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Nan stares upward, standing in the cold, still air of the chapel.

The journal is quickly forgotten as more immediate concerns arise. Nan realizes she and Henry are not alone.

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  • Say hello, crossing your fingers that against all odds the newcomer isn't hostile.
  • Instinctively hide behind Henry.
    "Who's there?"
  • Hide behind Henry and ask who the figure is
  • Have Henry keep an eye on the stranger while you look for a light source
  • Say "Whatup?" to the Mysterious Figure.
  • Be polite! Give the silhoutte a friendly wave and inquire who he is.
  • "Yo! Dawg, how you doin'? You creeping up there? T'ain't polite!"
  • Try and communicate with them, and be polite about it! Remember to keep calm no matter what happens.
  • Stash the journal for future investigation. It could still hold useful information
  • He's clearly black.
    Don't worry I know how to deal with this.
    Say "WHATUP DAWG?!"
  • Check Inventory for Flashlight.
  • Stand your ground and call to the figure
  • Shine flashlight at the figure.
  • Throw the book at the newcomer
  • I say we leave it. It clearly being a journal, we'll probably get on it's owner's bad side even more if we take it. Then again, it has Nan's name in it, on second though just take it anyway.
  • stop
  • ask their name.
  • Leave the journal (don't want to get on its bad side), grab Henry, and be prepared to bolt.
  • Try and get a better look at the figure.
  • get the fuck outta there
  • Get out of range. Maybe it'll try to throw something.
  • wait is that the pilgrim i hope not
  • Grab the journal, then ask the figure who they are.
  • Wave hello, at least.
  • Is that young michael jackson? Tell that fool to get down there and help them escape!

Nan swipes the book off the podium and quickly checks her inventory. She is carrying Pen Magnifying Glass Check from Fun Family Arcade Strange Totem Flashlight Lead Pipe Key to Anasazi Lounge Journal of Father Francis Velasco

  • shine the flashlight on the figure!
  • use Henry as bait and gtfo
  • Shine Flashlight at figure
  • Quick, equip the lead pipe and flashlight!
  • Call out to them, and if they don't respond shine the flashlight on them, but slowly. We don't want to startle whoever it is.
  • Flashlight flashlight flashlight
  • Ask who is it, give a moment to see if they react friendly or enemy, and then respond appropriately by either running through the double doors or inquiring more about him/her/it.
  • say hello!
  • Refrain from using the flashlight for now, but take it out just in case. Ask who the figure is and have Henry ready as a human shield.
  • Tell the figure you don't want any trouble you just want out of here. You are a friendly goatlady and friend
  • brandish LEAD PIPE, shine FLASHLIGHT at figure
  • I agree, no flashlight. At least not until any signs of hostility.

Nan waves nervously to the figure on the balcony. She stays close to Henry and offers a hesitant greeting, explaining she doesn't want a fight.

The dark figure continues to watch from the shadows and does not respond.

  • attempt to leave through double doors
  • Slowly shine the flashlight on them.
  • Ask Henry what he thinks of the situation, and suggest that you should calmly leave. You don't want to cause any more trouble than you have to.
  • Back slowly towards the doors while continuing to question the figure. Once you're sure you can get out right away, shine the flashlight on them.
  • Use flashlight before it might leave
  • dont take any chances!!! GRAB HENRY AND RUN :^o
  • From what we've seen, this figure is non-violent. Attempt to communicate further, but back towards the doors just to be safe.
  • shine the flashlight on the being
  • Have Henry keep an eye on the figure while Nan checks the double doors.
    The figure seems reminiscent of the Pilgrim before he turned all skull-faced.
  • Ask that mofo if he's mute. Or just tell him that if he doesn't want to talk, that's fine with you.
  • Reflect the light of the flashlight off something (or point it up) so you can passively see who it is without shining it directly on him/her/it.
  • Say;"If you have something to say, say it. Otherwise we'll be leaving now."
    Shine the flashlight at him/her/it ONLY if it does something hostile.
  • Shine the flashlight into the being.
  • Open the door. Get on the floor. Everybody do the Dinosaur!
  • im laughing really hard thank you

Nan backs to the double-doors, which lead out into the darkness of the HOTEL COURTYARD.

The figure does not move, and once Nan and Henry have both retreated to a safe distance, Nan hesitantly raises her flashlight to shine on the figure.

    It's either a giant goat or The Pilgrim.

Everything goes blinding white.

  • Oh man, freak out Nan! (And dont go to the Courtyard, and keep a hold of Henry so he dosn't run)
  • go through the double doors and close them behind you.
  • I would take the nearest way out. That thing doesn't look intent on talking
  • Realize the gravity of the situation.
  • The courtyard seems like a terrible idea. We'll probably go there eventually, but I wouldn't go without a plan.
    If at all possible, return to the hole you crawled in from. If you have provoked this sketchy black long-snouted person by shining your flashlight in its face, I guess the courtyard's your only choice.
  • Keep your eyes closed. Once it's not so bright, then open your eyes again.
  • Is this a flashback?
  • Just run. That thing's probably gonna get you if you don't.
  • perhaps another flashback is coming?
  • Courtyard = Beast. Go back to the hole from earlier. Have Henry go through first so we can maybe see what's happening more.
  • OH NO........FIND HENRY AND RUN!!!!!!!
  • Stay calm and look around yourself once you can see again. If we're in the same room as before, exit.
  • Brace for impact.
  • Shut off flashlight ASAP, book it for the door.

The glare fades. Warm sunlight filters in through the window above, and the sound of distant songbirds drifts through the air.

  • Nerviously try to talk to the shadowy figure
  • Greet the person in the pew.
  • We win. This was all a ruse to just end Nanquest quickly so people would stop bothering him.
  • Speak to the figure in the pew.
  • Take a closer look at the dark shadow in front of you.
  • Where's Henry?
  • I think we've been teleported to the past. Try speaking to the figure in the pews.
  • check PODIUM
  • Give a ranting speech about Jesus and how he died for our sins, so if we don't sin, he died for nothing. Make sure to be ranty about it. Like a pastor.
  • sit down, think of the situation, and cry a little, because WHAT THE FRICK MAN THIS IS NOT HOW WE WANTED THIS DAY TO TURN OUT LIKE
  • Go take a seat next to the figure, wait for sermon to begin
  • Cautiously approach the person in the pew. If they look like they're praying let them finish, otherwise ask what's on their mind/who they are/if they can see why kids love cinnamon toast crunch
    If somehow an oldetimes!Santiago, backpedal the fuck out
  • Offer a baptism.
  • Politely greet the figure and calmly make your way to the doors. Keep your eyes on the figure, but have a quick glance through the windows in the doors before opening/going through them.
  • "Howdy, pilgrim."
  • Take a quick look around in surprise.

Henry is nowhere to be found. Nan's pockets are empty.

A dark hooded figure sits in the pew, perhaps praying or lost in thought.

  • Ohh... kay. So, all right, if the "good hotel/bad hotel" theory is perhaps somewhat right, these memory-visions might be something benevolent, trying to communicate with you.
    Take a look at the person on the pew, there. If they aren't praying intensely or something, say hello.
  • Pull the hood down.
  • Sit near the hooded figure, not arm's length if possible but still on same pew. Ask if they're alright.
  • Clear your throat, maybe greet them?
  • Leave the figure be for now and check the podium. Then try to strike up a conversation.
  • Sit down and try to talk to them, or maybe go to the courtyard?
  • Try and greet the hooded figure, and ask them for the date/if they know where they are. If they don't respond, take a quick look at what is outside.
  • Ask if he is alright. Or don't bother him, he might be praying
  • If you now any hymns, hum one.

Nan greets the figure in the pews cautiously.

A familiar face appears as the hood is pushed back.

Hello, Nan.

