 148. in 148 it changes.
  • Okay, we're safe. Stop freaking out.
    ...wait, the outlet behind the dresser moved.
  • Okay, calm down a bit Nan. It looks like he is right; it's not following you into the room. Given how quickly it took out the front door, it would easily be able to get into the room if the lights weren't keeping it out.
    Ask Pablo if there is anything else in the room you could use to defend yourself.
    Also, check the outlet behind the bedside dresser. See if it is repaired, or in need of repairing again.
  • Ask him if he's absolutely SURE about that.
  • Right. Mission One, find portable non-electric light.
    I recommend finding out if that lamp has an outlet. If so, you can probably start a spark by cannabalizing some wire, using the shower rod as a base, then wrapping up some towels around where you want a handle and the tip, then dipping the tip in some flammable chemical under the sink.
    If one of those aren't possible, or if the idea is fundamentally flawed, at least try to arm yourself. Detach the shower rod, ask Pablo to axe it to a point, something.
  • Get that axe the fuck off that dresser. NOW.
    Shadow = darkness, and there's definitely a fucking shadow behind that thing.

Nan asks if Pablo is sure nothing can hurt her in the light. He pauses, glancing down, then quietly admits he is not completely certain. But it certainly has seemed that way from what he's observed in the past.

Nan jumps suddenly, pointing at the dresser. She tells Pablo something has moved behind it.

Pablo asks Nan if she's sure she saw something.

  • Slowly move the dresser away.
    Tell him that there was an outlet behind it that you fixed when you first came to the hotel.
  • Grab axe and check behind the dresser.
  • We saw SOMETHING alright.
    Investigate behind dresser drawers.
  • Ask Pablo to pick up the AXE and check behind the dresser yourself.
  • Take the axe and move the drawer it's on.
  • tell him that shadows are not lit. the things could be trying to short out the room by messing with the outlets.
  • Get the shower rod!
  • Tell Pablo to weild ax, and that you're over the inital shock...
    Pull pipe from bathroom sink and weild it.
    Begin a quest to wire all the lights in the hotel and escape after bringing light to the darkness.
    Say hi to bunny's with three eyes and cats with one ...
  • Inform him that something was ALREADY chasing you BEFORE the lights went out!
    So we are still a Little freaked out!
    Something was definitely behind the dresser but... I think it's gone now.
  • Ah! Light needs electricity, and electricity is Nan's job! Whatever these things are, it's targeting Nan... because she's the only one who can stop them!
    Get your electrician on, Nan. First things first - make sure that the power in this room isn't going to go!
  • PLEASE Weaver, let this NOT be a joke thread.
  • Have NAN pull the dresser away, while PABLO readies the AXE to SLAY anything that might be hiding behind it.

Nan is certain she saw something. Pablo grabs his axe and holds it at the ready, and on his signal, Nan pulls the dresser back quickly.

...there's a rat sniffling behind the dresser, near a small rathole where an outlet used to be.

  • ...Oh.
    Weird, where'd the outlet go?
    Let's just wait for the blackout to end, then.
  • Look into the rathole.
    If it's clear, then hug Pablo, kiss him, and tell him that you'll do almost anything for him if he helps you get out of this unharmed.
  • bracing for something to grab the rat!
  • "It... looks like a rat?"
    Ask Pablo if he checked behind the dresser before.
  • Wasn't that rat dead?
  • Have Pablo ready his axe on the rat in case it turns out to be evil mutant death rat.
    Check LAMP.
  • Inb4 the lights go out.
    Also, I'm a bit late to the party but FUCK YEAH NAN IS BACK WOOOO.
  • ...Interesting.
    Do you think it is possible that these 'unwelcome guests' could be attacking the electrical wiring? Yknow, to kill all the lights?
  • ...you know if we wanted to check the wiring we could bust up the wall a little.
  • Peek through rat hole.

The rat, discovered, quickly scurries into the hole.

Nan asks Pablo if these things might be attacking the wiring, forcing blackouts. Pablo says he thinks the blackouts aren't purely electrical... that he knows Nan is new here, but surely even she can tell there is more at work here than bad wiring.

