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Nan folds the newspaper back up. It's heavily burnt and otherwise illegible.

[use left-right cursor keys to turn pages, or click on the arrows at the top and bottom of each page. Spacebar to toggle audience suggestions.]

  • Is that all that was left for you? If so, it's time to give Anderson his letter.
  • Check what everyone else is doing. Have they observed anything else?
  • Why are they staring at you like that?
    Uh oh.
    Nan, please do NOT look around until you have dashed over to Pablo and Kim. Tell Anderson to hold his gun in his pocket, but not point the gun unless whatever is behind you is bearing its fangs. Grab any other books and supplies you can scavenge, and get out of the Lounge!

Sensing sudden danger, Nan darts over to the group and checks behind her. But there's nothing where she was standing. Just the fire.


Nan reads the final note at the very bottom. It's made out in the same handwriting as the first.

  • AUGH flail around and scream for help!

  • Why is Pablo just standing there!? Also PUNCH THE PILGRIM IN HIS SKELETON FACE
  • Oops. Sorry about that.
    Flirt seductively and PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE!
  • Flash light time!
    also say "Lorenzo" and try to talk to him/it.
    I think that's the Pilgrim and I'm not sure if we've tried using it's former name against it, but it might help.
  • Ithinkwehaveaplan.Nan, scream at Pablo to stop angsting about his dead wife and START HELPING. Then plead with the Pilgrim, call him Lorenzo and put up a "I know you're in there somewhere" fight. If that doesn't work, stun him with the flashlight, and then whack his skull with it. Then get up and run away screaming for help.
  • Flash the flashlight at him?
  • Solid plan, but I'd add that we make sure to dodge SCARY KNIFE
  • Not sure how much effect punching a skeleton would have. Last time he just shrugged the injury and kept coming for us.
    Scream for help, avoid SCARY KNIFE as much as possible, definitely try the whole "wake up Lorenzo" thing. If all else fails, it's flashlight time; don't use it as a melee weapon though, you could break it. Then we would be royally screwed.
  • If it's a maglite, we'd be good. You think cops carry those around for any other purpose than beating the shit out of hoodlums?
    But yeah definitely try not to get SCARY KNIFE'd.
  • Woah, crap. Uh. Can't believe we missed that.
    Talking to the Pilgrim can wait until we'Re out of immediate danger. Dodge scary knife and kick and scream and whack with flashlight until the fucker stops or somebody helps you.
  • Well...don't call out for help actually, focus on talking the pilgrim down while trying to kick him off or roll away.
    (Pablo you dick you didn't even move.)
  • If he's on top of you and you're on your back, proceed to kick legs up into his bony form (hopefully there's something solid there), lift him and flip him off of you with your amazing goat legs.
  • bustin' makes us feel good
    get the flashlight, if shining it doesn't help, use it as a bludgeoning weapon
    scream for help
  • Wait, where the hell is Kim? The last shots showed everyone but her....
  • ... now that you mention it. Was the Pilgrim that short the last time we saw him? He looked... bigger. Hell, in this last pic he seems shorter than Nan.
    And then Kim was the Pilgrim?
    /rant over
  • Well hell... see if you can kick it into the furnace
    [At least you saved Pablo]
  • Accept fate, death is inevitable.
  • Kim probably succumbed to the darkness and turned her into a monster.
  • scream for help then try to put yourself in a position where The Pilgrim can't stab or strangle you i.e. hold his wrists or somethin'

  • Nan, you have the worst luck. Why does every damn religious person in this book want you dead? It's not like you look like the devil... Oh wait... Fuck!
    See if it responds to "Lorenzo". If it isn't him at least the random name might distract whoever or whatever it is. Also, struggle and yell out for help; get them to throw a book at it or something. The adrenaline might at least increase your chances of not dying.


  • "Nah. Don't wanna."
    Do an ACTION ROLL out of harm's way, wonder why everyone is doing fuck-all.
  • you goat headbutt that son of a bitch

In the darkness, a gunshot rings out. Rock shatters somewhere in the room as the errant shot ricochets. There is much screaming and commotion.

Nan calls out Lorenzo's name, but the blade comes down. Nan draws up her flashlight. The motion inadvertently blocks the plunging knife, but her hand is badly gouged, and the flashlight is knocked away somewhere into the dark room.

  • as I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no evil for thou art with me
    thy rod and thy staff
    they comfort me
  • Grapple the knife hand off and to the side, then headbutt his damn face.
  • NAN. You forgot you have the pipe! Use it to smack his hand or otherwise lessen the threat of being stabbed!
  • "Stay your hand for but a moment pilgrim, and I promise you salvation."
    Distract him. Humor him. Get biblical. Get to your feet using your undamaged hand. No weapons will work, but get your lead pipe ready. Fire didn't work against Padre Velasco, but then again, those might not be normal flames.
  • wait, what the hell is happening to him. He looks different now
  • It appears that theres more then one pilgrim as nan isn't receiving any form as assistance from the group, but its apparent that everyone is at least aware of the fighting thats happening. Maybe everyone is haveing their own pilgrim to fight or this is all just in nans head as a illusion/hallucination
  • I doubt there is more than one pilgrim, it had the same wound on it's left eye socket where Nan threw the bar at him.
  • Scramble back. Violence won't work, at least not on the level Nan is capable of with what's at hand. But he/it talked and we can work with that.
    Ask Lorenzo why Nan needs to die to release him. Using his name is important.
    this could trigger several reactions.
    1) we might get more clues / answers plus a bit more time.
    2) we could get a "we know your in there fight" going, and maybe talk him down.
    3) it/he asks who's Lorenzo, and shows we have no idea what's going on, but hay we get a few extra seconds.
    4) he keeps attacking. and thats why we still need to back up.
  • I don't think he wants to talk. Only response to us calling him/it "Lorenzo" was him/it giving no fucks and stabbing us.
    It's panic fighting time. Keep closer to him so he has less space to manouver his knife. For the love of God don't try to block it again. And if he's anything like the Padre, I don't think shoving him into the fire will do any good.
    One thing we could do in the meantime: tell someone to get the flashlight back and shine a light on the bony bastard.
  • Yeah I would STRONGLY advise against talk. We don't have the luxury. Try your best to wrench the knife out of his handwith both your mutilated hoof and the non-mutilated one and yell for someone to pull this fucker off you. Maybe toegther you can toss him out the window/ into the fire.
  • We are hit. The next hit could be fatal. Get the hell away from it.
    If you have to go on the offensive try to get behind it and strangle it with its own noose.

  • Guys, what if we're in the wrong here? Wouldn't you want to be released from a hellish undead existence too? Just because he's a murderous skeleton doesn't mean he's evil, necessarily. Let's let Lorenzo kill Nan and see what happens!
  • Oh geez.
    That's really bad. The flashlight is basically the only weapon she has, though doubt it would have done anything in the first place, seeing how he was unfazed by the light before.
    Uhh...the knife looks like it's lodged in her hand. That could be good, maybe it's stuck? Nan could try holding his wrist with her free hand to prevent him from moving it. Hopefully he doesn't have super strength.
    I think this is probably the only thing that will work, but given the heavy level of symbolism in this story tossing him into the fire (Hell?) could have terrible consequences. Although it seems like a sacrificial altar, so maybe it'll send him to Heaven? I dunno, I'm not good with symbolism.
    It looks like this might be accurate. The gunshot must have been Anderson, but he doesn't seem to have been aiming at Nan's Pilgrim. I have no idea what the implications of that are, though, and clearly this Pilgrim is still dangerous.
  • While trying to talk him down and ask questions using his name, try to kick/headbutt him off. Ask why am I so important to you Lorenzo?
  • I belive that in order for this to become comprehendible we need information because its come to my attention that what we are seeing isn't the truth, the darkness warps what we see and the light illuminates the truth.
  • We can't reason with the pilgrim
    we have to fight or get away
    those are our options
    if we can do both at the same time that would be optimal
    Maybe swing the pipe to attempt to shatter the vertibre holding the pilgrim's head on it's body
    that might stagger the pilgrim to give us the time we need to escape
  • Or the time to toss his undead ass out the window. (I do agree that burning him might have terrible consequences because of the whole 466 died in a fire thing)
  • kick it away before it recovers the knife
  • I firmly believe that trying to talk the pilgrim down is a fools errand, we tried talking to him before and his responses were vague and dismissive at best. In terms of offensive action, our work seems cut out for us--this thing is strong, armed, and barely alive. Remember, we "maimed" it before by throwing the rebar sword and it barely flinched. Right now we need to take our current position into account, we seemed to be pinned down with our back to the ground which gives us some pretty strong leverage to put all our strength into a double leg push/kick to create the maximum distance (hopefully it doesn't weigh much so it can be sent flying). Once thats executed we need to play evasive: use our time to increase the gap between us and this eldritch abomination. If we were lucky the knife was dropped by it or still in Nan's hand maybe only it's weapon may effect it but don't even bother until you find the flashlight, roused the others and find out where Kim is. DO NOT TALK TO IT, DO NOT STAY STILL, AND DO NOT RE-ENGAGE unless every other option has been spent! To be honest I really just hope by milking our time we might allow some kind of Dues Ex Machina or opportunistic intervention by Santiago. (Sorry for the length)
  • Agreed. Though some good ol' goat asskicking would be nice. Adrenaline can do some incredible things to a person, even without a MANLY PHYSIQUE to back it up.
    If we eventually disengage, then remove skull and try reasoning. If it doesn't work, I'd say go for the torch; if he can shrug off injuries like the Padre does, throwing him outside the window won't end him permanently.
    Also, killing things just isn't Nan's way.
  • I changed my mind.
    The note said remember the pilgrim 141620044923.gif
    What if it wasn't a warning
    Maybe all we have to do is get to the furnace.
  • Run towards the opening of the cave. Try to trick him into running off the edge or something. Also, strike a dramatic pose if the storm picks up.
  • Thunder: Roar
  • It might be bad to take the knife out, with blood loss and all. I think it's best to leave it in until we can get medical attention.
  • *Headbutt*
  • Is it just me, or does the pilgrim have a really tiny arm?
  • Yeah i have no idea what's going on there.
  • I think you guys are talking about the end of the rope hanging around his neck. That's not a Scary Movie 2 strong hand.