  • Oh thank goodness. Ask how he is and what the date is.
  • nice to see you again!
  • Ask him where you are and what he's doing, along with the date and time.
  • Careful, me thinks our response now with be very important to the over arching plot.
  • dont get too close!! but ask the date!
  • Sup? Where the heck are we?
  • how can this be so terrifying I don't want to answer because I'll give a bad answer and fuck nan up ;^;
  • Sit and pray with him.
  • Be polite and say hello
  • "Lorenzo? What's going on?"
  • find out the date! ask him where the Padre went!
  • is it cold in here
  • Hey, Lorenzo, if you ever have to sin, can you sin a bit less when you sin? Maybe with a little affability or politeness? Just saying, sinners will always be sinners, just sin with a little nicety about it.
  • Sneaky.
    Ask if it it's just me or it is oddly cold.
  • I warned you about flashlights /quest/ i TOLD YOU DOG
  • I knew it was a bad idea to shine it at him, but this wasn't what I expected to happen.
  • Also he's not long snouted. That's his left forearm. He shielded his eyes when you flashlighted him.
  • You weren't one of the ones who said to do it. No problem, dawg.
  • We have no proof that Lorenzo was the mystery man on the balcony
  • i bet it was Nan up on the balcony, kinda like at the door with the fire
  • Ask Lorenzo if he has seen anyone around that seems...out of place, sort of like yourself.
  • Yeah I already said that in the discussion thread.
    Also, asking if it seems cold is a good idea.
  • "For the love of god"
  • Yes, for the love of God.
  • Tell him you're glad to see him, and ask him why he's here. If possible, ask about el Padre, the father.
  • see this
    is one of the many reasons you can't trust religion
  • "Excuse me, but have you seen the Padre? For the love of god I can't seem to find him anywhere.."
  • yeah ask about the padre
  • So I came to read this as some sort of occupational therapy while waiting for homestuck to update
    I caught up with this
  • update
  • You go read Dive, and then wait for that to update. All the current chapters for Dive can be found here: http://pastebin.com/xieAUdTp
  • thank you my kind sir/miss
  • NanQuest: The weather isn't just small talk anymore.
  • Greet the pilgrim, ask what's been going on. You seem to have lost track of time. Also see if you can find out anything about the Beast.
  • Ask for his name. Maybe he is Lorenzo, maybe he isn't. It's worth checking though, since I don't think we got his name.
  • Ask Lorenzo what he's doing here
  • Nice to see good ol' Weaver is back again. <:
  • Either read Dive or Ruby Quest if you haven't already. Ruby is fairly similar to this since it's also a horror based quest.

  • Ask Lorenzo where the Padre is.
  • OKAY, everyone that does NOT have an actual suggestion ether post it in the discussion thread or put it in a spoiler tag.
  • Greet him, then ask him to remember something for you. A short phrase like "Hotel California" should do.
  • Tell him he must leave. Tell him that the mission is cursed.
  • Ask him who "Father Francis Velasco" is.
  • Ask him who "Father Francis Velasco" is.
    Try to convince Lorenzo that asking the Padre for a blessing might not be the best course of action.
  • I second this.
  • Inquire Lorenzo about Padre, ask if you could have a blessing as well.
    Let's investigate further.
  • Oh, also, ask him how you showed up here just now. He seems remarkably unsurprised by your arrival, so teleportation is probably out of the question.
  • Show him the journal and ask him if he knows who wrote it.
  • The cold and book are key.
  • And dem vermin.
  • Ooh yes. Ask about Father Francis Velasco and his mental well-being.
  • Padre wanted to speak to us earlier, ask if he's around.
  • Be polite and say hello to Lorenzo, offer to prey with him if he would like, and inquire about the beast.
  • Ask Lorenzo how is life? Is it good? Has he been feeling particulary bloodthirst lately? If not thank God. If so please kill Kim first. Also please tell us of The Padre, The Pilgrim, and The Beast not necessarily in that order but still.
  • Get out from behind the podium. You might offend him!
  • ? Tell Lorenzo "You may go to your beloved one with my blessing in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit" and smile.
  • Amen

Nan does not have the journal, nor any other items with her.

Nan approaches Lorenzo. He says he didn't even notice her come in. He was focused on praying. And thinking.

What's the date? He's not sure anymore. He only meant to stay for a while, but it feels like the Padre, who is probably around here somewhere, has been stringing him along. He knows he shouldn't question the acts of God and His teachers, but he still has yet to get that blessing. In a way, it feels like he's trying to keep Lorenzo from leaving.

He pauses, then looks at Nan with a curious expression. She's not one of the nuns here, is she?

  • Tell him you're not a nun, but he's right that there's something strange going on with the Padre and he should listen to his instincts and get out of there. You'll help.
    There will be other blessings, and with the Padre in the state he's in I'd be... concerned about what a blessing from him would mean.
    Something tells me Lorenzo's not going to listen, though.
  • To lie is damnation.
  • Tell him we're getting a similar feeling, but if he doesn't want to leave he could instead ask the Padre if he's alright. If he really cares about his religion he'd want to make sure his superior is well. We'll be there with him to guide him through this little moral dilemma.
  • Agreed, especially in this setting.
    Tell him that he won't believe the whole story, but is welcome to hear the short version.
    Also, even if he decides not to hear you tale, and even if he DOES want to hear it, make sure to mention that there's likely something VERY wrong Father Velasco.
  • No, no she's not. Tell him it's a long story, but in a way, she feels trapped as well.

Nan says he's correct, she's not a nun. Lorenzo smiles. He thought not.

The Padre said he needs the help of this humble pilgrim, and as he is on a holy mission of discovery, he can hardly turn down such a request. He's worried about Father Velasco. His behavior has been... worrying. But Lorenzo can't just abandon him. He's obligated to stay until the Padre releases him.

  • Could we speak with him? Maybe we can help with this mission (and run like hell if he gets hostile).
  • He must trade his life for Nan's.
  • Tell Lorenzo he is not obligated, to go to another church and perhaps seek forgiveness from another father. You have heard things about this father as well, things that do not bode well. Please, Lorenzo, leave. Leave or his soul will not enter through the gates of heaven. Not through his own fault, but by that of other people. Mercy is the true grace of god, he will not find mercy in this church. It is tainted.
  • How has the Padre been acting recently? Does he seem well?
  • What does the Padre want him to do?
    (Answer: Carve people up in a dark hotel, apparently.)
  • Confess to him that you read his journal. Tell him it's contents. If he asks why or how you read it, tell him he wouldn't believe you if you told him AND you don't fully understand the circumstances yourself, but tel him he is free to hear the short version if he'd like. All in all, make sure you leave him with the impression that the is somthing very wrong here, and it may be affecting ,or coming from, Father Valesco.
  • This may not be the best plan.
  • ask him if he's seen any rats around
  • Lorenzo, you are a pilgrim, not a paladin. You can leave if you have good enough cause.
    if he looks confused at that, drop that line and try to convince him that, while he is free to stay and help as much as he wants, he shouldn't take his offer to help as a soul-binding contract.

Yes, Lorenzo says. He knows the Padre is... deeply troubled. He has become increasingly reclusive in the short time the pilgrim has been here. He seems preoccupied, and his mind - perhaps even his soul - is not at ease. He's taken a dim view of his own congregation, most especially the savage native people he came here to convert in the first place. In confidence, he refers to them as vermin.

But that is all the more reason that he, as a servant of God, should stay to ensure things do not stray further from His plan.

  • I feel he already suspects somthing is wrong, thus confirming it will either convince him to go, thus getting an innocent[?] out of the line of fire, or giving us a powerful ally or informant(even more so if he turns out to be the same 'the pilgrim' we know).
  • Ohhh dear. Tread carefully Nan.
  • Closed Mind
    Open Heart
    Over Hopeful
    Under 6feet
  • And if he does and falls mad and attacks you Lorenzo? I know you say you'd never let it happen but it's a possibility. Lorenzo isn't Jesus, he shouldn't be trying to help try and take on everyone's sins on.
    Tell Lorenzo that you don't want him to get hurt, admittedly for your own selfish reasons, but there are also selfless reasons. You've... been through this before, sort of. A pilgrim that followed a padre into madness and hurt others from the congregation. People have been killed over supposedly innocent selfless acts, you just don't want a repeat of what happened that you've been through. Also, his ears are adorable. Don't lose those really nice ears. Let 'em flop everywhere.
  • We need to talk to the Father, try to gain his trust. If he's obsessed with us like in the journal he won't be able to resist our...goat...like charms. And if that fails then haul ass.
  • Yes. This is bad, real bad. Know this the content of journal, kim the furnace(I think they were both her btw), and the arms reaching out the furnace ,this almost certainly confirms my theory that The Father (and assuming their the same person The Padre) is burning people alive.
    Ask him the date. He didn't come up the idea for the 'fireplace' till June 31st according to the journal.
  • Lorenzo has no clue what the date is. We may have to investigate ourselves somehow.
  • Whatever you do, don't say you have read his journal. Even if he believes it outright, he'll want to see proof. If he looks for proof, he might get caught. And him getting caught doing something like that could quickly result in becoming that skull-faced pilgrim we know and fear.
    But I DO agree with trying to talk to the padre, and with telling Lorenzo that we have seen this kind of thing end in tears. If possible, get him to agree to leave if you ask him to again. Then don't ask him to. If he promises, we might be able to 'release' him just by asking him to leave the hotel. I hope.

