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Welcome to the Space Federation enlistment office.

Please choose a career path. You'll need to put the designation in your name when you post. Your ship, the U.S.F. /tg/, will depart soon.

For this quest you'll need something to draw with ; Paint, Gimp, Photoshop, anything. Do you need to know how to draw? Absolutely not.

[use left-right cursor keys to turn pages,

or click on the arrows at the top and bottom of each page. Spacebar to toggle audience suggestions.]


Your mission consists of delivering these secret plans to the planet GOAL.

You'll encounter two enemy factions along the way:

The Space Prussian Empire are at war with us. Their ships are not particularly strong, but they have a strong presence in their systems and numerous patrols.

The Space Warrior Babes have less spaceships, but punishing laser cannons. They are also at war with us. Please vote for which path you'll first take : Star A or B.

  • I vote for plan B, as Captain Captain I've developed what some FOOLS might call a ridiculous distrust of the Prussians.
    But I KNOW they can read steal your soul, I just know it
  • Aye, Captain Captain, those Prussians can be a devious lot. Give me a fight with Space Warrior Babes any day.
  • Hm, I will give this a try.

    I'm with you Captain, Plan B. A better fight will make us stronger.
  • Me too, Captain. I ain't never met a Space Babe before.
  • ... put the name in the wrong place.

Seems like we'll go to Space Babe territory.

I'll wait a bit until more people come in then we'll start.

  • ? Warming myself up for some captainsmanship