  • Not only is he a skeleton, he's a T. Rex skeleton
  • Scream.
  • Also do not try and kill the pilgrim because so far stuff like that doesn't work on him and only makes things worse. Plus, the light may be tricking you and you don't want to kill a friend by mistake. So, get to the flashlight!
  • Good point.
  • He's stabbing us, and has shown no interest in talking to us. I don't think he's a friend. I agree on non-lethal + flashlight though.
  • Create distance first, as far as Nan is concerned her wound is real meaning the Pilgrim can cause real damage. I'd hate to get stabbed the moment we grab the flashlight or reach the furnace.

Nan reels back and headbutts the horrific figure before her, but the skeleton's hard, sharp skull resists the blow. Nan only manages to daze herself.

  • DAMMIT! KICK!!! Use your legs and back!!!Push against the floor!!!SURVIVE!!!
  • You should probably try to grapple and hold him still so Anderson can properly shoot him.
  • If the skull is connected to the spine without any skin or flesh holding it in place, then you might be able to pull his head straight off of his body.
  • Okay, now I'm starting to feel like I'm spamming. This THING is MUCH stronger than Nan--grappling should be a no-go. As for waiting for Anderson to shoot it, do you really want to leave this death-struggle to chance? Even if he actually shoots it--IT took a rebar to the eye socket! And TORE it out! Any injury would be superficial at best!
    No trying to manhandle it! No depending on unreliable factors! Focus on getting it OFF you!
  • At this point we're reasonably sure that skull is just a helmet of sorts. Pulling it off is likely to fail, and wouldn't be very productive in terms of keeping us alive. At the moment, a solid kick using the ground as leverage is what we need, keeping our arms up to take hits instead of our chest. If we can just get him off of us, our numbers might be able to overpower him.
  • Try to keep his weapons from stabbing you. the knife's in your hand, so keep it there for now so he can't stab you anywhere else. I would suggest trying to overpower him to get him off of you, but I don't see how you'll be able to do that. For now your only hope is the flashlight. Use one hand to wrestle with the knife, and the other to scout the floor near you for the flashlight.

  • This.
    We can't expect anderson to get a good shot if we are grappling with it in a dark room. Get the damn thing off first.
  • It seems we're in quite the pickle, if Nan could come from her dazed state, try to put both feet on the Pilgrim's chest/stomach and give a full-fledged push off of her
  • We must struggle for our lives!
    This hand of ours glows with an awesome power! Its burning grip TELLS ME TO DEFEAT YOU! TAKE THIS! My love, my anger, and ALL MY SORROW! SHINING PIPE!
  • shit this is bad... try using your legs to shove him off and improvise
  • it's a fucking skellington with no internal organs, what did you people expect
    might as well try to break its neck or shove it away
  • Either shove him away, kick him away, or throw him away. Disengage at all costs!
  • The flashlight -
    Nan! Nan, I know you're dazed, I know you're dizzy and rushed in adrenaline, and confused, but you have to listen to me!
    You have to get the Pilgrim, or Lorenzo, or whoever he truly is, off of you fast, for this to work. The others have recommended kicking him off, But I'd use your momentum to try to roll, first, that way you don't just kick him backwards - - but importantly, roll in the direction away from the flashlight, and kick him off there!
    Then go for your flashlight! The Flashlight took care of the Beast last time you used it with the group, but the others aren't going to help you. They're distracted, too. Get the flashlight and shine it right on him!
    Whether it stirs a flashback or merely dizzies him, you then have to use that chance for two things. You have the options of either taking the others and running, or shoving him into the fire.
    Taking the others and running, in my opinion, would be counter-productive. Someone knew you'd get there. Someone wanted you there. And they wanted you there for a reason. You can't be chased away now!
    Don't let your trials be in vain! Don't abandon your chance at salvation! Kick him off and go for the flashlight!
  • WHY does Pilgrim keep saying Nan needs to die to release him?! Nan, you need to figure this out while you're fighting him, the right words might stun Pilgrim for a few seconds.
    Try confusing him while you kick him off, scream "I AM NOT ANASAZI!" or something.Roll onto your back while grappling Pilgrim with your right hand, and while on the ground kick him off and above your head to use the momentum from the fall to throw him.
    And grab the knife stuck in your hand while you're doing this, if you can!
    Kim might be dead. If this is an attempt from the Hotel to make the survivors accidentally friendly-fire themselves to death while thinking that they are fighting monsters, it's working.
  • ...I'm guessing the necklace isn't working?
  • Nan: Fucking book it.
  • Don't try to fight it just try to escape
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  • Stumble away from him. Step into the light. Lead him to where Anderson can get a decent shot at him with his REVOLVER. Also, take out your LEAD PIPE. Use it if he tries to stab you again. If your BADLY GOUGED HAND is becoming an issue, just grit your teeth against the pain. That's the least of your worries right now.
  • Hes a fucking skeleton tear of his skull with beserker rage.
  • Doubt you'll take this suggestion seriously, but I mean it as a stun tactic. Knee the pilgrim in the groin. When you're done dazing.

Nan is overwhelmed, and now half-dazed. She struggles to focus. The monstrous figure rears back for another strike, and Nan kicks with both legs. It doesn't seem to do any damage, but it knocks the figure off balance for just a moment, giving her a chance to escape.


Nan staggers to her feet in a hurry. Pablo has grabbed the horrible figure from behind, and struggles to keep it restrained, but it does not seem this effort will hold long. Anderson appears to be badly wounded, and Nan can see him clutching at his chest and arm.

The figure thrashes and waves its knife. Nan calls out "Lorenzo". She demands she is not Anasazi.


