Mozai :: Writings :: Rock and Rule transcript


ROCK and RULE: A Nelvana production
(transcribed by Moses Moore, moc.iazom@sesom)
(aided by Brian O'connel,
(credit to Adam Brooks for identifying Omar's Canadian voice)
(big thanks to ranxerox for helping me with the Canadian edit)

2005-06-13: If you're here, then you must be a fan of the movie. You shoul dknow that Unearthed Films has finally published the DVD of this movie! Spring for the "collector's edition," as it has both American and Canadian edits included.

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SCENE: Title credits. Storm clouds obscuring vision with occasional flashes of lightning. Red text, with a screen for each line.
Dratsco presents
a Nelvana production
with songs by
Cheap Trick
Debbie Harry
Lou Reed
with Iggy Pop
and a special performance by Earth, Wind & Fire
featuring the voices of Paul LeMat / Susan Roman / Don Francks

SCENE: blue scrolling text
NARRATOR: The War was over... The only survivors were street animals: dogs, cats and rats. From them, a new race of mutants evolved. That was a long time ago.
NARRATOR: Another time another place.
NARRATOR: Mok, a legendary superrocker, has retired to Ohmtown a remote storm ravaged village famous for it's unique powerplant. It is here that he lays his plans for his comeback -- a great and final performance that will secure his immortality. High in the hills above Ohmtown, Mok's computers work at deciphering an ancient satanic code which could unlock a doorway between his world and a darker dimension, while
There his computers work at deciphering an ancient code which would unlock a doorway between this world and another dimension Obsessed with his dark experiment,
Mok himself searches or the last crucial component -- a very special voice.

SCENE: Lightning strikes a rod, the voltage runs down, through a coil into the power plant. The power plant resembles one of the old Wurlitzer jukeboxes. Pan across a forest, to Mok's mansion.


SCENE: Inside. Luggage can be seen, always with a stylized M (a goat's head figure, or a flame?) on them. The Schlepper brothers can be heard but not seen, except Toad's shadow.
SLEAZY: Whew, home at last. We've seen every new singer in the whole country.
ZIP: Hey, did the boss find the voice for his new act?
TOAD: Nah, and he ain't gonna, cause there's no place left to look.
MOK: Toad?
TOAD Yeah?
MOK: One more show, in town.
TOAD: But boss --
MOK: Now!
TOAD: I'll get the car.


SCENE: A wall of the mansion slides up, some masonry sinks, and Mok's hoverlimo pulls out into the city. Overhead shots of the city during this scene
MOK: Computer, report.
CPU: Your record sales are dropping. A confidential analysis shows a downward trend in popularity --
MOK: Enough!
CPU: that could result --
MOK: Stop!
(car screeches to a halt. Toad is seen, grimacing.)
MOK: Not you stupid, drive on.

SCENE: Interior of the limo. Mok's silhouette is visible, as he lights a cigarette.
MOK: Downward trend in popularity. Hmph. Computer, report on our ...project.
CPU: Progress on this project unchanged.
MOK: Show me the Armageddon Key.


SCENE: a hologram projects an incomplete moebius strip in front of Mok's shadowed face. We can see his eyes widen with interest.
MOK: Have you finished decoding it?
CPU: Decoding not yet complete Mok.
MOK: I see. (strip fades)
CPU: Most recent calculations show you will still need a living voice The vibrations of this voice will create the doorway through which the being will enter this dimension.
MOK: Hmph.
CPU: The ring I designed will identify the exact voice frequency you will require.
MOK: Yes yes, thank you. (shuts off computer)
CPU: You're welcome Mok.
MOK: That one voice will bring me a powerful being from another dimension. A scientific breakthrough for me; an unforgettable magic show for the masses.

SCENE: the limo pulls up in front of Mylar's. A sign flashes in neon: "Talent Night." Camera pans through the ground to a door crudely marked "Dressing Room."