  • Lorenzo shows up a day or a few after he comes up with the idea for the fireplace. It says so in the journal. He is perfect for whatever he is planning.
    The father is already too far gone in his madness.
  • We need to at least see what Padre's doing right now. It may help us figure out how much time we have before things get worse.
  • Yes, meeting the Padre should be the priority in the limited time we have. We've seen some seriously weird shit recently, maybe we can see what is messing with the Padre?
  • If we go to visit the Padre, we probably shouldn't take Lorenzo with us.
  • If we can't get Lorenzo to leave, we should try visiting the Father.
  • Make it extremely clear that if the Padre is too far gone, not even God can save him. Then ask him to come along with you to speak with the Padre himself.
  • Suggest that maybe calling the natives vermin might not be appropriate for a person of calling and use that to sway him into leaving.
  • "A sheep can't help a shepard that has lost his way, but can find another shepard to save him.
    If he has deteriorated while you've been here then you can't help him yourself. The best you can do is leave and seek someone who can help him back on the path.
    You came for God's blessing, and he gave you a mission.
    Go. Quickly. Padre will try to tempt you to stay, so don't let him know you are leaving.
    For what it's worth, you have my blessing."
  • Can we really change the future? It is heavily implied that Lorenzo becomes the pilgrim. Is it possible that by trying to convince Lorenzo to leave, we inadvertently make him into the Pilgrim?
    Perhaps we should merely focus on trying to gather information on the Padre, perhaps it could help to escape from the hotel.
  • Tell him not to be scared, and that he should still try to keep his own free will. Work from the will of God, not the will of the Padre. Clearly this guy's bonkers McGee right now.
  • I'm not actually sure if we can change the past or not. Remember the elevator? We gave her a screwdriver that may or may not have had any impact at all. But we don't know the mechanics of this event. MAYBE we can change stuff, MAYBE this is only happening in Nan's head, MAYBE its happening in SOMEONE ELSE'S head, possibly at the same time as it is in Nan's, so while we can't change things, we can make them remember stuff that never happened. If we could leave hints for ourselves in the future, we might be able to piece together just what these 'flashbacks' are. The only ways I can see us doing that are trying to convince the pilgrim to not become a horrible skull monster what eviscerates everyone, or carving something into a pew or a wall or something, and hopping that the hotel kept those walls or pews or whatever.
  • What is His plan?
  • Remember what the journal said.
  • Tell him you're pretty sure Father doesn't have God in mind anymore.
  • Sorry, I meant the Padre, not "Father".
  • keep him talking about this. let's see if we can get him to tell us what, exactly, the padre's got him doing.
  • ask Lorenzo what that mark on his face is from
  • Ask Lorenzo where his horse is, or if he has one.
  • Tell Lorenzo "El Padre no parece encontrarse bien de salud, debes salir de la mision y informar de esto a la arquidiosesis para que actuen al respecto" and do it with a Spanish accent.
  • "E informar"
  • I'm fairly certain Nan can't speak spanish. On that note check the discussion thread, I just thought of something and need to stop discusing in quest thread.
  • As far as we know, she could perfectly do.
  • Maybe Nan is speaking Spanish right now.
  • Mind Blown
  • Honestly, that makes more sense then you're giving it credit for.
  • What is He planning?
    Also, tell Lorenzo to be careful around the Padre.
  • Ask him what he can do to make sure.
  • Maybe warn Lorenzo to be careful around the Padre, you don't doubt he's a man of God but nobody is immune from obsession and irrationality.
    (He's clearly equally religious minded, Nan wouldn't want to upset or offend him)
  • Lorenzo just warned us of that.voting this
  • Tell Lorenzo something has to be done about the Padare, 'cause some weird shit's gonna come down from this.
  • I mean It's not like hugs solve everything Quest related, but they very rarely make problems worse.
  • My only problem with the "Tell Lorenzo to do something about the Padre" plan is that, for all we know, him trying to stop the Padre is what causes Lorenzo become "The Pilgrim" we all know and fear. Or, Lorenzo trying to leave is the trigger for Padre just fucking up ALL the shit. That said, if this can actually change the past, we need to get Lorenzo out, because without him, there is no Pilgrim. (Unless he's not THE pilgrim and is really just a red herring/exposition guy who happens to be A pilgrim, but that would be silly.) If there's no pilgrim, not only is Anna still alive (maybe, we're not sure how this time-travel-wibbly-wobbily thing works yet), but so is the first guy that Pablo mentioned, who might be able to help us.
    Or I'm pulling at straws. Frankly, that seems more likely.
    Voting to hug Lorenzo,
    Voting to try to convince him to leave. Maybe tell him that the Padre is beyond saving. If he asks how we know, just tell him that we had proof that he was planning something big and that it's too late to interfere in, or something like that. The mission is neither holy, nor is it technically discovering anything. Is it possible for him to get his blessing anywhere else?
  • If we look back to the journal entries in the 5th thread the padre mentions that the pilgrim (a traveler but maybe not The Pilgrim(note the capitalization)) is trying to leave, maybe this is a hint that we have been moved to (or are viewing) this point in time from the journal and that we try to convince Lorenzo to get the blessing and leave. causing the padre to become more unstable.
    So to keep the timeline (or Nan's mind) from damage i'm voting for just gathering information without giving to much away about our current predicament, however if we can give lorenzo some discrete hints (the kind he wont understand until he becomes The Pilgrim(if Lorenzo becomes him) as some kind of Stitches (from rubyquest) style memory fix.
    TL:DR version, don't tell Lorenzo to much, unless you can do it without to much being given away.
  • It doesn't matter what you try to say or do, the Pilgrim is already in the hotel. If Nan tries to cause a paradox by getting Lorenzo the heck out of dodge, then that might be the kind of temporal phenomenon that helped curse the hotel in the first place.
    The best she can do is serve as a silent observer of the events, not directly interfering in any way. She might unwittingly be the cause of all this mischief in the first place if she keeps interfering with the past in this way!
    I vote Nan nods and waits with Lorenzo patiently to see what's good.
  • Or possibly Father Velasco.

Nan tries to convince the poor pilgrim that perhaps the local padre has lost his way. That perhaps even a respected man of the cloth might stray from the path. Maybe he should leave while he can. This is not his responsibility.

But it is, Lorenzo says. He must do what is demanded of him by God and the church.

He's started building something, you know. Down in the big cellar, under the church. A furnace, maybe. He spoke of it only in passing. But he's building something. He believes God has a plan. And so too must Father Velasco.

God works in mysterious ways. He may not understand them, but he believes in them.

  • Ask where the entrance to the cellar is.
  • Cue you grabbing your future Nan's hands from the furnace.

The doors to the courtyard break open with the rush of a storm.

  • Keep your distance but get a better look at what that is. It seems like it might be a person...
  • It does seem like the Padre's hat. I would back off slowly (or quickly even better) making sure Lorenzo doesn't get closer. Perhaps we can try asking who/what that is while we backtrack.
    Now that I think about it better... perhaps it seems like that dark stuff is taking Father Velasco with it... and we would be complete jerks if we let it take it without doing anything. I sitll advocate backtracking but I'm pretty sure Lorenzo is going to want to help.

Cold air rushes in, chilling Nan to the bone. Darkness fills the Chapel.

Nan stumbles to her feet, stepping away from the dark figure in the doorway. She trips, falls, lands at the pilgrim's feet.

  • The dark figure is you Nan! Save yourself!

"Nan? Are you all right?"

The world comes back into focus.

  • Nod, and look around.
  • "Yeah Henry, just trying to save the Pilgrim from his fate in the past."
  • We're not not not not not going into the courtyard.
  • Ask Henry how long we were out, and what happened to him, and the dark figure.

Henry helps Nan to her feet. She asks what happened.

He says the figure vanished in the light. It was just... gone, all of a sudden. And then Nan was lying on the floor, mumbling to herself.

She saw it, didn't she? Saw the before-time.

  • ask him how long we were out and if he saw who the dark figure was
  • Ask what he knows about this vision.
  • Enter courtyard
  • Who the shit said that?
  • Ask if he knows where the big cellar is. Did we find the furnace Padre built, or a more recently built one, for the hotel?
    Peek out the doors to the courtyard to see if the Beast is about.
  • Yea, we saw the past, why are you talking like that? What do you know about it?
  • Ask if Henry's seen it before. If he does, find out what he knows and tell him what we know.
  • You be quiet.
  • Oh, and check inventory.

Henry says he saw it earlier. When they were separated. There was something - someone - in the darkness. He shone a light on it and it was gone, but he saw something. A vision, or maybe a memory. He didn't see much before he awoke.

It was like they were trying to show him something.

It was the light.

  • Yeah. We've been seeing visions like that too. Tell him about the screwdriver-related vision.
  • check inventory, then read check from arcade if we still have it
  • Press Henry for more info on his own visions. They might help us in the long run.
  • Yeah Henry what secrets have you picked up!
    Tell us Henry!
    You give us a story we give you ours!
  • Okay, yes. Ask him more about his vision, but keep moving. It's not usually a good idea to keep in one place for long.
  • Enter the courtyard!
    Alternatively(or at the same time), ask about his vision(s) and tell him about ours.
  • Check behind the cross mounted on the wall. There may be something on the wall or the back of the cross itself.
  • Ask Henry for some more details regarding his vision, then investigate the door to the right - if it leads to the Courtyard where we saw the Beast earlier, do not open.
  • Politely tell Henry we can talk about our relative time shenanigans when we're back at the safe room. For now, we have a Pablo to find. Peek through those windows, if we don't see anything, onward!
  • Go back to the safe room, and while you walk talk with Henry. But, question first; can we even advance to it?