  • Ask him about room 114
  • Lovecraftian horrors messing with the electricity?
    Peek through rat hole. See if it leads anywhere.
  • Why don't you try cutting away part of the wall, starting from the rathole?
  • Move the dresser and try to look into the rat hole.
    Ask Pablo if there are any portable light sources, such as a flashlight or battery-powered lamp.
  • So? can they move in light or just not attack? Because we saw some 'things' in the hallway and entryway before the lights went out.
    Also, how long has he been here? Who else is here? We have seen someone else normal.. we think... maybe... our memory is all wrong.
  • I'm gonna have to vote against that.
    Also, ask Pablo if there's anybody else in here.
  • Well... yeah. But it is interesting to know they have to kill the electricity and can't just magic up darkness or something!
    Anyways inform him about that fact that something was chasing you BEFORE the lights went out!
  • Well... perhaps we should just wait out the blackout, then.
  • what if the lights WERE out, we just didn't notice?
  • There is light in the room. If the lights in the room light up the room, and if that light wards off whatever shit is in the darkness outside, then why not try exposing some more of the wall.
  • Also, ask Pablo how long he's been here, and what date and time he thinks it is. On that note, what was the date when you left your home, Nan?
  • Ask Pablo if he's tried to escape yet.
  • But there's darkness between your clothes and you! Panic and rip off Pablo's clothes, saying you're saving him from the darkness.
    Ask him how long he's been here.
  • Ask Pablo the time and date, how long he's been here, etc
  • If we wait, the darkness might seep in...
    We need to find a carpenter to fix em holes...
    I mean, we're an electritrian; What skill does Pablo have that can help?
    Either way, get a pipe from the sink in the bathroom.
  • The way I'm interpreting this is that light just keeps them from appearing. Remember the monster that came through the main door? The light didn't slow that thing down.
  • If they just can't appear in the light we're better off plugging that hole in the wall just in case that will help. The pillow on the bed should work. Or Pablo's shirt if you like the pillow too much.
  • We still don't have a torch in case the light blows, or a weapon, or the assurance that Pablo wont go batshit on us! We need all those things if there's a chance of a happy ending!
  • Look at other power outlets. ANd get a weapon!
  • Ask him if his memories of the past are fucked up at all. Because I don't know if Henry is really your boyfriend at all.
  • Well. Now that we're safe...
    Tell him everything.
  • Realize you're topless.
  • bring lamp over to cast light into rathole
    poke around with screwdriver
    kill rat if possible (food?)
    then go in bathroom
  • She has a nightshirt.
  • Sit back down on the bed (after replacing the dresser), and tell him about your previous escapades involving the hotel.
  • Ask to borrow axe and then use it to smash the broken clock. I'm telling it's partly responsible for this and evil.
    Ask Pablo how long he has been trapped in this hellhole of a hotel. How can they expect paying customers like this?
  • We have a screwdriver. Why open it with an axe?
  • Axe is better at smashing and making sure the clock is properly broken.
  • Do three things =
    Primo, reflect newspaper in a mirror, see if something becomes legilible
    Secundo, use magnifying glass on newspaper. maybe looking at newspaper then would make some sense?
    Tertio: unscrew the clock, see why it's working without any energy.
  • Just a wild guess here. Maybe the 466 refers to a room number? Long shot, since there should only be three floors...
  • Use Axe, cut your way out of the hotel after lighting it on fire.
  • Suddenly, i remembered Silent Hill...
    Nan, if given an opportunity, please check whether there is 4th floor or not.
  • Goddamnit do you guys suck at this.
    For all the READ NOTE READ NOTE READ NOTE, we ended the last thread waking up in bed with a recognized romantic partner, and we DIDN'T HUG THEM? Now we'll never get a maximum score!
  • Don't replace the dresser. If something does come through the hole, I doubt it will stop it.
    Instead, see if you can put something in front of the hole that would rattle in case something tries to enter. That way you'll have some advance warning.
  • Don't smash the clock. There's no apparent benefit to doing so.
  • ask about henry and if he was the one who locked the door to 114
  • While we're on the topic, what is Pablo anyways?
    Is he like, a bat, or something?
  • i can see pablo as a bat, but honestly wtf is henry?
  • Reach into the rat hole and see if you can find something useful. It worked in RubyQuest. Once we had something to grab it with.
    But it is pretty dark in there...
    If Pablo is a bat, he could lead us if the darkness comes, so we have that going for us now. Ask if his super bat ultrasonic scream can detect anything in the hole. Other than, you know, a rat.
  • In IRC when this was updating, we came up with the decision that henry was a fennec fox, or something. Nonetheless, according to Weaver, their races have no impact on anything, and as such don't matter~
  • Does the door have a peephole? Maybe check to see if it's light again in the hallway.
    Also, have a look in the dresser drawers. Or ask Pablo if anything's in 'em.
    If you still have a flashlight, use it on the rat hole.
  • That'd work (and make more sense, since beasty doesn't like light according to Pablo), but the sound waves sounds more fun.
    Also, check BATHROOM MIRROR. You know, just in case.
    If lights go out, get away from Pablo. He could monsterdize on us.
  • If this is a dream then if you go to sleep you'll wake up. You're safe in your dreams Nan!
  • ACTUALLY!! It was just cutting through the door, Remember it was dark outside, and the one in the elevator didnt follow you until the lights want out.
  • You don't know that it followed us, If I had to bet I would say that the shadow beasts look like people in the light. I bet that axeman is one of them. maybe he doesn't even know it.
  • look at you staring at him, Nan ur soo cuuuute~
  • Ask him what exactly he has observed in the past. You need to understand how these things work if you're going to have any chance.
    By the way, DON'T smash the strange clock that appeared from nowhere. There's no telling what it would do.
  • locked room? Check
    chains? Check
    Hole behind dresser? Check
    can't get out? Check
  • see
  • That... could be anything black and sinister...
  • That is merely the spreading darkness approaching before it to allow it into the hallway. Or it started a fire and that's smoke.
  • Shine the flashlight into the hole
  • Nan doesn't have a flashlight right now.
  • Reach your electric tongue into the hole.
  • We need to aquire clothing ASAP
  • She has a shirt and short shorts on. It says so in the last part.
  • Will you fucking idiots stop bumping this and use the discussion board?
  • Maybe we should have a go at the newspaper again. While we're using the mirror, why not inspect the bathroom while we're there?