SCENE: In the 'dressing room', it's full of junk. Omar is fooling around with his guitar, facing away from Angel, singing nonsense. until "...yeah".
ANGEL: So whaddya say? Nothing... That's what I thought you'd say.
ANGEL: You really have a way with words Omar.
OMAR: Hey, I'm rehearsing.
ANGEL: So we play one song. One of your songs, of course.
OMAR: So? Of course.
ANGEL: So if we did two songs, one could be mine. (gets really close, bends over forward for him. Omar stops playing)
OMAR: ...yeah, okay.
ANGEL: Omar,
OMAR: yeah Angel?
ANGEL: I'm gonna trust you.
OMAR: Yeah, you trust everybody.
(OMAR plays a 'dum, da dum dum dah' ANGEL sticks her tongue out at him behind his back.)

SCENE: the hallway outside the 'dressing room'
OMAR: Where's Dizzy and Stretch?

SCENE: computer graphics, blasts, zooming things.
GAME: You cannot defend your planet alone. Prepare to die Space Cadet.


SCENE: Stretch is playing a video game, holograms flying. Dizzy's waiting
DIZZY: C'mon Stretch, We're on in five.
STRETCH: (doesn't even look at Dizzy) No, nyet! Not yet Diz. I gotta unwind! Look out! (dodges a hologram )
GAME: You've got company at twelve o'clock.
STRETCH: But the house is such a mess!
DIZZY: (looks at watch) Stretch...
GAME: Look out! Go away, Fatso.
STRETCH: (giggles, laughs, cries) I'm a goner! Oh no, magnetic forces slowing down my brain... (slows down) helpen dere...
DIZZY: (waving the game's plug in his hand.)
GAME: (slowing down to a halt) No Replay.
GAME: (slowing down) You lose, cowboy.
OMAR: C'mon superstars, we've got a song to get off.
ANGEL: Two songs.
OMAR: yeah yeah yeah.
DIZZY: C'mon Stretch, snap out of it.
STRETCH: Okay, but I'm still not relaxed.
DIZZY: You'll be okay, you're just nervous. Take a deep breath.
STRETCH: (takes a deep one, falls over and starts snoring) Hey, it worked! I'm not nervous, I'm scared.

SCENE: the stage area of Mylar's. Four clones with guitars are walking off.
MYLAR: Fabuloso! Thanks guys, I too love the sound of cats in boiling water. heh heh heh. Okay, now, join me Mylar (sparkle in teeth) in welcoming tonight's last act!(sparkle)


SCENE: The band's playing, Omar looks fierce on lead guitar, Stretch plays bass looking goofy, Dizzy on drums and Angel on keyboards are serious.
OMAR: Don't need you, I don't live in this town /
Don't trust you, don't want you standing around /
Can't stand you, ain't gonna stick around /
I wasn't born for loving (I was born to raise Hell)/
I wasn't born for loving (I was born to raise Hell)/
I hate you, and I hate this town /
I mean you, and this pitiful town, /
I mean you, you just make me laugh /
I wasn't born for loving (I was born to raise hell)/
I wasn't born for loving (I was born to raise hell)/
I hate you do you like me? (No!)/
You like our music don'tcha? (No!)/
It's such a pity you want me to go (Go!) /
(Omar, after a backflip, throws his guitar at Angel so he can sing to a teenybopper drinking soda in the audience)
You're so pretty, you're so pretty /
You're so fair, love your hair (ha ha ha) /
You're so pretty, you're so pretty /
Love your makeup, love your nose /
Love your eyes /
Love your clothes /
(he gets the guitar back, just in time for...)
I hate you, and I hate this town /
I mean you --

SCENE: at this point, Mylar's had enough. He gives the thumbs down, his lackey gleefully cuts the power.
OMAR: ...? don't need you, I don't live in this town, don't trust you --- (curtain)


SCENE: onstage
ANGEL: Someone cut the power?
DIZZY: What happened?
ANGEL: We didn't even finish!
MYLAR: Give me just one good reason why you guys should finish.
OMAR: How about this? (menacing pose)
OMAR: I'll break your gwarug gurrrr grrrrr...
MYLAR: Okay, that's one good reason.
OMAR: Chop chop, same song.
ANGEL: Omar, _my_ song!
MYLAR: (on mike, sarcastic) And now, back by popular demand, tonight's last act.