Nan moves to the courtyard doors while Henry explains. He says it wasn't clear, the vision. All he remembers is a family. A wife and a daughter. Vague. But it was in another time.

He says the light reveals more in this place than one might expect.

  • Hey Nan, don't you wanna take out your magnifying glass and point your flashlight through it? C'mon, it'll be a fun experiment.

Nan peers into the COURTYARD.

  • Welp. We're not going out there. Might as well head back the way we came and tell the others that Santiago's lost his mind.
  • Wave to the whatever that is and get back to the safe room.
  • Let's not flashlight everything. Everyone seems to be against it in the story, and there must be SOME con to instantly blinking the shadows out of existance in return for insights into the plot and past.. And.. ...fuck it, flashlight it.
  • Freak out and back away from the door. Don't use the flashlight.
  • Light at the end of a tunnel.
  • Don't antagonize it. Just go back to the safe room
  • ? Nope Nope Nope
    Do not use the flashlight. Turn around, slowly start walking, calmly and quietly(but loud enough he won't yell 'What?') tell Henry we should be leaving now. Also, Henry goes in first, if he gets grabbed trying to crawl through, I don't think we'll be able to pull him out, but he might be able to pull Nan out if she's grabbed. Most importantly
  • the courtyard peers back
    Well, back to the saferoom then. Also, I don't trust Henry that much. Just... be wary. This whole talk of seeing the light is making me think bad things are going to happen because of him.
  • someone suggested excommunicating the padre, may as well grab the journal while were here for if we can find a candle and the desk bell.
  • Already taken
  • Something tells me shining the flashlight at it (I'm assuming it's the Beast?) won't be a good idea. Slowly back up, and make Henry crawl through the hole first. He's suspicious, and like someone said, if something tries to grab us, it'll get to him first.
    Hightail it to the safe room.
  • Exeunt. CALMLY
  • No flashlight!

  • Montresor are you trying to get us killed
    Grab henry and make for the other edge of the room. Also hug Henry if nothing bursts through the courtyard door
  • Scream and flail, scattering your belongings throughout the chapel. Then throw yourself through the hole in the wall and barricade it behind you, leaving Henry to fend for himself.
  • Flashlight to the face
  • Do not provoke the beast, just back off.
  • Shine your flashlight on Henry. Also the room. Also the window.
  • Do not shine the flashlight on it. Back away slowly without breaking eye contact. Have Henry crawl through the hole first and then hurry after him.
  • You know it might be just me but I think some people may be deliberately trying to fail. Call it a hunch.
  • Shine the flashlight on the beast.
    It's the only way to know if it's a good idea or not!
    Okay, yes, I am just curious.
  • No flashlight.
  • Step away from the window.Get Andersan
  • Doesn't look like the Beast to me, and I don't see how getting a look at what's outside will affect our chances of escape if we're just going to run away right afterwards anyway.
  • What -DOES- the Beast look like?
  • We've only seen the Beast's eyes. The reason why shining the flashlight on it is a bad idea is that overusing light pisses off the dark ones. Santiago survived for this long by using just enough light to get by. We should do the same, but keep investigating as well.
  • The beast lives, or at spends most of it's time, in the courtyard, thus it's likely the beast
  • maybe slowly back away quickly.
  • Don't they say that music soothes the savage beast? Nan should try HUMMING SHOWTUNES if we ever find ourselves suddenly in the courtyard with the beast.
    I think for now, though, provoking the beast is a bad idea. Let sleeping dogs lie and return to the safe room with Henry.
  • Use the flashlight.
  • The problem is deciding whether the (suspected, don't see no mouth) Beast is strong enough to rip through those doors. Santiago warned us not to antagonize it while Nan was "safely" up on the third floor... so I'd say yes. Yes it is.
    Slowly back away from the door, then leave through the hole with Henry going in first.
  • the courtyard peers into nan
  • Take a step back and turn on your flashlight.
  • Take a step and don't do anything with the flashlight that would make light show up on or near the window.
    I get the odd feeling we really don't want to know what the beast looks like.
  • Confirm inventory and swipe the book from the podium, swiftly but not to draw attention.
    The chapel isn't a good place to be right now, in fact anywhere other than the courtyard and chapel would probably be good right now.
  • Use JOURNAL to smack BEAST on the nose like a BAD DOG. CUE TRAINING MONTAGE. Add party member. Oh yeah.

  • Find out what's staring at us, wave or shine your flashlight
  • Wave hello. Nothing will go wrong.

Nan slowly backs away from the door and tells Henry to go back to the hotel.


Henry. Go.


  • You don't have the combat prowess for this. Don't be a hero. Maintain eye contact, continue retreat.
  • I think it's time we left.
  • Pants shitting moment aside. We need to GTFO ASAP, thats definitely the beast your staring out. Move back as quietly as possible, no sudden moves, whisper to Henry you need to go. Grab book from the podium if you can reach it without sudden moves, and most importantly. DONT. PANIC.
  • Slowly and calmly back your ass out of there.
  • Calmly tell Henry that we just lost the staring contest with the Beast and haul ass.
  • Light. The monsters don't like light.
    Hope your flashlight still works, Nan; shine it in the monster's goddamn eyes if it does.
  • Alright, if we're doin it this way, at least ready the flashlight as a last resort. Make it clear to Henry that we will not put up with any "I won't leave you behind!" BS.
  • Keep contact with the window-o-doom, but make way back to hotel. This is a BAD place for BAD people and we should not be here
  • For Nan's sake, let's NOT antagonize the thing that is likely about to try to kill us further. Even when/if it is already attacking.
  • Crawl through that hole before Henry and give him a satisfactory view before escaping The Beast
  • Light only aggravates them. Dark. Things like to be kept in the dark.
  • To reiterate: do not use the flashlight for now.
  • Ffff.
    For now, keep directing Henry to the hole and, backing away, remain as calm as hu... goatly possible. If the (suspected) Beast makes any attempt to rush through the door, use your FLIGHT INSTINCT to enter the hole ASAP, preferably with Henry in front of you. Don't use the flashlight either way - you either risk angering the Beast or losing a moment better suited for escape.
    I don't like the eyes though. They're closest to being Santiago's, but on the close-up they're not perfectly round and are slanted just a bit. The Beast has different, highly slanted inward eyes and the teeth seemed to be visible if the Sun Room pics are to be trusted. A third party?
  • Silly Iksek, goat girls can't fly...
  • Wait- the beast doesn't usually enter the hotel... right? Check and see if there's any way to jam the door. If not, back out of the room slowly.
  • Jam the book in the door!
  • Jam the door with the pipe, then say hello!
  • Nan: Lose Henry somewhere along the way.
    Henry: Go towards the light.
  • what a bunch of ninnies. hold your ground, maybe say hello. let this thing know you're not afraid of it.
  • Remember what Santiago said - don't fight the will of the hotel, but also, never stay in one place.
    Ignoring the... entity in the window and carrying on with what you were doing anyway; (quietly) going back to the safehouse, is probably the best thing to do.
    Take it slow now, swiftness won't help you unless that thing actually shows any sign of aggression
  • If you can get into the hole without it coming inside, use the flashlight on it. That way, if it freaks out and tries to attack, you can still back deeper into the safety of the tunnel.
  • Arm yourself! Prepare to give Henry time to escape!
  • dafuq. DAFUQ?!!
  • If we run from every single unknown thing in this hotel we're just going to end up hiding in the safe room until we die of starvation. Figure out what it is before we exit the room. Make sure Henry leaves though, getting 2 people through that passage at once will be difficult IF the eyes turn out to be dangerous.

Thunder roars.

  • There's no time, shine the light on it!
  • While running spank Henry's ass and tell him to move it!!!
  • Could you possibly jump up and grab onto the balcony? With Henry in the way, you might not be able to quickly crawl out of there before whatever that is gets to you
  • Is that bench directly above us or off to one side? Like do we have to worry about it falling and breaking our spine before the monster even gets to us?
  • Oh god what now?
  • Or shutting the way out, for that matter.
  • Hit It! Hit it with gusto!
  • Throw the journal at it and pull yourself up the balcony quick!
  • OH GOD IT'S.. pretty cute.
    10/10, would cuddle.
  • Called it.
    FLIGHT INSTINCT ACTIVATE! Into the hole, Nan!
  • I hear goats are pretty good jumpers. How high can you jump? Do you think you could jump up to the balcony and go out that way? That way you won't be stuck behind Henry.
  • Tell Henry to haul ass and dive into the hole. If the bench ends up blocking the hole, use it to climb up to the balcony.
  • Make a contract with it
  • Kick Henry's ass with your foot further into the hole, then shove him forward through the tunnel while groping his ass.
  • ? Aww, c'mon guys! It's just the local giant kitty cat. There's nothing to be scared of.
  • Dammit man, this is no time for subtlety!
  • Please keep stuff like this to the discussion thread.