Nan asks Pablo how long he's been here, and what the date and time are.

He says he doesn't know how long he's been here -- maybe seven or eight days. He says when he came here, it was the 14th of October, and when Nan arrived it was the 24th, so he's been here for ten days. Pablo shrugs at her response. He says it's hard to keep track of time in this place.

Before Nan can question more about the rathole, Pablo asks her if she's hungry. Nan's still feeling sated from the pizza this morning.

  • Tell him you might want a snack.
  • Unless we can save this snack for later, I'd say no thanks.
  • Oh boy, an update!
    Tell him you're not hungry, but ask about food in the hotel... If there is any.
  • Who knows how long we'll be here, we may as well learn where we can get some food.

Nan says she's not hungry now, but it would be good to have something for later. Or at least know where she could get food around here.

Pablo stands, nodding. He says he is going to go to the Janitor's closet and see if there's any canned food left there. That's what he's been eating since he got here. But it's dangerous, and he asks Nan to wait here. She'll be safe.

  • Fuck.
    Stay with him, since you're safer TOGETHER.
  • Don't split up. Seriously. Bad idea.
  • No don't let him go alone.
  • Grab onto his thighs and tell him not to go.
  • Tell him you'd honestly feel better if you went with him. Is this room protected somehow?
  • HA.
    Ask if Nan could accompany Pablo. Strength in numbers, after all.
  • you split up and an hour later you are going to find Pablo's severed head.
  • It's safer to go together. It's not like Nan is a wimp or anything, we just don't have a very good weapon.
    "Heck no, I'm coming with you. With two against one, I feel confident enough to use this." and hold up the screwdriver.