SCENE: Onstage, back at the beginning of the first song, but only Omar is playing. Dizzy and Stretch are looking from Angel to Omar, unsure. Angel puts on a keyboard, then plays a powerful chord that stops Omar. Dizzy and Stretch follow her lead.
ANGEL: Oh what will the signal be /
For your eyes to see me /
(looks at Omar, who's still enraged)
Watching outside as I wait, just in case you need me /
(Omar has already walked offstage, and out the door)
(Angel sings on, despite being hurt)
So I still will set the stage, send my thoughts to you /
I'm receiving every wave, this song sends love through

SCENE: Mylar is bored. The lackey gets his attention, whispers something. Mylar's eyes go wide, and he climbs over the lackey to see that Mok has taken a seat at the back. Toad stands guard, Mok's still hidden by shadow.


SCENE: Mok's POV, Looking at the stage. Mylar moves right in the way.
MYLAR: Mok, right? I'm one of your biggest fans! Welcome to Mylar's (sparkle) The launching pad, or the stars(sparkle)!
TOAD: (grabs Mylar by the back of the neck, and gets him out of view)
MYLAR: Easy on the polyesters, guy!
ANGEL: Oh what will the signal be /
For your eyes to see me /
Watching outside as I wait /
Just in case you need me
MYLAR: (talking over her singing) So uh, what's going down, I mean this wouldn't have anything to do with your world-wide talent search, would it? (no response) Okay okay, so it's hush hush, I don't know anything, except I might just have a band that could make us both a bundle. ...a tidy sum? (Toad reaction shot: ?) ...a couple of bucks? (Toad: rolls his eyes) Heeey! I didn't say it was _this_ band, did I?
ANGEL: Now I have revealed exactly why I'm here, /
I'll be your angel if you want to see /
how perfect sharing love with an angel can be.

SCENE: As Angel sings some non verbal tones, Mok's rings flashes. He brings it up, so it twinkles in the camera, and in his eyes. He claps, slowly. Mylar is stunned.
MYLAR: Like I said, this band's on it's way to fame and fortune. (Looks over to Mok, but he and Toad have already left.)


SCENE: crappy backstage at Mylar's. Mylar kicks a door open with his foot, into the room where Stretch and Dizzy are.
MYLAR: I loved it! And so did a warm personal and influential friend of mine. The only Ohmtown rocker to have a record go gold, platinum and plutonium in one day!
STRETCH: Um, um... Don't tell me... um, who?
MYLAR: Mok, the Magic Man!
STRETCH: Mok? Don't let him get us! He'll put a heck on me!
DIZZY: Hex, Stretch, hex.
STRETCH: Ooo, two of them, that's even worse! (uses drumsticks to form a cross)
MYLAR: Hey guys, I'm gonna work up your promo, so uh which one's your lead singer?
DIZZY: Omar.
STRETCH: Angel. (double take)
DIZZY: Angel.
MYLAR: A duo? (rolls eyes) Fabuloso!

SCENE: Omar is in the back alley. He heard it all.
MYLAR: Old fashioned but new! I love it!

SCENE: Pan over Ohmtown, see a burger joint,streets, alleys, and an ominous shadow of a hovercar. Stretch's car is visible down one of the alleys, with the boys in it.
OMAR: Where'd Angel go?
DIZZY: I dunno. She left. So, uh, listen Omar, have you ever thought about, well, about singing with Angel?
STRETCH: Yeah Omar. You know, two lungs are better than one, right? (barely audible: Well I said four lungs, Diz.)