  • Don't be afraid.
  • Yell for Pueblo to let go and throw the lead pipe.Hopefully that will let Pueblo not get the SCARY KNIFE to the face.
    Then run like hell. Yell and draw Mr bones away from the others.
  • Grab a book and block his incoming stab with it. The knife should get stuck in the book, effectively disarming him.
  • Where is Kim? How did Anderson get hurt?
    I wonder, if Nan books it back down through the hotel into the furnace, will the Pilgrim abandon attacking the others and follow her? The note seemed to imply some connection between the Pilgrim and the furnace...
  • grab a few books and start chunking them at him while you get away as fast as you can.
  • Guys, we can't just run now. Pablo and Anderson need our help. If we run now and they miraculously survive, they will never trust Nan again.
    So I second the book plan.
  • ...after disarming him attempt to remove the skull.
  • FLASHLIGHT. NOW! also get the lead pipe out just in case that doesn't work. If the flashlight doesn't work, throw him into the pit by diving at him. You might get singed but at least he'll be dealt with.
  • Try to push him towards the fire.
  • Ask Lorenzo to throw you a bone and not murder you
    Seems like Nan's pretty boned
    I didn't think Lorenzo had the stomach for this sort of thing
    Tell Lorenzo you were just ribbing him when you said you weren't Anasazi
    Agree to let him kill you if he answers some questions first
  • No. No no no no no. If he's like the Padre, it's useless. If he's a skeleton, it's useless. If it is an EVIL BONFIRE OF HUMAN SACRIFICE, he might get empowered by it or something like that.
    Shine a light on him. Watch out for whatever hurt Anderson though.
  • If we flashlight our way out, Anderson and Pablo will be on their own. That is, if the light works in the first place.
    I say, get the lead pipe and land a good hit on its neck. If everything fails, flashlight.
  • We don't have time to search around the dark room for the flashlight.
    We have no idea where it is.
    Tell the others you're sorry and you're going to book it to the furnace, since it's the only clue you have.
    Ask them to try to hold the pilgrim as long as possible.
  • Ok Nan, think. We cant KILL the Pilgrim, but we CAN hurt it. Grab your lead pipe, yell at Pablo and tell him to hold him a little longer.
  • With a maimed hand? I don't think we could do any significant damage to him before he gets out of Pablo's grip and stomps our fluffy goat ass.
    Also once again: fire doesn't seem to hurt the Hotel's creatures. Why should this bonfire be any different?
  • ...Huh. And Nan didn't see any other survivors the first time the Pilgrim appeared... Could it be possessing people, somehow? People have already speculated that Kim turned into the Pilgrim here - it's shorter than it was last time, and is standing exactly where Kim was. There's definitely something suspicious about this.
    We need to know more. Nan needs to get the flashlight or, failing that, try to remove the skull (though I'm not sure how that would work and could easily just get her killed...).
    (Also why is he holding the knife in his right hand now? It was in his left here:)
  • That would make some sense, as they mentioned earlier that the spirits were reliving their past through them. The pilgrim could be using that to possess one of them.
  • Now's your chance! I take back my statement of wanting to kick him into the fire, if Pablo is holding him back, you don't want to kick him in, too - -
    Use the flashlight! Get it, turn it on, and shine it upon him! You have to! It's worth the shot!
    Use the flashlight! Before it's too late!
  • Don't be a pussy! Stand your ground! Use the LEAD PIPE or... no, the FLASHLIGHT! It'll blind him and then he won't be carving anyone in that state! SHOW HIM THE LIGHT! And hurry! You're bleeding, Anderson's bleeding worse, Kim is fucking GONE, and Pablo's probably about to be carved something FIERCE if you don't do something!
  • Nan. SHIELD. NOW. Grab anything you think will block his attacks and protect yourself.
  • Mega-evolve and hope for a critical hit
  • Where the hell is Kim? Some of you guys seem to think that this freak is actually Kim. Try calling out for her. If the real Kim shows up we can confirm that it isn't her. Also, if you can, try to knock the DAGGER-LIKE OBJECT out of its hand using the LEAD PIPE. That would boost your chances of survival from nil to slim.
  • Pablo and Anderson hesitated to help. It could mean that they're seeing Kim and we're seeing the pilgrim.
  • Smart move.
    Nan, you need to figure out in seconds if that's Kim or Pilgrim, or Pilgrim possessing Kim. Yell at everyone:
    "Kim if that's you sorry about this don't move!"
    And then whack her arm with the pipe. Disarm her knife and you can make the fight MUCH easier. Give it to Anderson for the time being since he's good with a knife. Or throw it off the cliff.
    If Pablo or Anderson give you a funny look, whack Pilgrim's head until he falls unconscious. Remember to tie him up, or cripple his hands. And teeth. you may want to take off the cow skull, if he can use it as a battering ram. Yep, I just said that, protect yourself.
  • You people--
    That's not Kim! Kim had to have been dispatched silently while we weren't looking! She's either thrown off of the lighthouse to her doom or in the fire. You can't go giving mercy to a creature that has already proven it has none for you!
    Restraining it out of such is not an option! Trying to dismantle it is not an option! Crowbars and guns pull no value to it, and if...
    No, Father Velasco is not immune to fire. But the fire is purging. The fire is good. There is still good left in Father. But there is none left in the beast known as The Pilgrim.
    Lorenzo wants to save himself. Not you.
    So do him a favor, child.
    Show him the light. And the light will surely guide him home.
    The flashlight is your only option. Disregard the others! Show him the light - !
  • The flashlight was lost in the scuffle, do you really think Pablo can hold The Pilgrim long enough for us to search a very poorly lit room?
    Did you see how close to the brazier Nan had to get to read those notes?
    I think we should take Anderson's advice:
    "There's nothing there in the dark
    that wasn't there in the light."
  • The Pilgrim seems to always try to kill us with that knife even though he could've easily rushed us and pushed us into the fire.
    If we ask The Pilgrim anything we should ask what happens if we don't die by his hand.
    Depending on the answer we might have to consider that the only way to save our friends is to sacrifice ourselves.
  • Oy! Work with Pablo to kill the pilgrim, or try and find the flashlight by stalling for time. Give Pablo your lead pipe, he can use it better than you can! Stick something sharp into the pilgrim, anything you can do to buy time in order not to die!
  • Pablo won't be able to hold him, Anderson is wounded and Kim is missing. You've got a wounded hand and you're a little dazed. Fighting isn't a very good idea. Either find your flashlight and hope for the best, or book it to the furnace and hope that the Pilgrim is angry enough to ignore the others in order to follow you.
  • Check if the Pilgrim's Skulls is allergic to being hit with a lead pipe.
  • Tell Pablo to tug at his noose.
    Also, how badly are we bleeding?

In a hurried panic, Nan scans the room. She can't see the flashlight in the darkness. It could have been knocked anywhere. Her hand is wet with blood.

There's a noise from behind -- Kim screaming from the doorway. In the fray, it's hard to make out, but it sounds like she's yelling "hurry".

The figure thrashes angrily, reaching out for Nan. Pablo won't be able to hold him for much longer.

There's no time to find the flashlight. Nan has only moments to make her choice.