Deciding that there's not enough time for her to go after Henry, Nan scrambles up the upended pew to the alcove above. It takes all her balance not to fall.

  • It's a good thing she is a goat.
  • Escape through the doorway!
    The giant kitten is probably too heavy for the pew, though you might wanna knock the pew over just in case, assuming that it doesn't knock the pew over itself with this lunge.

  • It's not cute anymore. D8
    Yell to Henry, to let him know the beast didn't get you. You'll find a way back to the safehouse on your own.
    On another note.... HAUL ASS, NAN! IT'S RIGHT BEHIND YOU!
  • By the way... Why is the light coming from him?!
    Or did we drop the flashlight somewhere there?
  • Run forward and don't look back!
  • Agreed, yell to Henry you got away, then run like there's no tomorrow.
  • Knock the pew over, yell to Henry, get the fuck out of dodge.
  • Does Nan's flashlight still work? If so, shine it in the thing's face!
  • If there's a door inside the balcony area, slam it behind us after we tell Henry to leg it. A closed door migh give us the split second we need to get away.
    If we insist on using the flashlight, use it in the balcony room. That way we at least know where we're going.
  • Henry's almost all the way in the hole, and the sound of some monster smashing in the door and flinging away a pew has probably encouraged him to get through the hole as fast as possible, don't waste breath telling him to to run.
  • Once inside the balcony, Nan should use the flashlight to see her way around it briefly and just book it. I would really not be surprised if the Beast couldn't barrel its way inside of it too.
  • Fffffffffff.
    The Balcony is unexplored as of now so running directly inside might not be the brightest of ideas... but dammit that smoke monster thing looks strong enough to just jump over there, rickety pew-ledge notwithstanding.
    Yell to Henry that you're on the balcony and running, click your flashlight on so you have the barest minimum of line of sight and... well, run.
  • Don't use the flashlight on it!
    But be careful once we're on the balcony, we don't know what could be waiting for us.
    I'm sure Henry knows to run, so don't bother trying to tell him.
    If need be we can use the flashlight to find our way around wherever the balcony leads.
  • BE CAREFUL there is something in the balcony room that wasn't on the previous panel, but it is too late to turn back now. Just be prepared to keep running and maybe fight something off.
  • Wait nevermind. That's probably just her shadow. Still, be careful anyway.
  • Well... best not to fight the beast. Let's get while the getting's good.
  • He went through the hole. He's ahead of Henry.
  • Keep running until you find somebody.
  • Don't bother to knock over pew. Just get some distance and tell Henry to GTFO.

  • REACH the balcony, if the creature manages to grab your hand, kick it away with your goat hooves and run inside the balcony.

The pew collapses behind Nan. Nan rushes through the curtain, yelling her status to Henry so he'll know she made it out.

Nan emerges in a dark room.

  • Hide in the cupboard in case the horrible monster is following you.
    When the coast is clear, inspect the book on the table.
  • Look in the cupboard before reading the book.
    Oh hey, a candle. We can get a bell book and candle now. Though I wonder if the receptionist's bell counts as a bell?
  • For en excommunication (bell book and candle) all that is required is to have something you can ring twice (bell, anything that can ring (once for opening and lighting and once for closing and extinguishing)) something to open and close (Book) and something that can be lit and extinguished (candle).
    so the front bell should be adequate.
  • Listen for if it sounds like it sounds like it's making a solid attempt at climbing the balcony. If it is successfuly climbing, skim the open pages on the table, then keep hauling ass. If not, examine the book and the contents of the cubord.
  • If you are not currently in danger, read book.

Nan waits for a moment, but it does not sound like she is being pursued any further.

Nan opens the large cabinet on the wall. But it's empty. There aren't even any shelves inside.

  • Next, check the book.
  • Huh. Okay, bookwards then. There's probably something behind the cabinet but let's avoid making a much noise in this room until we're done checking out the book.
  • Enter cabinet. Close doors. Find Narnia.
  • Read book.

Nan glances at the book. It appears to be a Bible.


  • Keep reading, this looks like it's the Padre's personal Bible.
  • Look up 1-8.
  • Anything else written in there?
  • Interesting. Baptism. There's actually three Baptisms, once by water, once by blood and once by fire. Most people only do water though. Because bathing in the blood of innocents and then committing suicide via self immolation is considered a bit "fringe".
  • Err, no. It's Leviticus. Specifically, 5:9 and 5:10.
  • my memory is a little hazy on this but i thnik the ritual described is one that allows a priest to absolve himself of any and all sins he commited up to that point.
    at least, thats how i remeber it.
    now that i think about it, the blood it mentions is supposed to come from a goat...
  • If you read it more directly, it could "9 by blood redeemed," as if the Padre needs to sacrifice 9 different subjects (the visitors including Santiago and Lorenz)," for this particular ritual.
  • Ah shit, so the Bible theory was true.
    Take the Bible with you and read it later somewhere safe, if this is indeed the Padre's personal pleasure hole, staying in here is the worst idea ever. If possible, take the candle with you, the excommunication idea might have some merit.
    But... we'll need matches.
    Santiago has matches.
  • Exorcism* idea
    What the hell brain
  • Well, I think we know who the burnt offering was/will be. But has step 9 happened yet, or is it about to happen?
    It's risky, but maybe hide in the cabinet and wait for whoever hangs out in this place to come back. See what they get up to when they think they're alone.
  • That is literally the worst idea possible. I highly doubt we're ready to face off against The Padre yet.
    Is there anything under the bed?
  • Seems like the creature didn't bothered following you... or might have just slipped through the tunnel where Henry is..
    Peek out abit to see if it's gone.
  • "Nan opens the large cabinet on the wall.
    But it's empty. There aren't even any shelves inside."
    maybe check for a secret door?
  • I vote for the "take the candle and book" (don't snuff the candle till you're out of the room of course) and getting the hell out idea as well.
    Can you go out that door to the left? Carefully try opening it?
  • Leviticus was a right crazy bastard.Agreed. Though it might be inviting the Padre's wrath, we need to figure out what's going on here. Grab the bible and see if we can meet up with Henry or the others. Maybe one of them knows what some of this might mean.
  • waaaaaiiiit a minute...
    all we need now is a bell.
  • And 12 priests and a bishop.
    Still though, it could be worth looking into.
  • Keep in mind what happened last time we were in a room lit like this.
  • And a vibrating square.
  • Check the first few pages of the Bible. They may contain the name of its owner, or at least some indication of when it was printed.The sacrifice of female goat is sufficient (Lev. 5:6).
  • If we are going to take the bible and candle, we will need to drop some stuff, inventory is full.
  • why'd anyone board up a crack in the wall? this is very suspicious. in a very life-threatening way. get the fuck outta there.
  • Inspect the black stuff on the wall. Then see if the door on the other side of the room can be opened.
  • I think the tinted lighting is fire-light. The furnace, the fire when we first saw the Padre, and now the candle, I believe all had this tinted lighting. What I assume is moonlight from the window in the chapel seemed to be a bluish, dim light. Artificial light is plain white.
    Not sure if the assumed moonlight is relevant in any helpful or harmful way (it certainly didn't stop the Beast), but fire is probably not our friend right now, given the ties to the Padre.
  • If it wasn't clear, that was a +1 to grabbing the bible and candle, then leaving. Drop the check and if possible either carry the lead pipe in your hand or clip the pen to your clothing to free up inventory space. If neither is possible, drop the magnifying glass.

Approaching footsteps tell Nan it may have to wait.

A shadow falls over the door.