SCENE: The ominous hovercar is following Stretch's car down the streets. We only see it's shadow.

SCENE: Storefronts. Boys talk as they drive past a bag lady. When the shadow of the ominous car passes the Bag Lady, she gasps and hides.
DIZZY: We were talking to Mr. Mylar, and he wanted to know who our lead singer was --
DIZZY: You see Omar, Mr. Mylar was a little confused about who our lead singer is --
STRETCH: Yeah, and Dizzy said it was you _and_ Angel.
DIZZY: Thanks, Stretch.
OMAR: Okay, okay, I'm getting the idea. I may be stubborn but I'm not stupid.

SCENE: More over the city shots, then The car pulls to a stoplight, in front of a hologram ad for Mok's new album. "Coming Soon from Mok. Rock and Rule is here to Slay!"
DIZZY: Come on, Omar, I bet if you and Angel ever got together, someday we could be as big as Mok.
OMAR: Screw Mok.
STRETCH: Ooo! Omar, don't talk like that! Mok is everywhere! M-M-Mok knows everything!

SCENE: Stretch looks in the rearview mirror, sees the ominous car, which accelerates.
STRETCH: It's Mok! Huh? (car passes; it's a cop car)
STRETCH: No, it's not, Jeez, it's only officer Quadhole. Crazy cop.

SCENE: Dizzy turns to keep talking, but Omar already left the car, and walks away.
OMAR: Hey you guys, you were great tonight. See ya later.
OMAR: See you guys later.


SCENE: Ohmtown Fountain. A statue of a greek god of electrical power. Angel is sitting alone at the base, looking depressed. Pan over to see Omar, watching her. Angel notices.
ANGEL: You've already screwed things up for one night. I trusted you , you jerk! --
OMAR: Nice talk. I came to tell you Yeah yeah, butYou were good!
ANGEL: ...
OMAR: You were good!
ANGEL: So why'd you walk?
OMAR: ...
OMAR: Sometimes I walk, sometimes I talk. I'm talking now.
ANGEL: (knowing smile)
OMAR: Hey you know, everything got a little weird.
ANGEL: Yeah, I know what you mean.
OMAR: I don't know Angel. I guess I just want it all, now.
ANGEL: I want everything too, Omar. It takes time.


SCENE: The two of them get close, and start walking away from the park, walking arm in arm. When they stop to kiss, the view is obscured by a tinted window coming up. In the reflection of the window we can see Mok's shadowed face. The limo drives off.

SCENE: the local makeout point, "Thunder Row," with a view of the power plant. It's raining. A hover car creaks up and down, the camera pans right to a car that's up on blocks. Inside the clunker is the shadow for two heads. We can hear Sleazy calling out "Miss Angel" over and over until he appears.
ANGEL: It's almost morning.
OMAR: So? You goin' anywheresomewhere?
ANGEL: No, I've got everything I need, right here. (heads sink down)


SCENE: Angel's bare foot reaches up in the air. The upholstery rips as Sleazy tears it open. We can see Omar and Angel making out.
SLEAZY: (sniffs Angel's foot) Miss Angel?
OMAR: Hey you sleazy pervo, I'm gonna mrrph mrrm murph
(Sleazy covers his face in one big hand.)
SLEAZY: A message for Miss Angel. (hands a card to her)
ANGEL: Omar, forget him, look at this.

SCENE: a view of Mok's invitation, which reads in glowing letters on black: "Won't you come up for a spell? Tomorrow night. Mok"
OMAR: Won't you come up for a spell? Cute. Forget it.
ANGEL: Come on O, he wants to talk to us. It could be big fun. (She jumps on Omar, pushing him below the camera)

SCENE: The band is in Stretch's car, as they drive out of the city. A sign reads "One way only - and this ain't it. No doing anything on bridge"
ANGEL: I thought you weren't coming up to Mok's, Omar.
OMAR: Yeah? Well I changed my mind.
OMAR: "Mok, the magic man." Big joke!
ANGEL: Omar, you haven't even met the guy.
Unbelievable! He's all a magic act; video tricks. It's a scam. He's got nothing to say, trust me.
(background music: Some strange revamp of Angel's song.)