Nan grabs Pablo by the shoulders and insists that he not leave her alone. There is strength in numbers, after all. If they split up, Pablo could be in danger too.

Pablo assures Nan he's done this before, that he knows what this place is like. She doesn't know what she's up against yet.

  • Keep at it! Don't split!
  • "What, really? Okay, but when do I get to learn?"
  • tell him you have seen horror movies before. the guy who suggests splitting up always dies.
  • "I've done this before too. Splitting up does NOT end well.
  • Then we need to requisition a weapon of sorts.
    Does Pablo have any shotguns or handguns handy? Preferably with FMJ incendiary rounds?
  • Listen to him, he knows what he's doing. He's just like you Nan, and he's confident. That means you just don't know how to deal with this, not that it can't be dealt with. Stay in the room and calm down, you'll be fine, trust him.
  • You're going to have to do whatever you can to stay together, bad things happen to those who split up! If he is intent on leaving without you, you'll just have to rip off his clothes and force him to explain what this place is like.

Nan continues to insist. The only way they stand a chance is together. Pablo considers and finally yields. He hands Nan the fire axe and tells her to keep an eye out, and to cover him if trouble arrives.

It's never easy. They'll wait for the lights, move quick, head straight to the janitor's closet, and head right back.

  • Excellent.
    Let's do this.
  • Sounds good. But now that you have the axe there is something you must do. Smash the infernal clock!
  • That sounds like a plan. Keep a firm grip on the axe, you don't want to lose it.

Nan takes the axe and Pablo checks the peephole. He says it looks like the light is back on in the hallway.

  • Thank him.
  • Remember Nan: go quickly, but go carefully.
  • With tongue.
  • Get ready to run.
  • Smash the clock now before it's too late!
    But since you're not really going to do that. Tell him that it's go time.
  • In before Pablo stabbed through peephole.

Nan and Pablo step out into the hallway again. Pablo freezes. Nan keeps the fire axe firmly in-hand. The hall light hasn't come back on. It looks like a standing light is lit, however -- though it's not standing anymore.

  • Pick up light.
    Wave it around maniacally.
  • fuck! retreat they have gotten smart!
  • Tell him to go back into the room. The last time a friend of yours was stuck in the dark they turned into a monster.
    Go take the lamp.
  • Wait till he does something, just follow his lead.
  • Ask pablo if the things avoid the light or if they are actually harmed by it.
  • Get the fuck back in the room, the food can wait.
    Pull Pablo back in if necessary.
  • Oh, that. He has experience, let him decide what to do.
  • It would be nice to grab that flashlight, but I can only imagine something grabbing you if you tried. I'd say duck back into the closet for now, wait for the lights to come on proper.
  • THis.
    Also, if the light source is at all portable, then I suggest that Nan hold the light and pablo holds the axe.
  • Oh why didn't you smash the clock? WHY!!!?
    Anyway, see if the light source is portable.

Nan quickly asks Pablo if the things are injured by the light, or if they just avoid it. He says as far as he knows they just avoid it, and if they stay...

...but Pablo doesn't finish his sentence.


  • Uh oh, what caught his eye?
  • Spin around, and ready the axe.
  • Do be careful not to hit Pablo with the backswing.
  • What, Pablo? WHAT?!
    WHAT IS IT?!!?1
  • Don't turn around. Both of you. Back in the door. NOW!
  • Be ready to dodge incoming monster.
  • Roll forward, grab flashlight.
  • Oh why didn't you smash the clock?
    See what he's looking at.
  • don't look just move.

Nan spins around, her axe at the ready, and instinctively sidesteps.

At the end of the hall, a slouched figure rests motionless against the wall.