  • ...hide in cupboard?
  • Yes, hide in the cupboard. Try to leave a crack or something so you can see, and don't make any noise.
    If it's a baddie, you'll hopefully avoid detection. Hopefully.
    If it's a goodie, you can just step out of the cupboard and say you were scared.
  • Are we about to have an Ao Oni moment?
    There are no other good hiding places and going for the Balcony with either the smokemonster or easy access for the Beast will probably shorten our lifespan significantly - even if neither of them can reach that high, the noise they'll make will bring our visitor closer.
    inb4 Amnesia: Dark Descent
  • Take the front board from the wall to use as a weapon just in case.
    Hide in CLOSET
  • Don't do this, it will tell him someone was in there. Don't disturb anything, just hide.
  • Wait guys, the cupboard is way too obvious!
    Hide under the bed instead! I mean whoever it is may open the cupboard, but why check under a bed?
    Although either way this is a good way to get trapped, perhaps making a stand might be a better option...
  • I got an idea, but it's a risky one. Leave the check on the table, THEN hide. If they see it, this may prompt an audible reaction from person[s?] coming in, from the sounds we can judge friend or foe. Like I said, it's risky, anyone else willing to take that risk?
  • Don't touch anything and hide in the cupboard
  • The CUPBOARD is a good hiding spot. Stay silent. Hopefully whoever is coming will not be suspecting anyone to be in the room.
    Unless they need to put something in the cupboard, then we're screwed.
  • Nan will have to be prepped to bolt out under their arm right when they open it and shoot for the door, if that happens.
  • oh my god you guys
    for the love of sweet dicks do not hide in the cupboard
    you need to get under the bed. if you have an opportunity to get out it'll be easier to slip out from under the bed unnoticed than to open the cupboard doors, at eye level, and run out - besides, the cupboard is way too obvious.
    part of me thinks that maybe there's a secret passage through the cupboard and that would be easier to get out through, but another part of me thinks that an empty cupboard means there is something that the owner of this room regularly removes and then puts back again, meaning there's a high chance that they will open the cupboard to put something away when they get in.
  • The bed does not appear to have an 'under', from the picture, though that may just be the art. In addition, Nan appears to large to fit, though again, might just be the art. If it's possible I vote for this, otherwise leave everything where it is and hide in the cabinet.
  • Uh... to pull out the pipe and try to get through combat, or go and hide in the cupboard? My vote is for cupboard. I'm betting it's the Padre come back to read his Bible, and Beast is waiting for its' daily sermon.
  • Stand up really straight NEXT to the cupboard. Maybe they won't notice, and you won't get caught if they open the cupboard to put something in it.
  • how about under the shelf? think about it, it seems preety wide and the only light source is right on top of it, macking the shadows underneath darker in comparison to the rest of the room
  • I think she should burn the bible, personally. But yeah, she should hide under the shelf.
  • To continue or revise this speculation, maybe there's another guest in the hotel we don't know about, and the Padre needs them for the "9" in the marked passages, and then the Pilgrim for the "10" to round out the ritual.
    It's be strange if he was focused so much on Nan because she's the goat necessary for the ritual. The fact that they're animals has never been relevant to the plot of the quests.
  • I thought their species explicitly didn't even matter. Didn't Weaver say something about how he wasn't going to say what species Henry was because the animal characteristics were mainly a way to visually distinguish characters when the art was so simple, or am I misremembering?
  • ...has anyone considered ducking back into the chapel? If we're lucky, the Beast is resting and won't notice us, and can maybe be used as a trap for whoever's approaching. If we're unlucky, it immediately eats our face also everything else.
    Might be a better idea than the cupboard, if only slightly.
  • I considered it, but I really don't want to get Nan trapped between two baddies.
  • Same. I vote we...
    It's a good idea. :U Hipsters, I swear!
  • Guys, please keep discussions to the discussions thread.
  • Fair enough. Maybe if it's hostile but not pure shadow we can push them into the chapel by way of the cupboard.
    Changing vote to Cupboard. Chapel has too much risk for too little gain.
  • Nan stare in shock as you see the shadow belongs to none other then Pedro.
  • Nan stare in shock as you see the shadow belongs to none other then Pedro.
  • Cupboard... under the bed..
    If I'm not stupid..
    Maybe hide under that lil dangling table that holds the candle and book? It seems too dark below, so hopefully Nan could fit in and hide there.. I doubt the visitor would notice dark things in the room.
  • Bust through the door screaming and waving your arms and hope it shocks whatever's coming enough that you'll have time to escape.
    Alternatively, get naked and lie on the bed to try and seduce whoever is coming in.
  • Put out the candle before you hide. Light offends the monsters that may be coming through the door.
  • The seduction option is a tempting prospect, especially if it's Padre. I mean Pedra. I mean Pedro. But... but Narnia...
  • No! dont put out the candel! what ever lives here left it on, so putting it out will imidiatley alert it to your intrusion.
    if anything it may be best to duck back behind the curtian, as it seems the beast isnt capable of lifting itself of the ground to any real hight.
  • Candles go out on their own sometimes. A draft could've put it out.
  • Nan, hide under the bed if you can! That way if whoever comes in digs around in the cabinet, you won't be there and remain hidden.
  • Do <b
  • Better listen to this guy. Narnia's in the wardrobe anyway not the cupboard.
  • it's best not to put out the candle, who knows what light does or not in here
  • We'd also be harder to notice in the dark. I dunno.
  • Put out the candle? Yeah, it's not like there are any windows or anything that someone could see a light going out through...
  • FYI I'm still voting for bed, or at least under the table.
    At this point I wouldn't be surprised if Weaver pulled a "paralyzed by indecision as door opens" though...

Nan hurriedly debates her options, but finally leaves the candle burning, the items as they were, and ducks into the closet.

  • Wait and listen.

The doors don't seal flush, leaving Nan with a narrow crack to peer from.

She waits, as quietly as possible. She barely even breathes.


  • Don't. Move.
  • Be prepared to bolt for the door under his arm if he looks in the cabinet.
  • PP-P-P-P-P-P--PP
  • Don't move.
    Don't breathe.
    Don't even think about moving or breathing.
  • If at any time he notices you, whap him with the pipe and take off out the door.

  • Continue to not make any noise.
  • How quietly can we get the lead pipe out?
  • Oh god oh god oh god.
  • Be careful to keep your breathing quiet and even. Don't move if you can help it and be ready to run at a moment's notice. It's best to wait until the Padre is gone - until we've HEARD the door closed - before we even think of making any movements.
    I'd say be careful not to stare at him so he doesn't feel himself being watched, but looking away might yield a crucial moment of vulnerability against Naan if he happens to want to open the cabinet for any reason while she's avoiding looking at him.
  • Is it possible to quietly equip the lead pipe?
  • Fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff.
    Stay completely calm and still and watch as covertly as possible. Try to wait for him to leave.
  • Whelp not much to suggest here. I doubt Nan can take him in a fight and I doubt she can outrun him after climbing out of the closet, talking to him isn't even an option, so it's all down to blind, dumb luck.
    Nice knowing you, Nan.
    Wait, we got a check. Maybe we can bribe him.
  • FFFfffffff...hi Padre?
    Time to prepare for incoming shock disappear reappear right in front of face moment!
  • observe him. note where he goes. I wanna follow him.
  • It's okay, guys, he clearly doesn't have ears. :D
    Even if he turns our way, he won't see us - the cabinet's shadows will obscure us. We're clearly in a darker place than he...
    (dun dun dun!!!)
  • holy fucking shit
    do not move
    do not pass go do not collect 200$ JUST STAY RIGHT THERE AND WAIT HIM OUT
  • Only one thing can save us! If only I knew what it was...did we have a weapon? The pipe right? Maybe wouldn't hurt to have it readied.

Nan quietly grips the lead pipe.

  • He's going to take off his hat? This should be good. Brace yourself.

  • You... Are... INSANE?!?
    Killing him will acomplish nothings. Hes already long dead.
  • Continue to observe very. Very. Quietly.
  • It kinda looks like he's wearing a burlap sack...
  • Oho, so it's not Padre at all. It's just Pedro wearing a burlap sack on his head! Ha ha! Funny joke Pedro! You can take off the sack now! The jig is up! Ha ha. Ha.
  • i think b85f8c is right, there dose seem to be a thread coming off the top of his head.
    this would explain something i noticed about the padre, the fackt that in a world of animal people he has a strangley human face
  • What good is observing going to do? He's just going to look at the book and then probably discover us. Since he doesn't speak he won't mumble to himself or anything and we aren't going to learn anything new.
    If we attack maybe we can manage to escape.

  • Ready yourself to burst out and defend yourself at the first sign of him actually seeing you.
    Stay calm and don't make eye contact. Be prepared to make a run for it and possibly whack him.