SCENE: out front of Mok's mansion.
OMAR: Welcome to the modest house of Mok!
ANGEL: Omar, you haven't even met the guy.
OMAR: Don't have to, I've seen his magic act.
DIZZY: If I didn't know you better, Omar, I'd say you were jealous.
OMAR: Get serious.
ANGEL: I guess you're not coming in?
OMAR: I guess you're right.
ANGEL: Shoot yourself. (she really does say 'shoot', in both versions)

SCENE: Three approaching the door. It has the stylized M seen before on the luggage in the first scene.
DIZZY: How do you get in?
STRETCH: M-m-m-maybe you gotta sacrifice a goat or something.

SCENE: The door rolls up. We see rollerskates, legs, a huge body of an imposing form, tuxedo and ..and the grim butler leans forward... to break into a few-toothed smile. It's Zip.
ZIP: Yeah?
ANGEL: W-we're here t-to see Mok --
OMAR: (jumps into view) Mok! Great to see ya!


SCENE: Moving into Mok's opulent mansion, as the band follows Omar in.
ZIP: he heh, but eh
OMAR: Nice place you got here, Mok. Kinda cozy.
ZIP: Ah thanks uh, but --
OMAR: Mok, baby, Hey Mok let's talk some vinyl, what's the deal?
ZIP: (rollerskating in front of Omar) Eh, listen, you got it all wrong, I'm not (bumps into Sleazy) oof!
OMAR: Oh, hi! You must be Mok's brother.
SLEAZY: No, but uh --
OMAR: No? But you look so much alike.
ZIP: Duh, well uh we are brothers, but uh --
OMAR: Like I said, let's bottom line it Mok!
ZIP: (frustrated, his mouth is bigger than Omar's head) I'M NOT MOK !!!
OMAR: You're not?
ZIP: No.
OMAR: Sorry. (to Sleazy) Mok! Great to see ya!
SLEAZY: Did you tell him I was Mok? (pokes Zip)
ZIP: No.
SLEAZY: (poking Zip again) Then why does he keep calling me Mok?
ZIP: (poking Sleazy) Are you calling me a liar?
SLEAZY: No, (slugs Zip) but he keeps calling me Mok.
OMAR: (rolls eyes)
ZIP: You are calling me a liar. (pulls Sleazy's tongue out of his jaw)
SLEAZY: I am not.
OMAR: That's it, party's over. Let's blow.
ANGEL: (cuffs Omar) Slow down Omar, now let's give it a chance --
OMAR: Come on, it's a waste of time to creep around this depravo's mansion escorted by two of mother nature's finest freaks.
TOAD: (comes out of the shadows, right in front of Omar) Three.
OMAR: Huh?
TOAD: Three!
OMAR: This one talks in numbers.
TOAD: (keeps a lid on it) Words to the wise, guy. Be nice, or be dog food. Follow? (he leads deeper into the mansion)

SCENE: Mok's parlour. A circular couch surrounds a holoprojector.
TOAD: Make yourselves at home (Omar jumps onto the couch, gets caught by Toad)
TOAD: Except you.
OMAR: It was the freak reference, wasn't it?
TOAD: You gonna apologize, rude boy?
OMAR: I'm sorry, dogbreath dicknose!
TOAD: Why you --


