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Ruby Quest Collection

In the misty past of Decmber 2008, on /tg/, a drawfriend named "Weaver" offered to run an adventure RPG. All of Anonymous could make suggestions on what action to take next, and he would draw the results. It's true he cherry-picked the answers, but it's also true that the momentum of the mob derailed his anticipated plot, which changed the climax and denoument that the author expected to have.

The main character's name is quickly established to be Ruby and the story in it's entirety was called Ruby Quest. It was so successful that it spawned a new genre of collaborative storytelling. It inspired plenty of crap, and many drawfriend wanna-bes forcing attempts at being the next big thing, but some cream has risen to the top to become Dorf Quest ("dwarf quest"), Maid Quest. (update: Ruby Quest makes a reference to Andrew Hussie's Problem Sleuth, so maybe that and Hussie's Jailbreak are the progenitors of this genre.)

Below are some flash cartoons that tell the Ruby Quest story, made by TekStation, collecting the story from the multiple forum threads where they appear, with some of the shout-outs from the crowd suggestions.

The author, Weaver, has a Patreon where you can be a sponsor, and a blog on tumblr. Weaver has completed another story named Nan Quest that is no less epic.

Ruby Quest; the episodes

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