  • Go with Kim
    Yell thank you to Pablo and Anderson for holding the Pilgrim as we run.
  • Run.
  • DO NOT go with Kim. It could very easily be a trap, as we've been tricked by the hotel using her image in the past. If there are no alternative exits, go with her as a last resort.
  • go to the door and wait for the pilgrim to start coming after her before really bolting.
    If we just leave, Pablo and Anderson will die. It seems that it will target nan as long as it thinks it can still get her. We might be able to lead it away from the others. (also our next really stop is the furnace, should at least try to keep Kim away from there)
  • I find it extraordinarily strange and suspicious that Kim is lit up when nobody else is. Even when you were near the fire you were mostly in the dark.
    I say grab a book and go knock the knife out of Pilgrim's hand with it.
  • Go with kim, it's all we got left
  • Agreed.
    Also, did you guys forget something managed to hurt Anderson pretty bad WHILE we were pinned down by the Pilgrim? How do we know that something isn't disguising itself as Kim? After that trick in the furnace it's hard to trust our eyes.
    Oh, and no man left behind. Even if we escaped, the Pilgrim could go berserk and easily slaughter both Pablo and Anderson. And if it's a trap, he could easily catch up with us and finish the job.
  • ? Anderson was the first to notice that Kim wasn't standing next to the group, in fact this might be the wound he received.
    Go with Kim, The Pilgrim, one of the hotel's ringers, is in the room, We have a higher chance of survival running away from The Pilgrim than we do if we stay in the room
  • SMART! We want to knock the knife out of Pilgrim's hand, but we don't want to cripple Pablo! A book is a better choice than the pipe!
    Nan, while you whack the knife out of Pilgrim's hand, yell at Pablo to "Go carve another statue!", which is a code phrase for "Get out of the way while I kill this asshole!"
    Then headbutt Pilgrim straight into the brazier.
    Scream "I'm taking you with me!", which is technically true as you're taking him to the brazier, which you will then jam his @#$%ing cow mug into. Hopefully he'll think that you've finally snapped and are sacrificing yourself to release him from his torment.
    All things considered, I don't think this will kill him completely, even if it does work. Throw him off the Cliffside if you can, but control the ragdoll physics so that he falls burning to the ground instead of the sea. Then you can check his remains. In any case, you should probably take pieces of him so that he doesn't come back from the grave after you leave his corpse unchecked. There are SO many survivors who died because someone was too stupid to make sure the enemies' brains were all burned-up chunky salsa. Or nuked.
  • I think we should yell at kim to get right the fuck over to us, fucking disarm the pigrim and not kill him but find out what he wants. Its four against one we can easily overtake him
  • Disarm Pilgrim. If this is successful, question him. If this is unsuccessful or he continues to attack using some other means, fucking book it, but only go to Kim if there are no other escape routes.
  • Kim shows up mysteriously swathed in light... and you guys want to ditch Pablo and Anferson to go with her?
    If Pablo and Anderson also start running to Kim, then run.
    Otherwise, help Pablo restrain the Pilgrim. If he holds one arm, and we hold the other, Anderson can do something useful.
  • Kim is a trap, and not the good kind. Help your buddy Pablo.
  • wecan'tfightThe Pilgrim
    not in this condition
    Anderson is too injured to do anything
    Pablo is about to run out of strength
    The hotel hasn't tried to use light to trick us before, it hates light. Why do you all think Kim is a trap?
  • Are you suggesting that we prove the hotel right? That Nan is a coward who will run away from a bad job? That she deserves to die for whatever the @#$% happened at the nightclub?
    Nan, you haven't given up yet. You are capable of fighting Pilgrim, even if he has better odds. Run when you can't do anything for Pablo or Anderson anymore.
  • DO NOT go with Kim.
  • Perhaps you can defeat him with your blood as sacrifice; let yourself get cut then slather your blood onto The Pilgrim.
  • "Find what you seek
    Look in the furnace
    Remember the Pilgrim"
    Just a few things to point out. The last time we encountered Kim and a furnace it was a trap.
    So I see two possible options. One is that Kim is a trap and that Nan needs to move towards the fire, which is pretty much well the only source of light we have left.
    The other is that we need to flee and look in the actual furnace in the hotel.
    Is there anything about the Pilgrim that we've forgotten? Or perhaps the note was more a warning that the Pilgrim is near?
  • We cant run from this as we have the pilgrim in a spot were he is vulnerable, we tackle and disarm the fucker and interrogate him that way we get information and understanding to the situation. Also it is possible that kim never even went into the room and he got distacted by something such as we have when we entered the room,
    kim may not be a trap but we have a massive moment of opportunity to understand whats going on with the pilgrim
    Use the lead pipe to hit the pilgrims hands and do not kill him only cripple him
  • Also jesus how did we miss the pilgrim so early on,HE WAS JUST NEXT TO US!
  • Nan is dazed and bleeding, Anderson is bleeding and Pablo is currently barely holding this thing back. We can be brave and possibly die, or we can live to fight another time when we aren't completely fucked.
    Help Anderson go towards Kim, if she did wound him, then question her with the help of Anderson's gun.
    Tell Pablo to suplex the pilgrim, then run.
  • The Pilgrim isn't something that can be reasoned with. The Pilgrim is flatly murderous and incredibly strong. Even if we disarm The Pilgrim, it could probably still kill everyone in the room, not to mention that we lack anything to tie it up or otherwise bind it.
  • GO WITH KIM! The pilgrim wants us, so it will ignore Pablo and Anderson. Kim is defently real because the hotel would have no point in tricking us with the pilgrim so close to killing us. By staying we can not help Pablo and Anderson, if anything it'll get them killed. So run and draw the pilgrim away, it's their only chance at survival.
  • We're trapped between two dangers, MaybeEvil!Kim and the Pilgrim, and hanging around near either one of them is likely to get us killed. We need to stall for a little more time. Learning if Kim is our Kim is critical right now, and I can't see a way to figure that out other than checking her reaction to being ignored. For now, I recommend we find an angle from which we can safely unmask the Pilgrim, or else try to get him closer to that fire. And/or yell 'for the love of God' at Kim and see how she reacts. If she's part of Padre or the Hotel, she's bound to take it poorly.
  • ...I'd say run to Kim, I don't think there are any other options. Ask her why she suddenly disappeared, though.
  • [Equip LEAD PIPE]
    Go for the knees, Nan, go for the knees!!
  • Help Pablo, we can't just leave him here to die, try to shove the pilgrim off and both of you run for Kim if that's still a viable choice.
  • If Nan hesitates, I have no doubt the Pilgrim will slaughter Palbo and/or Anderson to get to her. If Nan runs, he would likely give chase instead of giving her more of a head start by staying to kill them.
    Kim's sudden disappearance and reappearance gives me some reason to distrust her, but following her seems to be the only way to get the Pilgrim away from Pablo and Anderson. This current "fight" seems unwinnable, and there's certainly no talking to the Pilgrim in this state.
  • Guys no, just no. We gotta stay and fight, is we dont thats a good bye to anderson and pablo.
  • The hotel "would have no reason to trick us?" I disagree. The hotel wants to kill us. An evil!Kim would act as insurance, blocking (presumably) the only exit, and if there are other exits it would act as a trap, as one would think it'd be safer going with a friend. The Pilgrim is restrained. There are several things we could do to come out on top here, so that's why the hotel is tricking us. Insurance.
  • We couldn't even fight off Santiago without a large wound, we are possibly the weakest member of our party, we're probably stronger than Kim but we don't know that for sure.
    We have NO CHANCE in a head on fight with the Pilgrim
    We might be able to save our friends by taunting The Pilgrim before we bolt.
    I'd suggest something like "You'll NEVER catch me, and I'll NEVER die."
  • I agree. I suspect MaybeEvil!Kim is going to yell something like "For the love of God, get over here!" Which of course would be a dead giveaway. That being said, though, it's quite possible the hotel learns from past.... mistakes. We can't trust Kim, even if her possibly fake identity is given away.
  • Hes only made of bones.
    Im sure a well swung lead pipe could snap that shit like a twig.
  • Yea, because letting ourself get injured and then getting close enough to the Big Bad to slather blood on his face when we're CLEARLY the one he wants to murder most based entirely on a hunch is a FANTASTIC idea. Besides, it'd probably just piss him off more. Let's not.
  • Why is fighting even being suggested? Jesus Christ guys, Pablo's about to lose his hold on the Pilgrim and we're already dazed. We tried attacking and it failed, we need to RUN THE FUCK AWAY. Nan can't do anything against him right now.
  • Let's weigh this properly. We have Kim, who is at the exit (and the light) telling us to GTFO, and the Pilgrim, who we absolutely cannot fight in our current state. The answer here should be pretty obvious, even if we don't know what will happen if we follow Kim. Anything is better than trying to fight the Pilgrim without a proper strategy.
  • Gah... Goddamnit. If we can't find the flashlight, we'll have to take our chances.
    Anderson may be wounded, but the group has a better chance of holding them off than you do challenging him head on.
    I hate to split the party, but at this point, we have no choice, child. Go for Kim! Go!
    You don't have long to consider your options, you have to move! Get moving!
  • Seems reasonable enough, but dammit I wish there was a safe way to get the pilgrim away from Pablo and then book it to Kim and the light.
  • Fuck it just run.
  • Fucking hell we should never split up, when the hell has splitting up been a good idea in a horror film?
    Someone is gonna die if we split up, we are stronger thogether though and we can kick that pilgrims ass up!

Nan is split between fighting and fleeing, but decides the safer option is to run. In an attempt to keep the figure's attention away from the others, Nan shouts a parting taunt and bolts for the door.


Nan runs through the open doorway.


  • Yep, this was a bad idea. OH WELL.
    Look around, what's going on in here?
  • Yep, that sure was a trap alright. Look around, Nan.
  • Welp shit son we dun fucked up now, id hate to start makeing assumptions about the status of pablo and anderson but right now we need informationnan: examine everything

Nan has entered the SECOND FLOOR HALLWAY.

The door has shut behind her with great force. It appears jammed, and will not open.

  • Well I guess that confirms without a doubt that this hotel is not a real place. You just went up and then to the side and wound up two floors down.
    Walk along the hallway, see if you can enter any other doors.
  • Nothing we can do for Pablo and Anderson right now.
    Find the stairs down to the first floor and head for the furnace.
  • First of all: told ya.
    Back to serious business: well, might as well go for the Furnace right now. Though now we're maimed, alone, without a source of light and stuck on the BURNT FLOOR OF EVIL.
    We've possibly condemned Pablo and Anderson to death. Let's make it count, at least. Avoid everything that seems dangerous. If we see the Padre or Santiago, run like hell. Would be really nice if we could find the oil lamp we used some time ago when we were with Santiago.
  • Oh hey there, frying pan!
    Damn. In best Adventure Game Spirit: take the door to your left at the end of the hallway.
  • Welp, those guys are dead.
  • So the obvious trap that half of us called turned out to be a trap.
    Anyway, peek into both doors and see what Eldritch horrors lie within.
  • I FUCKING- No, WE FUCKING TOLD YOU. ALLLLLL OF YOU. It was a trap. God damn it. Okay, just fucking examine everything.
  • A little early to be planting the flag, eh guys? We don't know what may or may not be a trap. We don't know what happened to Pablo and Anderson. We can only deal with what's in front of us right now. Consequences, negative or positive, will be made clear in time.
    How would staying behind have been the better choice? Nan already stabbed the Pilgrim in the head, with no result whatsoever. She was stabbed in the hand and losing blood. The flashlight was not an option. What condition was she in to fight? He was very clearly focused on her. Running might have drawn him away from Pablo and Anderson.
  • We gotta get to the furnace find the stairs or the elevator
  • How could anyone not see this coming?
    Anyways, the colour change is probably indicative of some more time-space shenanigans, let's look for some dead people to redeem
  • Second floor has always looked this way, if I recall correctly. Also, we can't redeem anything without a light source to shine on people/see and touch "shadows".Yea, because leaving a crazy supernatural entity hellbent on murder alone with the guys who just helped his prey escape will surely lead to nothing bad whatsoever. From now on we'll have to assume Pablo and Anderson are both dead.
    If we have to explore, let's be quick about it. We have no fighting chance if something bad comes at us. Priority should be a light source, then the furnace.
  • Well, that was pathetic. You should focus on protecting Kim. This isn't good.
    Nan, remember how you saw Kim in the boiler, when she got fried? It's possible that really was Henry... or you. And that it happened because in an alternate timeline, Kim ran and you stayed fighting Pilgrim. If you can save Kim this time around, Anderson would probably understand.
    Just make sure you keep Henry at a distance, if you find him. In plain view, so that he don't do anything. Find Kim and get out of the boiler room ASAP, do not provoke anyone, do not talk about anything, until you're safely out.
  • Forget finding Kim, she was an obvious trap. Stay alert and try to find a way out