  • something tells me this is a distraction BECAUSE THE DARKNESS IS RIGHT FUCKING BEHIND YOU.
  • Ask Pablo if he knows what's going on before doing anything, he's been here longer than us and this scenario or that person may be familiar to him.
  • ... you're (relatively) safe inside the light, right?
    You and Henry should grab Henry's body and take it back to the room to investigate.
    Or flip the fuck out first, if that's what you feel like doing.
  • Give Pablo the ax, tell him to keep watch. Go check the body.
  • Isn't that the goat chap from last time? Maybe pull him into the room as you get out of the hallway, if you do so?
  • Facing the light, slowly back towards the body.
  • Approach cautiously and DON'T turn you back towards the potential decoy. Have Pablo watch your back and be ready to run back into the room.
  • "If they stay in the light... they revert back to the people they were before?"
  • Grab the body and drag it into the room ASAP

Nan asks Pablo if he knows what's going on. Pablo quickly answers no. He says he doesn't recognize the man at the end of the hall.

He asks Nan what they should do -- if they're going to get him or leave him, and who should do what.

  • Pablo is stronger: He should move the body. Nan, STAND UP THE FUCKING LAMP.
  • Nan and Pablo hold hands, Nan watches behind them while Pablo leads them both to the janitor's closet.
    Drag him into the room. Continue sneaking mission.
  • Have Pablo open and guard the door while Nan grabs Henry and drags him back into the room with her.
    Nan, grab him by the foot. If it's a trap, that gives you the most distance to react.
  • Poke him with the axe. If he doesn't move, try pulling him.
  • Definitely have Pablo get Henry while you cover him with the axe, and open the door for him.
  • Well if you just leave him there he's either going to be dragged off to a horrible death or wait until you turn your back and drag YOU to a horrible death. See if you can provoke a response by calling out, but don't be too loud.
    If that fails, you've got the axe; approach and give it a poke, preparing to do something far less gentle with said axe if things go south.
  • addendum: Pablo keeps watch on the REST of the hallway instead of staring like an idiot at the body
  • Go get him. Just make sure you smash that blasted clock at some point. I'm telling you it's the artifact that's behind all of this shit.
  • Tell Pablo to tell you if something sneaks up, then go check on Henry.

Nan tells Pablo to keep watch at the edge of the light. She keeps the axe and approaches the slumped figure slowly.

She calls out, but there's no response.

  • Oh shit guys.
    The lamp disappeared, but it's light is still there! WHAT THE FFFFFF-
  • Okay, now grab his foot and shake a bit. See if he's okay.
  • Tap the body with your foot, Nan!
  • Keep your shadow off of him. Nudge his foot.
  • Thats not the light that Nan is carrying, its the fire axe.
  • Grab his foot and drag him with you.

Nan nudges the fallen figure on the ground, hoping for a response. He groans slightly. Nan nudges again...


  • Shove him into the light, quick! Then go assist Pablo.
  • we're all dead aaaah

Nan grabs the man's feet and quickly turns around. A tall, dark figure is standing just in front of the light. Vaguely silhouetted, Nan can't quite make it out.

Pablo shouts angrily. He tells Nan to hurry and get the man into the room. He'll hold this thing off. He yells at the figure. He tells it to stay away. Pablo says he is not afraid to die anymore.

  • Get the axe to Pablo!
  • Better listen to him, get the dead weight into the room first THEN see if we can help.
  • So Nan... ever throw an axe before? If you can nail the thing or just distract it long enough, it may let all of you escape.
  • Shove Henry into the room, then yank Pablo in behind you. Nobody gets left behind.

Nan hurries to the door, wanting to drop the unconscious figure off to safety first. But just when a confrontation seems unavoidable, the tall figure steps out of the light, disappearing back into the darkness beyond.

  • Nan, after you stow the Henry-like body in the room you GRAB PABLO AND YANK HIM INTO THE ROOM.
  • Uh... nevermind.
    Well, see if the Henry-shaped person is okay.
  • Good! Still, scrub the mission and regroup. It's too dangerous to make a food run right now.
  • Get everyone inside before more freaky shit happens.

Nan yells at a stunned Pablo to get inside, and he quickly follows her with the figure, slamming the door and bolting it fast.

Nan and Pablo help the unconscious man onto the bed.

Nan confirms what she's suspected: the man is Henry. He's still alive, and doesn't beat any visible wounds as far as she can tell.