  • *now where did I stash that bitching sacrament wine...*
    But seriously, CALLED IT. The cupboard, it does nothing!
    Alternatively it's a spook, but keep that pipe handy while trying to stay quiet/still, and be ready to do a dodge roll!
  • Wait... He probably took off his hat in order to hang it up in his wardrobe, which we have mistaken for a cupboard (Narnia is still an option).
  • Stand frozen with fear, hardly daring even to breath...
  • Tell a joke to lighten the mood
  • Just because he's turned towards the cupboard doesn't mean he necessarily is aware there's someone inside. Keep quiet and ready to move if he goes to open the cupboard or, worse, attempts to block it. There's a danger that he might try to trap Naan inside and burn her if he's aware that someone is in there.
    When it's time to make a move, aim the pipe for the head then keep running. If Naan strikes first and moves quickly, he won't have time to gather his bearings and make a counter-offensive.
  • Dudes... I get this feeling the next post would be animated.. leading us to some jump scare whether he's going to turn and look back..
  • Sack head! I got a feeling that someone we know(or not..) is the Padre.. study the shape of the head quietly while you hold the steel pipe tightly.
  • It's tall and skinny, everyone else's heads seem to be rounder. Except Santiago's, but his is too long and flat, more like the Pilgrim's skull.
  • was he hung?
    the padre was accused of some kind of treachery maybe and was killed for it?
  • Holy crap, his face isn't stitched shut, it's stitches in the shape of a face on a burlap sack he's wearing....
  • If Padre is someone wearing a mask, there's a possibility we might know him. I'm sticking to my idea that we WHAP HIM ON THE HEAD AND TAKE OFF THAT SACK
    in b4 it's pablo
  • Yeah I'm still not too sold on the Padre being killable. Stay quiet and hope he's not looking at YOU specifically.
    For now remain calm and silent. If he tries to open the closet, bonk him on the head (hard) with the lead pipe and RUN, RUUUUNNNNN.

  • .....it just struck me, maybe his face looks like a mask beacuse its been exposed to such heat the fat has melted and run..
    the jurnal did mention how cold he felt... and he didnt seem to mind bieng set on fire... im more and more conviced that isnt a mask..
  • Silence and waiting is our best option rn.
    At least until he finds out we're there trough some shadowy means (haha wow I am hilarious) and then we're fucked. So wait until another poster has an amazing idea.
    I wonder if the padre has actually started to turn into the eldritch abomination or can't see in the dark like normal people...
    I guess the only way we can know that is if we blow off the candle.
    And hey is there actually nothing inside the cupboard? Is Nan sure she's safe?
    So, check to see if cupboard has anything inside as silently as possible and wait.
  • Wait if my plot prediction skills are still as sharp as ever he's going to shove his face in the candle.
    And if he is going to do that it explains why the hotel was on fire when we met him.
    Maybe he's linked to the fire somehow?
    My best guess is that it's because there was no electric light when the mutations happened.
    If that's the case blow out the candle as soon as possible.
  • We already examined the cupboard when entering the room. Also, /quest-dis/ is thataway: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/4297.html
  • it's very early and I've only right now had my cup of coffee, I'm terribly sorry.
  • Discover that it was Nan in the study with the lead pipe!
  • Load save game.
    Silently realize the gravity of the situation.
  • Start praying.
  • Like that's going to help at all


    Try to shove the mouse out. If Padre was alerted by some kind of sound or movement (and thusly looked into your direction), he... it will think it was just the mouse. Hopefully.
  • kick the doors open, take the hat, run out of the room as fast as you can.
  • Is it the same mouse that brought us the can before? If so, it's probably smart. Silently put your finger to your lips while looking at it to indicate that you can't be found.
  • I'll support this plan of action.
  • Also supporting this.
  • I support this, as much for the mouse's sake as ours. Remember that the diary early talked about "vermin"... maybe now is not a good time to have them being noticed.

With the ominous figure already turning toward the cabinet, Nan makes a silent gesture in an attempt to hush the rat.

  • In case the rat isn't as smart as we think: Prepare for bedlam
  • Have faith in the rat.

The rat makes no further squeaking, but drops to the ground and scurries away. Nan can't see, but it sounds like it headed out of the room, through the door opposite the balcony exit.

Its departure does not seem to have gone unnoticed

  • Wait and see how the Padre reacts.
  • I think you owe that rat your life. Once he leaves grab the candle, the book and book it.
  • Try to light him on fire. Do it.
  • yeah, DON'T light him on fire. Once he leaves the room, take the book and candle and run.
  • We already tried that once, it didn't work
  • You know, based on Padre's journal and how he referred to his followers as vermin...the whole mouse thing is starting to seem a tad too coincidental to brush off. If anything I think we should be trusting these little guys.
    Now with any luck Padre will think the mouse was the only thing in there, and not check. Stay really quiet but have your pipe ready just in case!
  • The mouse is going to keep scurrying, and I'll be he's still going to keep chasing it.
  • That's one crazy theory, but sounds good enough to me. Mice are the only guys you can trust now
  • Sure hope he's not gonna hurt that adorable little bugger.
    But hey. Don't look a gift distraction in the mouse.
  • Yeah, mice are everywhere.
    The bell, the hole in the wall, now here.
  • And so far they've notably saved us from Padre and found us food.
  • Should we bolt for it and trust in luck to get away, or stay where we are and trust in luck that he'll just think it was the mouse in the wardrobe?
  • there doesn't seem to be a way out if not trough the door the padre came in. And the piece of the wall we climbed trough fell.
    We could close the curtains to the balcony and hide there but there's that monster thing...
  • Good Point. So... keep quiet and pray, I guess.
  • Nonononono don't pray! He's the padre! He might feel that!
  • Padre prayed until he was blue in the face, and look what good it did him. Don't pray Nan. You don't need whatever this terrible god has to offer you.
  • Wait a few minutes, then exit the closet
  • ...light the totem on fire for a burnt offering? equip pipe and run like hell?
  • The mouse might have just saved our lives. Padre leaves to find and kill it, steal bible and candle and run like hell.
    If he's chasing us, exit via the balcony. That way, the Beast and the Padre will probably distract each other. I seem to recall that everything fears the beast??
    Thank god for rats.
  • Wait a bit, then exit cupboard.
  • There's only one little problem with that plan. Nan will be the first to hop right at the beast. If only we had a way to make the padre take point...
    Still, wait/steal/leave is SO seconded.
  • I wouldn't run back towards the beast unless we absolutely have to. Padre came in from the door on the left. Since we know that the area leading back into the Chapel is a dead (literally) end, why don't we go out where the Padre came in, instead? At least that way we might have more room to run around and/or find a good hiding spot and/or find a good weapon to defend ourselves with. Our only options available if we run back to the beast are A) Go out the tiny hole Henry escaped through (which would be nearly impossible), or B) Go through the courtyard, and we're not even sure we can get OUT of the courtyard.
    I vote wait a little bit for the Padre to leave and then go out the door on the left, unless we just want to bust out of that closet and run for our lives. Either way: LEFT DOOR LEFT DOOR.
  • I agree with this.
    The piece of the wall which nan climbed trough is probably blocking the hole right now anyways... and waiting isn't gonna do shit for us
  • Just don't forget the bible and the candle if possible, I think they'll be important later, along with the totem thing and the connection between the mice if I'm any judge.
  • if the padre opens the door, take the bible after he exits and run like hell, if it's a hall, run the direction opposite of him
    also knock the candle over and try to burn the hotel down
  • Has a good plan, I'd only add to take the Bible if possible, and since it looks like your inventory is full leave the Strange Totem in the cupboard, we don't need the candle since we still have the flashlight.
  • we lost the torch in part 3 when we ruined the clock and arrived in the fire room, also LOTS of things can only be done with a candle but not a torch.
  • Last time we checked our inventory we still had the Flashlight as demonstrated hereSo picking up both the candle and the bible would require us to leave behind two items, unless Nan has a quick way of condensing our inventory

Nan watches the figure disappear out of sight after the rat, and listens to the sound of receding footsteps growing fainter and fainter.

  • oh yeah... we used it on the balcony shadow... bit of a mental blank there.
    Anyways use PAYCHECK as bookmark for PADRE'S BIBLE, put KEY in FATHER FRANCIS VELASCO'S JOURNAL, then pick up extinguished CANDLE and BOOKMARKED PADRE'S BIBLE.
  • I second what Leo and Techno suggest, go read whatever new stuff Padre wrote, condense inventory (DO NOT DITCH TOTEM, we haven't used it for anything yet!), and then consider next option.
  • Agreed, get moving, quietly.
  • Reading can wait til we're back in the hotel. Put your thumb on the page or something, and then get going.
  • Play it cool and move as soon as the footsteps are gone
    No need to rush nothin'
  • grab the book and the candle and get the fuck out of there via the balcony. the whatever-that-was is probably gone by now and you can check on Henry. plus you aren't, you know, <i
  • I'd wait there a little longer. Never hurts to be cautious, and you don't want to fall for the old fake-receding-footsteps trick.

Nan listens for a moment, waiting. From the closet, she can see that where the dark figure once stood, some writing has been etched in the wall.

  • Pipe! Oh god PIPE TO THE HEAD!
  • run.
  • Secondary option: plant a big wet one on him and bolt
    he'll never see it coming
  • keep track of his arms. if you can rip off his mask do it.