  • We are now working aganst time here, pablo and anderson are in there with the pilgrim and it would probably be in our best interests if we get in there as quickly as possiblenan: bash down that door with your lead pipe, if that fails go fast, explore around and find a way in there
  • Find something to bandage our hand with if nothing is available tear off a piece of your shirt to do it
  • Well as much as this sucks at least we still live, let's go find the furnace where we saw the fake Kim last time.
  • quick! do the safety dance!
  • First, check inventory. Second, use something to bandage your hand with.
  • Had to wait for ban to lift but dang did some suggestions make that period painful.
    Out of the oven into the frying pan, eh? We should forget about the door, Weaver made it clear that we aren't going through that door anytime soon.
    I don't even know what "our" long term goal is anymore but do not remain stationary. Like most of the hotel ,this place doesn't seem too inviting. Equip pipe and keep a strong grip on it with your good hand incase of an ambush.
    We may have left the pilgrim behind but god-only-knows what that thing could do track us down. It should also be noted that the Padre and Santiago are both very viable threats that are currently unaccounted for.
    Move cautiously with your back mostly towards the wall try looking for doors that may lead to a bedroom. Hopefully there is a clean bathroom with running water and towels so you can tend to your wound.
  • Find Kim or locate what looked like Kim and beckoned you through the door.
  • Alright, that was a dreadful decision on our part. But, nonetheless, my child, a deision that could be made to our benefit!
    Remember the note? While it mentions the pilgrim, it does also mention you will need to investigate the furnace, which looks like where you're being led.
    Remember where the illusion of Kim died?
    Furnace. Either Kim is long since dead and leading us on our way, or we're being given a lot of prophetic visions, but we must press on.
    Tear off a piece of your clothing to wrap around the other hand, child, before it infects. Once that's done, and you have it secured, arm your pipe, keep your faith held high, and move onward.
    We can only move onward from here, children.

Unable to reopen the door she came through, Nan peers into the next room.

It appears empty. Everything is charred black.

  • Peek through the door? If there's nothing then move on.

Nan hears faint noises in one of the rooms just a few doors down the blackened hall.

  • proceed cautiously and check it out
  • But only open the door a little, don't want anything jumping out at us.
  • Place flappy ear against door.
  • Once she figures out which door the noises are coming from, Nan should listen inside before opening it.
  • GET THAT LEAD PIPE OUT RIGHT NOW! Again, inventory check. Or at least point me towards the last one...

Nan equips the lead pipe in her good hand and listens at the doorway.

Someone or something is moving around inside. She can hear quick breathing.

  • open door slightly and peek in.
  • Bah burst open that door and announce "I AM the AVENGER!!!" Hold your pipe so that if the person inside is hostile you can swing it up into the one place that would send agony into anybody.
  • Kick open the door and hold your pipe steady

Nan bursts in with her weapon at the ready.

Henry screams like a child.


  • Ask what this place is
  • Laugh, and ask where he's been. Tell him to try not to lie this time.
  • Henry where did your shirt go?

Henry falls backwards and sits there for a moment, trying to catch his breath. He gives an uncomfortable, relieved laugh.

He takes quick breaths and only manages a few words at a time. "Oh, thank God, it's you. You almost gave me a heart attack."

Nan asks where he's been. He says he's been by himself ever since they got split up at the Chapel. He was hiding in one of the rooms for as long as he could, but then he got hungry and had to go look for food. And a second ago he heard a door slam, so he ducked into this room.

"I should have come looking for you but after that thing chased me I lost my nerve." He glances down at himself briefly. "I uh... I guess I probably don't look very brave right now."

  • Did Henry hear anyone else moving in the hallway before the door slammed? I'm curious to know whether that Kim was real or not..
  • That doesn't explain where his shirt went. Speaking of fabrics, does he know where you can find a medkit or something? You got hurt.

  • We don't really have time to explain but we have to go to the furnace asap
    Also do you have anything to help bandage up our wounded hand?

Nan holds out her injured hand. "Oh my god! You're bleeding! What happened? Are you okay?!" Nan says there's precious little time to explain, but she was attacked.


Nan asks if Henry has any bandages. "Oh! Yeah! Yeah, actually, that's perfect! I have a-- after I got away from that thing, I ripped up my shirt for bandages, so I could patch up my arm. But uh, it turns out that makes... like, a lot of bandages. Way more than I needed. Actually, my arm wasn't even really that hurt, so uh..." Henry smiles somewhat sheepishly. "So uh, yeah. Lots of bandages. But I left them in the room, I didn't think to take them with me."

  • Cool we can pick them up on the way
  • "All this blood loss is making me feel lightheaded. I don't think I can make the trek back to the room. A true gentleman would offer his pants to wrap my wound."( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    But seriously, why is Henry acting so strange? He's either adorably socially awkward or suspicious as hell.
    Screw it. No sense hanging around here. Ask Henry to lead you back to the room. Keep the lead pipe handy.

  • Is there something behind you?
  • Wow. Really? That's just @#$%ing pathetic. You know, for a cover story.
    If he's telling the truth, then that's really cute. Nan, tell him to stay within your line of sight or he'll eat so much of the dirt that you'll be able to plant poison ivy in his skin. Tell him that the sentence "Look behind you" is considered prohibited in your presence, with the penalty of being assaulted by a very pissed off electrician. Tell him that if he sees something behind you, either he will move around you to point at it, or he will tell you to run towards him, pipe in hand, because there's a fucking monster behind you.
    Don't trust Henry. Or Kim, for that matter. Keep them both in front of you and get out as soon as possible. We don't want to create a stable time loop of Kim being burned to death. Remember what happened when you met your future self and slammed the door behind you? This is that, but for Kim. It seems that time travel is possible here, so try to change the future this time.
    Also, ask about his kids. Bait him. Say one kid's name and ask about it. If he says the other kid's name, call him out on it.
    If he really is a monster, if he really did try to kill Little Holly and June, you need to monologue loudly that you're trying to save the survivors, regardless of what crimes they committed. Pablo, Anderson, Anna, Alan, they all had past crimes that you discovered. Santiago and Kim might have their own crimes to live with. You yourself might have accidentally caused a horrible fire at a nightclub. But who cares?! This is YOUR time!
    Right now, you all need to work together. Work in spite of your guilt, defy it, use it. THIS IS BIGGER THAN YOU AND YOUR CRIMES. You've seen the signs, listened to the mad prophets. If Lightbringer succeeds in whatever the hell he's doing, whether it's demonic possession or destroying and recreating the world, if you lose here, the WHOLE WORLD could lose. What if the hotel is testing civilization by checking to see if a bunch of sinners and criminals can band together and survive to redeem themselves? This is your moment: Sinners, Killers, Dictators, Psychopaths, COME ONE, COME ALL, BECAUSE THE WHOLE @#$%ING WORLD NEEDS SAVING.
    Basically, Henry might have a bad past, you ALL might have a bad past, but you need to WORK TOGETHER, this might be your ONE SHOT at redeeming yourselves and SAVING THE WORLD.
  • We need to try and get back into the lounge, our hand isn't important right now. And when this is over, Henry has a lot of questions to answer. Check the discussion thread, he is very suspicious. But first thing first, we need to find a way back into the lounge. Anderson and Pablo will probably die without our help.

  • Does Nan observe any injury on his arm
    Make sure he actually has some kind of injury
    Compare inventory


Henry's arm does appear bruised, most likely from when Santiago tried to block him from getting into the Chapel, but as he said, it doesn't look serious. Nothing obviously broken.

Henry gets to his feet and Nan keeps her pipe equipped, telling him to move ahead of her and lead the way to the room. "It's... on the first floor. Um. You seem pretty uneasy. I mean, obviously anyone would be in a place like this, but I mean, specifically. Is this about whatever hurt your hand? Is there something I should be worried about?"