Pablo continues watching the door.

  • Ask the question about monsters and lights again.
  • I'd feel better if that mousehole was blocked up.
  • Give Henry the kiss of life, Nan~
  • start feeling up both of the- I mean check them for injuries.

Nan makes sure Henry is breathing all right, then turns to Pablo and, scared by recent events, demands to know more about the monsters and the lights.

Pablo's voice is very quiet. He says he doesn't know why they are still alive. Nan asks again, if it's true that those things don't enter the light. Pablo says that thing was not like the others.

He says that was the Padre. And he's never seen the Padre just... leave.

  • Nudge him and speak to him a little, let him sleep if he doesn't wake. Maybe look under his shirt, he could be bruised or something.
  • Perhaps it doesn't like being outnumbered.
  • ask how long he's been here.
  • Ooooh, 'Padre'. THAT'S a name you can wrap your mind around. Ask about him, and ask if any other monsters have names.
  • Continue suffering from short-term memory loss. Wonder what you had for breakfast today.
  • How does he know the Padre's name?
    What's with Henry's eyes?
    Check behind the picture frame. Check the mirror and give us a sweep of the bathroom.
  • Ask more about the Padre.

Nan asks about Pablo, wanting to take the opportunity to learn what she can. Pablo says he was told to come in as the janitor here -- thus, why he has the key to the closet. But he didn't even get to meet the manager before he found himself trapped here, just like Nan.

Nan asks about the Padre, how he knows its name. Pablo says that thing may not have a name. It's some... thing that's dressed up like a Padre, so that's what he calls it. And it's not usually the type to leave. He says in his time here he's also seen a few other beings that stood out from uninvited husks, those knotted masses of blackened flesh. He picked up the names from Alan, another he found trapped here, who had been here far longer. There's something... a man in a black robe. Alan called it the Pilgrim. And something he always called the Beast -- but Pablo says he never saw it.

  • see if you can macguyver together a torch out of stuff in the room, you can ignite it with the electrical socket and some poor choices.
  • Ask him if he's tried to break windows and stuff.
  • Show him the cross pendant you have, and the clock.
  • What happened to Alan?
  • Sad Nan is sad.
    Do we have enough capacitors and copper wire to fashion a shake-to-light flashlight?
  • Show him the pendant, clock, and any other macguffins you have that I may have forgotten, and ask him about them. Also, ask about Alan.
  • What has Pablo got stored up in all those drawers and cabinets? Is there anything useful in the bathroom?

Nan asks what happened to Alan. Pablo gets very quiet and says the Pilgrim carved him apart.

Nan ponders quietly a moment and shows Pablo the cross-shaped pendant and alarm clock, but they mean nothing to Pablo.

Finally, she asks if he's tried breaking a window to escape. He says yes, the first thing everyone tries is to go out the doors and windows. But they'll always just end up back in the hotel. The only windows that lead anywhere are the ones that open to the courtyard, and Alan said that's where the Beast sleeps.

  • Ask if he knows if there's a way out from the courtyard.
  • sounds like fighting your way in has a higher chance of escape than fighting your way out
  • Explain what brought you in. Electrician for fixing socket. Etc. Etc. Wasn't there a wire going into the janitor's closet you wanted to investigate? Once we figure out a way to keep some light around, we'll be able to check it out, provided Pablo doesn't disappear.

Something rattles behind the dresser.

  • Grab axe, retreat with Pablo to other side of room
  • Put away the stuff. Hand the axe to Pablo.
  • maaaybe move away from it and wait to see what it is.
  • Is it that damn rat again?
  • That's a big hole.
  • Push the dresser back against the hole!
    Grab the axe!
    Try not to panic too much!
    Hope the rat from earlier isn't actually a monster or something!
  • Grab Henry and have Pablo get the fuck away, hand him the axe and be ready to wham that motherfucker if something's growing out of the wall.

Nan and Pablo back away to the opposite side of the room, and Pablo scoops up the axe, holding it at the ready.

