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The air is filled with ash and hot embers. Smoke rises in thick plumes.

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Nan has entered the TERRA COTTA COURTYARD.

  • Cover your mouth! You don't want to breath in too much of that if you can help it!
    Look for the chapel's entrance.
  • Good idea. Ask Santiago to do the same. Also, ask him to watch your blind spot. You don't want to be surprised here.
  • Cut to the chase and make your way into the chapel?
  • HYPE
    You should probably go into the chapel, it's probably locked but it's a good start.
  • check inventory
  • grab Santiago by the shoulders and deliver a rousing speech. Kiss him.
    I mean if we're in the final chapter we gotta kiss somebody and Henry's been eliminated from the pool and Lorenzo's a dirty-ass hundred year old.

The mission is ablaze. The courtyard is catching fire.

Nan heads with Santiago towards the CHAPEL, to gain entry before the fire consumes the heavy double doors.

  • Knock first before entering. It's only polite.
  • Book it! We've got... something... to do, and probably not much time to do it.
  • Both of you rush to the doors, and put your back into getting them open! They're heavy, y'know?
    Wait do we actually know if the sacrifice took place in the chapel or was that just where the congregation was burnt
  • Cover your mouth as to deter smoke inhalation and carefully make your way into the chapel!
  • Can you feel the heat from the fire? It is someone else's memory, after all.
  • Keep an eye on Santiago.
  • Can you get in through another entrance? Like a window or something? iirc, they barred the doors.

Nan reaches the doors to the Chapel. Thick flakes of ash fill the air. A sickening smell comes from the great entrance.

  • There's going to be charred corpses in there, I expect. Prepare yourself for the sight.
  • Try to open the doors carefully. The rings might be hot from the fire and you don't know what's going on inside right now. (though, yeah, it's probably lots of dead people)
  • Open the doors.
  • Careful, doorknob will be burning hot.
  • Yep.
    Or, at worst case, people still alive.
    Prepare your "I can't handle the gravity of this situation" face just in case.
  • Watch out for the sudden rush of air you'll cause when the doors open! Stick close to the sides of the doorway.
  • Ask Santiago if it's going to be alright.
  • Well, we're at ground zero Nan, time to gun it to the father and end this.
  • Doorknobs are for cowards! Open that door with a good, strong kick.
  • I hate to be a wuss, but let's reconsider that. Nan probably cannot kick down a heavy wooden door, let alone one that is probably close to igniting. If she attempts it, she could wound her foot, and speed is of the essence here. Lastly, she could lose her balance, which would not be a good idea if the Padre is already possessed. (which is likely, things are on fire and there's a "sickening smell")
  • Remember, you need to take out Padre before the enemy fully possesses him. Make sure that YOU'RE the one to do it.
    Focus on the task. Do not look away, and leverage your experiences in the hotel against anything the enemy might do to stall you.
    Good luck.
  • Well if the mission is burning already then the Padrening is on, haul ass nan !
  • Ask Santiago if he's got any suggestions. How much does he know about the layout? Anything?
  • Kicking the door open might startle - and distract - Lorenzo, if the Padre execution already started. Test to see if you can push the doors open first before doing anything else. If they can be opened, push.
  • SHIT IT'S HAPPENING. Damn I still gotta catch up!
  • Use the pendant.
  • Yes do all that, but get the lead out, girl. You guys are running on a time limit here.
  • Door is barred. Circle around and bust in through a window, preferably closer to the altar so you don't have to wade through as many semi-incinerated parishioners.
  • I just double-checked. The doors were said to be "closed", not barred. That said, the doors also have the symbol that is anathema to the monster. Opening the doors might screw things up, I'm not sure it's a good idea. If there's another way in we should take it, but otherwise we should just make sure to close the door behind us.
  • The handles are on the outside, which means the double doors have to be pulled, not pushed (kicked open).
    I guess this is the situation where Pablo would apply his manly physique haha.
    Wrap your hand in some cloth and give the door a tug. Does it move at all?
  • Check the door. If it's unlocked, sneak inside. If locked, find a different way inside.
  • Get in there
  • Look at Santiago. Ask him if we're really going to survive this.
  • WAIT. Feel the door and check if it's hot. Logically, if the fire was set INSIDE the Chapel to burn the attendees to ashes, the fire could still be raging just on the other side. How else would it have spread to the rest of the mission. Also is that symbol on the doors drawn in ash? I think we should check to see if it is.
  • Check inventory.
    Did anything appear to help you safely open the doors?
  • pull your shirt over your mouth, kick open door, look badass while doing it
  • Yep, here comes rotting burning corpses / rotting burning zombies / rotting burning AND screaming people. Prepare yourself, ready anything you have that can be used as a weapon, and open the door. Try and sneak in -or- just knock that fucker down and kill everything in your path. Your choice.
  • Wait shit but actually.
    Yea, no, I didn't think this through. This is kind of an obvious trap. Ready weapon, search for alternative entrance.
  • I don't know how fast everything is going for Nan, but can you check to see IF there is an alternative entrance? Like a second floor window? Like, use that bench I see next to the entrance as a makeshift staircase to the second floor roofing and enter the church like Solid Snake? If its made of wood, and with two people lifting it, should be easy to tilt? Or is too hot for any commands right now
  • too soon
  • let out a primal scream of rage and beat the door down then stop the ritual, screaming the whole time
    beat the padre until your knuckles are bloody and his body is dust
  • Are there any other possible entrances?
  • You have no power here.We are booker dewitt. Or at least elizabeth.
    Watch out for explosive what-ever-its-called-when-you-open-a-window-in-a-burnning-house-and-it-explodes.
  • Open the door and prepare for what's to come
    I'm just saying, the door is likely barred and tough to open, not to mention burning. And then there is a burning congregation to fight trough to get to the front, where the sacrifice is happening.
  • Duck and Roll to dodge the backdraft
  • Not to mention the BIG ASS 'X' WRITTEN IN ASH THAT WOULD BE BROKEN IF WE OPENED THE DOORS. That just screams trap. Come on now. Find an alternative entrance.
  • No, Punch through that weak shit door and release your inner Space Marine....FOR THE EMPEROR!
  • Ask Santiago is he thinks it's safe to bust through the door. You want to be at the best health you can be before you face Padre.
  • Be prepared for people burning inside he church. It will be a gruesome sight to see.
  • Nan's had worse.
  • We're definitely going the right way. X marks the spot me buckos!
  • your health bar is going down every few seconds, take a cool drink to up your heat resistance.
    Watch out for things that are really hot and are going to burn your hands. If you can avoid it, don't touch metallic objects.
  • We must acquire a cross pendant-dagger and mount the evil. I need this to happen.

Nan asks Santiago if he thinks they're going to survive this. "I wouldn't hold my breath, personally."

She carefully places the back of her hand to the heavy wooden door, then to the metal braces on its edge. It's cold to the touch.

"...But I might as well put up a fight."

  • No backdraft risk. Well, go in, since it appears we aren't going to be looking for an alternate entrance.