  • We had a run in with The Pilgrim on the fourth floor but then we went through a door that used impossible space and slammed behind us, bringing us here to the second floor.
    So we should be relatively safe for now.
  • "The Pilgrim attacked me. He stabbed my hand. Anderson was wounded in the chaos. Kim...disappeared. Pablo tried to hold the Pilgrim as long as he could while I ran...I don't know if any of them are alive. I don't think we have to worry about the Pilgrim for now."
  • I think it's best if we don't tell him about the rest of the group's status at the moment. Seeing as he's already feeling pretty anxious.
  • Tell him you think everyone here is guilty of murder in some way.
  • I don't disagree, however, Henry will probably want to know if Nan has seen anyone else since they got separated. Although he's acting weird, telling him the truth would be a good sign of trust. Maybe seeing that Nan trusts him will calm him down. However, if he hears the grim news without expressing concern for the others, that would make him more suspicious...
  • let's go to the first floor with Henry.
    If the Pilgrim has some kind of sense of where Nan might be, he might leave Pablo and Anderson alone. (At least Anderson won't have to go all monstery on Pablo for being the Pilgrim again, at least)
    Also, tell Henry to keep an eye out for Kim.
  • Point blank ask him does he really wanna know?
    No, sincerely, ask this question. If he does, tell the truth. If not, say okay, focus on bandages.

Nan says she was attacked by the Pilgrim, but managed to escape. She decides not to say anything about the fate of the others for now, though.

Henry shakes his head and shivers visibly. "That thing with the skeleton face, right? Is it still after you? Should we be worried?" He proceeds down the stairs, taking point without needing to be asked.

  • There's always danger here, so yes.
  • "If worried you mean on our guard, yes, always"
  • Nan, ask Henry if he has a wife. Kids. Anyone who would miss him if he were to die here.
    If he says the names Holly and/or June, pin him down and get some answers. If he moves for the boiler room, pin him down and get some answers. If he actively walks down the stairs to the boiler room, grab him, throw him into the hallway, and bash his skull until he goes limp. Whatever you do, DO NOT LET HIM IN THE BOILER ROOM.
    If Kim dies, search the boiler room and poke around in the boiler with the MAGNIFYING GLASS and the JOURNAL OF FATHER FRANCIS VELASCO.
    Man, you'd better hope she lives. She might make a great friend in 2014.

Nan and Henry return to the FIRST FLOOR LANDING.

Henry stops, noticing the chains on the janitor's closet. He says this is new, but he might be able to get them open with some time.

Nan remarks that the danger has never passed in a place like this. Especially where the Pilgrim is concerned, they should stay cautious.

"I'm not too worried about you, though. If anyone's gonna make it through this, it's you. You're a survivor." Henry nods gravely, but forces a smile. "Besides, worst case scenario, if he comes for you, you can just go out the window again."

  • ...um. The only person that saw you go out the window was the Pilgrim himself.
    I say jump him and restrain him, then confront him with that information. He should not know that!
  • ... Ask him how he knows about that (slowly backing away optional). If I'm remembering correctly, Nan did that after Anna died, and no one else was to be found.
    Tighten grip on pipe as precaution.
  • We have a winner! Aside from the Pilgrim, the only ones who even knew Nan was on the courtyard balcony were the Beast and Santiago. Henry just goofed. He might be connected to one of them. Lead pipe to the back of his head? Better yet, pin him against the door with the lead pipe against his neck. Demand answers and apply pressure if he tries to talk his way out of this.
  • Henry specifically claimed that he went downstairs after encountering the pilgrim and stayed in the furnace room, not that he ever saw Nan encounter him -- Nan also did not inform him of the route she took to escape him during their journey together. She did not trust Henry at the time.
    Henry has been curiously alone at multiple sections of this tale and has survived a solo-encounter with the Pilgrim, by his accounts. This is peculiar.
  • Have him unlock those chains, THEN go for an hostile action. With an injured hand I doubt Nan could do that herself.
    Meanwhile, we could ask him about something only Nan and the others might know in a really casual and smooth manner while he's working on those chains. If he answers correctly, then yea, suspicion confirmed, we can rough him up a bit.
  • Be careful.
    but don't forget that there was a figure across the courtyard during the escape out the window. It's possible that it was Henry. Remember healthy suspicion.
  • It's possible that the Padre won't go near Henry
    There are two cases for this:
    -First when we found him in the hall injured
    -And again in the furnace room
  • If that was Henry in the window across the courtyard, wouldn't he have said something when he and Nan reunited in the furnace? Besides, in the furnace he said that he went out in the hallway while Nan was sleeping, saw the Pilgrim had killed Anna, and ran downstairs. The figure in the window opposite the Sunset Room was on the third floor.
    Henry is suspicious as hell right now.
  • 1. Henry keeps fiddling with the chains: Point the pipe at Henry's head and warn him to get away from the janitor's closet. Your new task is to find a new safe room.
    2. Henry ignores your warning: Pin Henry to the wall with the pipe at his neck and call him out on how he's even luckier than Pablo, how utterly suspicious he is, and how he knows things that only a select number of people should know. Remember to tell him that you are willing to save all the survivors, like you said to Santiago earlier, and that the entire world could hinge on your success, let alone your redemption. Warn him that if Kim dies because of him, you will hurt him in ways that only the death in the darkness can console.
    3. Henry opens the door despite your threats: Bash Henry's skull with the pipe until he goes limp. Tie him up with the chains, lock them if you can. Run downstairs and make sure Kim is okay. (Note: Ignore this step if you hear Kim screaming, but make sure that you grab Henry in the back and make sure to watch his movements at all times.
  • Ah crap, so much stuff happened while I was sleeping!
    I want to ask him to repeat his story of how he came to the hotel (say you forgot and think it's important or something) to see if he still copies Pablo's, but now that he's made a far more obvious blunder we should jump on that.
    So yeah. Back away slowly and ask how he knows that. Maybe also point out that his story of what happened on the night of Anna's murder doesn't match up with Pablo's (there's a discussion post on it somewhere, basically he said he woke up to an empty room after Anna died, Pablo says the room was empty before Anna died).
  • DO NOT SPAZ. Even though there is a healthy level of suspicion that always be maintained, persecuting him on a detail like that is foolish.
    We have seen the redemption of the dead, treacherous doppelgängers, and we quite literally ran into "ourselves" at one point.
    Lets not get alarmed and aggressive about everything or else we'll be doing the hotel's job for it. Additionally if he is connected to a monster or may even be one, why pick a fight with him in "our" state?
    I posit that we keep a mental note of his remark and address it in a "better" environment. Should we do it now things may not go easily for us.
    Make a remark like, "Sounds like you're making fun of for doing that", in a joking tone. That may help lighten the mood or fluster him to defend your course of action. It's a comment that isn't super alarming and might even get him to tell us how he witnessed that moment.
  • Discretely grip your pipe and get ready to swing if he goes psycho and tries to jump you, but then just ask him how he knows. The only people who are aware that we've been in the courtyard are the Pilgrim and Santiago, but with all these visions flying around who knows.
    That said, Henry seems to be acting kind of. Off. He's jumpy, I suppose. Understandable, if he had been acting that way before. He was fairly brave and confident earlier, even in the face of danger. Now he seems shaken and anxious, and I don't think just sitting in a dark room for a while and taking off his shirt would be enough to cause that.
  • Ask him what room he's been staying in, and remind him of your hand. Henry's acting weird, but then again this hotel could drive anyone a bit bonkers. Remember the lounge, and how you all thought it was on different floors? Also, examine all you items to see if anything about them has changed since you seem to have free time. Specifically the book.
    Another note- why did the hotel trick you with Kim. I don't think Kim was the hotel's doing. After all, the pilgrim was so close to capturing you, so why would the hotel let you go again? I think another supernatural force is at work here. For now stick with Henry and watch him closely. Don't attack or provoke him, he's your only friend right now. Also, look for a replacement for your flashlight. If you want to get out of this alive, you'll need a light source to do that memory saving thing you do.
  • Ready your self for danger be on alert and dont get jumped
  • Smash that vase. I have no legitimate reason to propose that we smash the vase, except for a temporary feeling of empowerment. It'll probably come back anyway.
  • Yeah fuck that vase, what did it ever do for us?
    Kick it's ass
  • TAKE THAT PIPE AND SMASH THAT POT WITH IT! Then collect one sharp piece of the pottery to use for a knife in the future and examine the flowers.
  • While this sounds like a good idea in planning, having a shard of glass or ceramic in our pocket does not.
    Plus the last time we tried to use glass as a knife we got our hand cut. See: Ruby Quest. I think having a literal hole in our hand is enough.
  • We should build up more trust with Henry, you know get friendly and ask questions talk about what happend so that if something were to happen that would hurt the groups trust we can help keep the group strong and together.
  • GO Link on that "EVIL POT" get all the rupees
  • Okay, then no glass knife... until we get bandages to wrap it in? I still say wail on that potted plant IT IS EVIIIIILLLL!!! Plus it'll be good anger relief for you Nan! And since your a goat of some sort maybe you can eat the flowers...?
  • Procced, but ask how does he know that
  • That's @#$%ing awesome.
    Nan, new plan: if Henry keeps fiddling with the chains, use flower vase on Henry. THEN threaten him with the pipe. You can't do much with a wounded hand, so pick up the vase and use it on his head to stun him, and then use the pipe on the back of his skull.
    Also, please try not to lose your hand. Grab some medical supplies wherever you find them. Be careful not to get dirt or dust inside the wounds.
  • I suggest that you two just go back to the 4th floor whether tom i mean henry wants to or not
  • Ooh... ok
    suggeston 1: then grab the vase and smash I it in his head, then while he's dazed run into the main lobby doors(maybe it'll confuse the monster) then run back up the stairs
    suggestion 2: smash his head with the vase and attack him with the pipe
    suggestion 3: laugh awkwardly, then run to the right
    suggestion 4: ask "How did you know that I went out the window if you were'nt there?" Then prepare for battle AGAIN
  • WAKE UP!!!
  • Just a little reminder that if Henry is the Pilgrim in disguise he is more than likely not going to be hurt if Nan attacks him.