The faint, almost metallic clattering noise continues, intermittently. It doesn't seem to be growing louder.

  • Make casual conversation.
    "so you ever tried killing one of these things?"
  • Carefully pull the dresser out just enough to see if you can spy whats going on in the hole.
  • Pablo has the axe, motion him to check it out while you prepare to slam the dresser back against the wall.
  • "Has this ever happened before?"

Nan asks if Pablo has ever tried killing these things. He says yes. It seems the uninvited things can die, just like anyone. But he's not sure about the others -- the Padre, the Pilgrim...

He slowly, cautiously approaches behind the dresser.

There is a rat in the hole, again. ...and something else.


The rat quickly scurries away into the darkness, knocking something clattering onto the floor of Room 117.

Pablo picks up the CANNED BEANS.

  • Looks like you've got a new friend~
  • The Rat is our ally! He brings us sustenance!
    Tell Pablo he can help himself to the beans of he likes.
  • *if he likes.
  • The rats. The rats in the walls...
    Are our friends?!
    So anyway I guess we should leave crumbs out for them or something.
  • That's a relief. Not EVERYTHING here is trying to kill us.
  • Ponder aloud if it were coincidence, somebody used the rat to help you, or the rat itself is helping you guys.
  • Ok, now you have food.
    Start examining Henry for injuries, and see if you can wake him up.
  • Try to lure rat out and befriend. Could come in handy - maybe could crawl into holes and get shit.
  • Awesome rat. Yes, let's feed it. I encourage this symbiotic relationship.
  • Thank rat somehow, possibly with some nibble of food.
    Explore the bathroom all badass like.
    Discuss any plans of escape with Pablo. Remember you have a book of matches to fight the darkness.
  • Do not go near the bathroom mirror. Remember what happened?
    Lights Out.
    Henry Monster.
    Henry is in room now.
    Lights are on.
    We are safe.
    Bad Idea = Messing with the mirror.
    Also, perhaps the Padre left you alone because you showed true courage while defending Nan and Henry. Perhaps the Padre feeds on your fear.
    Maybe Henry was trying to find Nan, used the lamp to see, but the Padre attacked him, he freaked out and dropped it, and then you came out.
  • Maybe that cross pendant warded the Padre away? Anyway in this brief respite you should do two important things.
    1: Describe the shadow that chased you before, maybe it's one of the 'others' and Pablo knows details about it? If not, it's best to warn him of its existence.
    2: More importantly, ask if Pablo's had any weird 'visions' or 'fantasy scenes' like ours when we woke up in bed with Henry. We need to know if this comes with the hotel or if there's a special factor at work.
    Also while you shouldn't distrust him, Henry didn't seem to be a victim of the hotel the way you and Pablo are. Between that and the issue with his mirror image, there might be more going on with him than meets the eye. Even if he doesn't realize it himself. If nothing else keep him away from mirrors for everyone's sake.
  • Use STRONG GOAT TEETH or HORNS OF THE GOAT as a makeshift can opener if you do not have one. Goats love cans.
  • I'm feeling a bit suspicious of that can of beans. Better check it for openings or other signs of tampering.
    Ask him what happens when they enter the light. He was telling us earlier, but he got interrupted.
  • ya know... there's something about henry...
    As if this place is trying to make you establish him as a friend... and he turns out to be a sick bastard.
    Watch your back.
    Anyway, getting that torch woulda been a great way of staving off the beasts temporarily... (as well as being able to see)
  • ? "Thukk"
  • D:<
    Save it for the fanart thread, plz.
  • Maybe we should rethink about opening that can. D':
  • Shake the can to see if it sounds like it has beans inside and not something else.
  • First thing first: Nan, thank Pablo for helping you get Henry into the room. That was really brave.
    Allying with the rat is also a good idea, although we don't really have a food offering to give to it. Once we open the can, we should give some of the beans to the rat. I think Pablo was hungry for the rest.
    Do we have some way of opening the can?
  • A fire axe is a way of opening a can.
  • What? No. We can't stop here. This is bat country.
  • Stop bumping the thread already guys.