  • Seduction is the only option at this point
  • Give him a wink and begin to take off your clothes in a sexy strip tease.
  • FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFf- Hit him and run! Hit him and run!
  • Kick the door open on his face. If this gives Nan some space to escape, run. Have the pipe ready in hand in case it doesn't.
  • Shush! He might not see you!
    Oh, who am I kidding
    "Ye shall know them by their fruits. Matthew 7:16
    Where have you lead your flock, shepherd?"
    THEN you can flip out, hit him with your pipe, and NOPE the fuck out of there.
  • adsfasdg[poaihdfgiuhasdgh
    Which I say with the utmost affection. Well played, well played.
    Kick the door open, pipe him in the face, then run. You can always come back for the book and candle. I'd suggest using the candle on him, but, as I recall, we've already established earlier that fire does NOTHING to this thing.
    Oh man I was half expecting something like that to happen but still...
    FLEE LEFT! (try to snag the bible on way if you can)
  • You know what they say:
    "Get the fuck outta there bro" - John 10:14
  • Maybe he hasn't seen you yet! Crouch! Stay still!
    and then run using the exit you thought he was gonna take following the rat and snag the bible on the way out
  • Wait a minute, did the rat have some sort of card in it's mouth? Maybe it dropped it in front of the cupboard and that's all the Padre is looking at.
    The Padre has never taken a subtle approach any time we've seen him. Stay as quiet as possible, barely even breathe, and make sure your pipe is ready just in case.
  • I was under the impression that that's not a mask. *shudder*
    But yes, FLIP THE FUCK OUT, NAN!
  • Flip the fuck out, pipe in hand.
    Accidentally bash his face.
  • Steal his hat!
  • "Hi! I know you! What's your name?"
  • Stay still!!!! he cant see you, no eyes!!! and if all fails. USE THE LEAD PIPE LIKE A STABBING TOOL AND RUN LIKE A HEADLESS CHICKEN.
  • Combo move: Hit him with the pipe, knocking him down and/or back. Then, bolt for the exit. We can't stand toe-to-toe with the Padre, but we might be able to get out with the aid of unexpected violence.
  • Quickly, use ability to hum showtunes to turn this eldritch horrorfest into a full-fledged horror musical!

Nan kicks the door with all her might and storms out in a fearful, blind panic, lead pipe in hand.

  • There you go Nan. Getting all upset over nothing. See?

But the room is silent and empty.

  • Take a deep breath and giggle awkwardly at your overreaction.
  • Get mad at this situation
  • Better look around a bit more carefully than that. If the coast is clear look back at the two pages in the bible before the ones you've read already.
  • I have to go somewhere for a week and then this happens.
    Jesus Christ Weaver, you are persistent in making Nan's subconscious shit her pants at 5AM.
    Examine whether anything changed other than the scribbling, then Bible. Candle. Exit, stage left.
  • Agreed, that was some bullshit, that was.
  • Don't let your guard down.
    Now let's get that book and roll out.
  • Book. Candle. Flee. Nothing else matters aside from staying the fuck silent now that you've made enough noise bursting out of the dresser.
  • ...Did Nan just get mind screwed (/time skipped)? Wonder what's up with the writing on wall, appearing out of nowhere then getting scratched out somehow?
    Oh well, grab the book and candle and...I'd almost say peak into the chapel before heading left at this point but who knows. The important thing is to move!
  • This is a BAD room for BAD people, and we are leaving. Take nothing, exit stage right.
  • Quickly examine the writing on the wall, the bible, and under the bed. Keep the pipe ready and don't let your guard down.
  • knock the cross down
  • Three possibilities-
    One-Leave the room through the balcony? If a time skip has occurred, then the monster that was there is gone, equaling safe passage. Maybe follow Henry through the crawl hole, and meet up with him?
    Two-Check the cupboard. No, really, check inside it, behind it, move it if possible cause the cupboard or the wall it covers may have some dark symbols causing you to imagine the Padre. Or, there could be a passage behind it, and I swear to God, not a Narnia joke.
    Three-Leave the room through the door the Padre entered. Before leaving this room, look through the glass window to see what lies ahead, and then plan accordingly.
    -Examine the bed, including between the matresses and inside the pillowcase-Padre could be hiding a journal there.
    -Examine the Bible cover if it slips on and off. Again, Padre could be hiding something important.
    -Examine the cross. Read the plaque if possible, and see if anything hidden behind the plaque or the wood.
    Oh, preempting the joke, Yes, look at the Padre's wood, hahaha-Shut up. Seriously, see if you take the plaque; if the edges are sharp enough, then use it as a makeshift knife.
    -Turn around and examine the fourth wall.
    Not this thread, or TV Tropes, or a picture of Linkara, just the wall where the cupboard leans against. If something is there, examine it.
    -Collect the pillow as a possible weapon, as a future suffocator against a sleeping enemy, along with curtains to throw over someone from above as a distraction. Collect the Bible if you can lift it. Collect candle last so not in darkness, and accidentally invoke one of the Fear Mythos.
  • Man I like this guy. Do this. Except the pillow. We have a lead pipe and lead pipes make better weapons than pillows.
  • Flip through book for any useful information, pocket book, pick up candle, and leave through the set of doors on the left
  • Thanks to that little outburst, we now have to question whether the Padre was ever there at all, and if he was, if he was still lingering within earshot. There's also the fact that the Beast hasn't broken in during all this time. Stealth, for the moment, has been broken, so we need to first and foremost listen for any other noises and check the window to see if anyone is coming. If there is any sign at all, grab book and candle then bolt as fast as your feet can carry you.has the best plan of action I've heard so far for searching if we can spare the risk (though I will suggest a few tweaks). If it seems like nothing is stirring or immediately coming, then let's take just a few moments for hasty searching.
    My vote is to prioritize looking at the scribblings on the wall again and fetching the Bible for later study outside of this room. Check the plaque/hole in the wall (as well as what the black stuff is on the walls), then look to see if there's anything unusual in/around/behind the cupboard.
    After that, if it still seems like we're more or less in the clear, check the bed and behind the curtains. Save the candle grabbing for when Nan is leaving, as we don't know what messing with the light source is going to do.
    I vote also to scratch bringing the pillow along, as I doubt we'll ever have the chance to come across a sleeping enemy. Plus, there are pillows for this in the other rooms.
    No matter what, make sure to keep the pipe on hand at all times during any and all searching because we don't know when something is coming in. Be ready to flee for our lives at any time.
  • Well, the scribbles are new... Which doesn't confirm anything, does it?I agree with thoroughly searching the room now the coast is clear.
    Also try and find the rat (did it go through the door on the left or is it still in the room?). It's clearly intelligent to a degree (having stayed quiet when Nan said so) so it might be useful. Also rats are adorable.
    After that, go back to the balcony. The only thing that blocked the hole Henry crawled through was a pew - he could easily make his way back, trying to find Nan. Even if the room is completely trashed and there's no way for Nan to get down (on that note: bed sheets - they could be tied to the balcony railings and lower herself down to the lower level) or Henry to get up they could communicate. Then perhaps they could both search the door on the left together, which would be much safer.
  • Okay, these are all good, presuming nothing happens like Padre/Pilgrim popping up for real.
    If there is *time* to, check the plaque/cupboard/bed/take bible.
  • Peek through the door where the padre went through, or check to see if the evil monster is gone.
  • Go back to the balcony and find out that YOU where the Mystery Person all along, Nan! After looking about the room and stuff of course...
  • Meet up with the others! There's some nutter in a scarecrow mask running around with threats of sacrifice by fire and blood, for the love of it all!
  • yeah maybe don't take the pillow with you, but check to see if there's anything underneath it
  • Hmm, that pillow, is it a straw pillow befitting of a 19th century man... er thing? What I'm trying to ask is; does it have a pillow case? If it does, can Nan take it and either A: Use it a napsack for 2+ more invetory spaces, we do have a full inventory and want to take the candle and Bible still right? Or B: Can Nan tap in to her inner MacGuiver and combine the pillowcase, totem (or first item of weight we come across), and lead pipe to create a deadlier weapon? Other suggestions for filling; the remains of a broken vase/lamp, marbles (or other stuff small but weighty in numbers), clocks , phones , glass(iff the material is strong enough), the severed heads of enemies, foods stuffs, etc... Upon futher thought it could be both be a weapon AND and extension of our inventory if it's content is strong enough to withstand swinging and bashing.
  • One more thing, the discribed combination could make either a flail OR mace (which the totem is ideal shape for). Thought I needed to point that out.

Nan checks the room thoroughly, but if anyone was here, they're gone now. The bed is old, and there's nothing under it, or under the pillow, which has no case.

Nan checks the BIBLE. It seems something has changed, indeed.

  • Goddamn Bible DRM. Ever since the Faith For Cultists Live update these errors are happening left and right.
    Take it and go.
  • Take bible. Exeunt.
  • Nudge it.
    Also make a mental note to take the pillowcase off of the next pillow you find.
  • Take the bible anyway, we might be able to find a way to read it again.
  • "captain... this is some spooky shit we got here."
    if we take it, i figure one of two things: it will come in handy, or something horrible will happen. either way, i say go for it