Henry how do you know that?


Nan never told you that she escaped out the window. You weren't there.



  • please don't attack Henry... He's an idiot sure, but he's not harmful. Just don't let your guard down.


  • ATTACK HIM!!! Ignore my other comment, it was before, it was before the pictures were uploaded. USE VASE TO HENRY SMASH!
  • Bail, run, leave, get the fuck out of there.
  • Aw shit
    Pipe 'em
  • IT'S KILLING TIME! Ladies and Gentlemen, I don't think Henry is a mortal anymore! Sir Henry Perverted Backstabbing Motherf@#$er, your status as survivor has been REVOKED!!!
    Or maybe that's not Henry. Either way, kill this idiot. But try to spare him if you can, we might need a subject for interrogation and/or a hostage, or an inside man. Focus on saving Kim!
    Nan, give him one chance to surrender, and then do something similar to what you did to the father of Little Holly and June: throw the vase, push him onto the floor, bludgeon him repeatedly with the pipe, and remember to break his nose and jaw. Then for extra measure, cripple his hands and feet. Ask him what is going on, how to stop the end of the world, and how to leave the hotel without damning yourself.
    If it turns out he's another of those monsters, run. You may want to smash his face, though.
  • Guard self with pipe, if he becomes antagonistic at all, shove him aside your pipe and go up the stairs.
    If he doesn't go all crazy, tersely ask him at least, if he really is Henry.
  • You know what, I don't even wanna know what might be upstairs now, and I say fuck going down the hall in either direction, knock those fucking eyebrows off his face. If that doesn't work, bail out as fast as your feet can carry you.
  • Yeah, I don't think this is Henry. In fact, I think this is what we saw in the furnace, and what we just saw after our encounter with the Pilgrim.
    Not to beat the term dead, but: Ladies and gentlemen, I think it's finally happening.
    I think we're dealing with a shapeshifter.
    Explaining the joke probably kills it, and increases my spoilertext overuse, but for those of you that don't know: there was a bit of an in-joke shortly after Ruby Quest where shapeshifters were responsible for everything.
  • Nan use pendant!
    Or just beat the shit out of him/it.
  • In the fork, shapeshifter or not, it hurts, or even better go for a combo. Pipe below, vase to the face.
  • That could make sense if this is actually none other than SANTIAGO
    the no shirt connection is there at least
  • Say:
    Attempt conversation before turning this into a fight. Whatever Henry is, he's obviously intelligent. He's also hasn't attacked you yet, which means he's either non-hostile or too weak for an open fight.
    Either way, it would be to our benefit to try and get him talking. He could reveal something useful.
  • The way it isn't immediately killing you... could it be friendly?
    Either way we need to get it to explain what it is after beating it Into submission. (If it is somehow Santiago I would lol.)
  • I agree with this and disagree with every BEAT HIM 2 ULTRADETH comment so far. That said, do get on the defensive with that pipe.

Nan attempts the diplomatic approach. She swings the lead pipe, and Henry reflexively blocks. He yelps in pain as the pipe connects with his forearm.

  • Try an actual diplomatic approach?
  • Continue the interrogation/beating
  • Interrogation now seems like a viable option since it can feel pain. Maybe we should've actually been diplomatic. Only time and many drubbings will tell.
  • Get talking. Try to start conversation.
    I think we're letting our paranoia get the better of us. It would be a shame to beat him to death only to find out he was a the real Henry all along.
  • Interrogate him, and tell him we're in a hurry, and on the run from the Pilgrim, so if he doesn't co-operate, Nan's gonna be Hittin' some kneecaps around here.
  • go for the legs! and when hes inmovile interrogate him.
    also, is the door in the lobby open?

Henry grabs the lead pipe.

"I guess we should have done this sooner."

  • (Somehow that window in the background looks perfect for a pilgrim to crawl through right about now.)
    Keep wildly beating him and try to get him on the ground!
  • Bite his arm!
    wait for exposition and then run like hell.
  • Who's we?
    Can you at least explain what you are.
    Get ready to run or grab the vase and use it to bash the guy's face
  • She's badly wounded and her left hand is hard to use. Cut her some slack.
    Well Nan, you tried to end this diplomatically. Now headbutt this idiot and head for the courtyard!
    The beast might be nice to us after we helped resolve some of the voices in her head. Or not. Either way, she's probably your best bet at killing Henry.
    Or use the blood in your hand to stun Henry and beat him to a pulp. Do not stop whacking him until you have done irreparable damage. Then break his arms and legs. Hands and feet too. Finally, find a way to tie him up.
    If you're desperate or don't have any rope, gnaw his hands off. Cruel as this may be, you may want to ask him how many unfortunate survivors he backstabbed over the years. Twenty? 466? Everyone?
    Get his side of the story. Then make sure he can't kill any of your allies ever again.
  • I assumed he was referring to he and Nan. Very well could have meant something else though.
  • You have feet, kick him in the fork or pull him in and knee him in the solar plexus

Henry wrenches the weapon away from the injured Nan.


Nan smashes Henry in the face with the nearby flowerpot.


Nan bolts for the front door.

  • Yay improvising!
    Now follow up with the MAGNIFYING GLASS or run to the courtyard and get the beast to eat him alive.
  • ......Freedom?
    (Pffft haha no.)
  • Retreat backwards and ask
    I know, it's cliche, but it will hopefully bait him into talking to us.
    Also, if he is the real Henry, then it gives us an excuse for attacking him. We can claim that we thought he was a fake, just like that time we saw a duplicate of Kate being burned to death.
    It also implies that we care about Henry's safety. This will make his more likely to trust us if he's the real Henry.
    He has the pipe, so direct confrontation wouldn't be wise.

Nan bursts through the doors.

Nan has entered the TERRA COTTA COURTYARD.

  • Contemplate life.
  • now we are weaponless and with no sources of light... yep, just keep running and hope for the best.
    we should have janked his pants of to use as a bandage when we had the chance...
  • THE FLOWER POT IS NOW DEAD! MUHAHAHA! Anyhow, get far away as possible, and if you need to, use the door in between you and Henry.
  • oh.. yet again, late post. ignore last one. Look around for anything to use as a weapon. A piece of metal maybe?
  • Look around, and see if you can spot our joke cracking nun again.
  • Nan, this may be your one chance to escape... but you could lose if you run away. Maybe you're marked for death. Maybe the exit just leads to another part of the hotel. Maybe the deaths of your fellow survivors will haunt you to the grave.
    Maybe Lightbringer will win and destroy the world... or lose and fail to save it.
    Are you sure you want to leave?
    If you really are, you could come back after stocking up on supplies.
    Either way, the beast is probably within the vicinity. Make sure Henry is following you and lure the beast and Henry at the same time.
    Good luck!

It's so strange. The night is clear, and the moon is out.


what happened to all the stars


  • Is that the iron giant
    but for real, w h a t
    we should probably hide.
    Nan, turn your back on the beast, run back to the hotel, ignore the pain in your hand, and throw Henry into the jaws of her hungry maw once and for all!
  • Tame the beast! (Just kidding, run for your life.)
  • nan, i hope that you do cardio on the regular bECAUSE WE ARE UP FOR SOME RUNNING.
  • I like how there is an outline where the stars stop and you can tell this massive fucking thing is there.
    ..........Proceed....with caution?
  • That's no moon!
  • Oh that is fucking awesome. Also, fucking petrifying.
    Now is the time to get the fuck out of dodge.
  • The Beast cometh!
    Run away! RUN AWAY!
  • GO BACK IN! If you can't, duck under something!
  • A little late, but Henry's been lying to us for a while now, but nobody really called him out on it (check the discussion thread). So yeah, Henry's been dicking with us since day one.
  • Are there any other doors besides the one we came out of? Anywhere else we could hide?
  • Well, I walked in on some suspicious interloping, didn't I?
    Henry's been a tricky one frm the beginning, but we had to trust him for some time, didn't we? Now that we couldn't, the safest option was to run. And now look where you are.
    Think, child. Back when you were climbing the window before, you couldn't see the courtyard. Everything was engrossed in shadow.
    You shouldn't be able to see this yard now. It might be another image, or you might've just found your key unto progress.
    But your party is now separated. Pablo and his canine friend are with the Pilgrim. Kim is nowhere to be found. Henry is inside, either waiting for you to run back into his striking hand, or hoping to explain to you. You can't trust him until he's disarmed, but you're outside...
    The beast has had the upper hand from the beginning, but this looks not like your beastly friend. Your beast is an amalgamation of souls, of limbs and knots and twisting agony. This, my dear child, does not look like your Beast.
    Try to address it. If it doesn't respond positively, THEN run.
    But be wary. There are as many men as there are monsters. They need only looked at more closely.
  • watch in awe
  • You just... can't... kill The Beast.
    Run for cover, Nan. You need to get indoors again.
    Weaver strikes again.
  • Hello Beastie
    Scan the courtyard for an exit (aside from the door Nan just came through). If there isn't one available...ask it what it wants. There's no point in trying to hide; it already sees her.
  • I think it's time to run yes.
  • So uhm, can we go back through the front door? I think Henry is a BIT less of a threat than the Beast

  • Yeah. no. run into the buILDING AND FIND ANOTHER WAY AROUND "Henry"
  • Well...wow. Color me impressed...and awestruck. Not just did I not foresee any of these past few events coming but I am shitting bricks due to the gravity of it all.
    This situation is so abstract that "we" don't seem to have any clear options but I'll give it a shot.
    1st, I don't think that that thing overhead is the Beast. A) Because we already dealt with it and B) because it wasn't the SKY GOD. But hey, this hotels only plays by it's own rules
    2nd, that thing may not look friendly (or hostile, for all I--oh um, I mean "we"--could see, it's just a floating pair of giant eyes with no discernible expression) but that exit was previously barricaded by bricks and one can't help but feel that it's now open for a reason. In addition, the entity that may or may not be Henry is still in there. The fact that he disarmed us makes him a possible threat which is reason enough for "us" to only widen the gap between us. He might be shortly coming for "us" and I doubt "we" should meet him half way.
    Press yourself against and move along side the wall. I can't tell what angle the CELESTIAL SPECTATOR is looking down from but this way we can use the structure itself to obscure it's view of us.
    Remember we are currently being chased (surprise,surprise) so put some pep in your step as you cautiously inch along the walls for a new opening back in the hotel or to part you have never been before. New place so be wary of new threats (duh).
    Things are so bad that running into Santiago might actually be a welcomed event. All we need to ensure how screwed we are is for the SPACE LORD to sprout a big smile.
  • This hotel twists the minds and wills of those who enter, damming them to eternal suffering and leaveing them psycotic and crazed.also jesus ace christ that explains more the. It should have, the reflex to defend its self, the emotionless opps as he realises that he made a mistake, and the raw efficiency he has with physical combat.
    Fuck me i need to sleep
  • My memory's a bit iffy on this, has the beast actually done harm to anyone? I believe Santiago was terrified of it, but fuck him he's a fox. Compared to the Pilgrim and the Padre the beast downright harmless.
    If we link the beast to the beast mentioned in Hotel California, it would be pointless to try fighting it, as "They stab it with their steely knives, but they just can't kill the beast", and it is probably invincible. Instead Nan should confront it compassionately as it is probably a metaphor for her repressed guilt or madness or something.
  • Or it's practically invincible and we should run because last time it was just toying with us if it is able to get this large, or we killed one of it's babies.
  • Why do I feel like we just ran right into the Beast?
    Also Henry doesn't seem...hostile. Just. Freaky. IDK What's going on with him. "We should have done this sooner"...done what?
  • Oh dear going further with the lyrics
    "Last thing I remember I was running for the door.
    I had to find the passage back to the place I was before.
    'Relax' said the nightman 'we are programmed to recieve'"
    So likely Henry if he is the nightman is going to pop up behind us. Depending on the reaction we might have our ending.
  • i dont know. does '666' tells you something?
  • I think we may not actually be in as much danger as we believe ourselves to be, or at least not the same kind of danger. We've seen the hotel wear at the sanity of every other character, why would Nan be any different? How much of what is going on a madness-induced hallucination?
    On a different note, any theories about where the beast came from? The Padre and the Pilgrim are obviously members of the old mission, so where does the beast fit in?
  • Attack on titan mode activated!
    Just kidding... but you should probably dive behind a hedge or confront "the beast"
  • RUN.
  • Every single time we've walked through the front door, it's done something really crazy to us, and usually not the least bit helpful. I highly doubt the front door is going to lead us back to Henry, or anyplace we would like to be. As much as this development sucks, I think staying is the better option than throwing our survival chances at the front doors. We need to stay for as long as we can first.
  • I believe the popular interpretation is that the Beast is an amalgam of the souls of everyone who died in the fire.
  • Yeah, it seemed more like he was defending himself than trying to attack us.
  • Is Henry pursuing us? If yes, hide until he's outside, then bolt back inside and hold the door shut on him! If no, start humming showtunes at... whatever that thing is. It probably won't attack us, since we don't reek of regret and desire for atonement, but can't be too careful, right?
  • stop doing this
    he's already stated that the story is no longer following the song
    also go to the discussion thread
  • I don't think we can win this fight..so better hide nan!This actually explains why Kim suddenly disappeared when we entered the door and henry was there
  • Tis why I suggested it, it made sense (as much as "FUCKIN' SHAPESHIFTERS" can) AND worked as a nice little joke.
  • I suggest making a nice 180 and take our chances with Henry rather than confront the beast or staying outside on its home turf
  • not a good idea since we're injured and henry has our pipe
  • Alright, this is quite the predicament we've walked ourselves into. But whatever you do, do not panic.
    Do not run.
    The Beast is no threat to us.
    Why? Why don't you think for a minute? The only time it deliberately went after you was either in the appearance of The Pilgrim, who seems not to be on the same side as Father Velasco and the victims, or in the admittance, the plea, that someone be freed of their sins.
    The Beast is no evil to you. It is frightened. It is hurt. And you are no threat or sin to it.
    You are the saving grace. The beast recognizes this.
    Nan. My Child. Speak with it. Greet it most politely, most sweetly and motherly of tone, and if it does not respond violently, introduce yourself.
    Do. Not. Run.
  • That all seemed a bit pretentious. Poetic, but pretentious.
    I think we should try to be diplomatic when we have a means of defense should shit go wrong. This thing is like ten feet tall if not more, though, so we might not even have anything that could even mildly annoy it unless we just crawl into its eyes and rip its brain out from the inside.
  • Also, to answer in a poetic and pretentious way myself:
    Fear makes people do things they never thought themselves capable of.
    Fear makes you lash out like a wild animal.
    Fear is the mind-killer
  • That outline makes it look freakin adorable
  • I find this to be less pretentious because this is something that's easily proven. We can't actually prove if the Beast is not hostile to us unless it doesn't attack us, but that's a pretty risky thing to try and prove.
  • Running is probably the best option. If we trust Anderson for nothing else, let's trust him on what he said about the Beast: run and don't look back.
  • This hotel is psychoreactive! Fear will only make things worse. Nan should stand her ground and face the Beast calmly. Worst case scenario we die, and if we know anything about this quest it's that death is not the end.
  • "That's how he can live in the dark. He doesn't fear death. He is free in the darkness. He is not afraid.
    Little by little, just letting it become a part of himself."
    We'll be safe if we keep running, but we'll also lose ourselves in the process.
  • Father may be right. But if we do confront with diplomacy, we should ready ourselves for a retreat just in case it responses aggressively
    Bless you, Father.
  • Father may be right. But if we do confront with diplomacy, we should ready ourselves for a retreat just in case it responses aggressively
    Bless you, Father.
  • I have strong doubts that the beast is sapient. We should run and maybe try to find a different entrance to the Motel or any other building we might see.
  • Even jumping through a window would be a good idea right now.
  • Avoid the giant creature that may or may not be made of the burnt bodies of the people killed during the Mission fire. Poetry or none we need to assume that in terms of threats The Beast is a bit bigger threat-wise than Henry.
  • You might not be awake right now. Perhaps you should reassure your own identity and how you got here.
  • Well, if you're going for a plan that might work, I suggest using the courtyard to your advantage. I'm assuming the courtyard has four walls, like a typical yard. What you should do is run away from the beast, toward your left, seeing as the beast is toward your right. Before running, aim for one of the church bells using either your magnifying glass or a stone you can pick up in the yard.
    I only suggest the glass b/c its in your possession, the beast is closing in, and you have no time to spare. After hitting the bell, the beast will hopefully be distracted long enough for you to enter a doorway or window along your left side. If not, run along the wall till you find an escape.
    Past that, if the beast gets too close, hit the beast with the thick journal. And use THAT moment to escape further.
  • Those twin moons actually look like Kim's glasses, if she were looking down at Nan from above.