SCENE: Toad is interrupted from mangling Omar as the holoprojector comes to life. Omar is dropped on the couch, surprised. Toad puts on his sunglasses. As the band watches, an image starts to form. First a silhouette, then bones, followed by muscle tissue, blood and clothes. Mok appears very relaxed, with a beer bottle balanced on one finger.
MOK: Anyone want a beer?
OMAR: (looks bored)
MOK: I'm Mok.
DIZZY & STRETCH: (scared) Hi.
ZIP: (still fighting) Am Not!
ZIP: Am so!
MOK: ahem!
SLEAZY: Am not! (Zip smacks him with a skate) ooo!
MOK: Allow me to introduce the Rollerskating Schlepper Brothers: Toad, Sleazy and Zip. Mes assistants stupide.
ZIP: I just love it when he talks French (gets elbowed) ooof!
MOK: Ah, sweet Angel. (takes her hand) You look even more beautiful in person, than onstage. (kisses her hand)
OMAR: Better get some antiseptic on that before it festers.
ANGEL: Well, uh, that's Omar our lead singer and uh --
MOK: Enough about them, let's talk about you. What did you think of my last album?
ANGEL: I loved it!
OMAR: I bought it too. My gerbil uses it for a room divider.
MOK: (laughs a little, then more, then a lot in a very sinister way) But where's our hospitality? Boys! (utterly cool finger snap) Bring on the Edison Balls. Oh, I'm sure you're into reaching new levels of consciousness, aren't you?
OMAR: Yeah, we're into that kinda stuff. It's all we ever do.
MOK: Excellent. Then I've got something you boys will really enjoy.
TOAD: (skates up wearing gloves, as an Edison Ball floats in his palm)
MOK: (to Angel, taking her away) Shall we take a stroll in the garden, my dear?
TOAD: Here, wiseguy.
OMAR: (catches the Edison ball as it turns on. Very quickly his face becomes happy, then relaxed, then happy, then stupidly happy.)
STRETCH: Ooo. (Sees as Omar's pupils have dilated hugely and sparkle) Uh, not for me, I've had one today, and uh --
SLEAZY: Catch!
STRETCH: Ooo! Ooo, ooo, ooo... (stoned)
SLEAZY: Where's the fat one?
DIZZY: (already sneaking away) Fat one? Hmph. I don't like this. Angel? ...Angel?


SCENE: Mok's garden. Birds, fountain, bridge, exotic plants, etc.
ANGEL: What a garden. What a house! So, uh, how many rooms you crammed into here?
MOK: (laughter) Oh Angel, success does have it's rewards, Angel. However, such trophies are minor compared to what I really want (hits a hidden button)

SCENE: Effects control room. Toad and Zip are operating.
TOAD: Okay on number three; fade up on the girl.
MOK: (seen in monitor screen) An audience which can accept and understand the power of magic.

SCENE: Mok's garden.
MOK: My magic. Is that too much to ask? (fades out)
ANGEL: No, but -- (surprise )
MOK: Apparently, it is. (fades in) You must remember that my last concert was not entirely sold out.
ANGEL: So? It was still great. I was there!
MOK: (fades in on the bridge) Don't toy with me, Angel. I'll show them power. I can do it! With you, Angel, and your voice.


SCENE: Mok's vanished again. Angel examines the roses.
ANGEL: What about the rest of the band?
MOK: My contract has room for only one signature: yours.
ANGEL: The group's just starting to come together. I think we've got a pretty good chance of --
MOK: (fades in as a carved mountain range) Vegitating on the Ohmtown circuit for the rest of your life (echo)
ANGEL: Call it what you want! I believe in --
MOK: (as a butterfly on her rose) Miracles? If you think you're going anywhere with the Omars of this world...

SCENE: The garden vanishes in the illusion of an abyss.
MOK: Open your eyes! Accept my offer.
ANGEL: No Mok. I couldn't leave them for anything.
MOK: I didn't offer you anything; I offer you everything!
MOK: (vanishes) Too bad. But we all have our illusions, far be it for me to take away yours.


SCENE: The illusions contract to a single rose. Angel approaches it.

SCENE: Effects control room.
SLEAZY: Hey, she's picking it up.
ZIP: Yeah, the boss was right.
TOAD: (enters) Come on, Come on, the boss it waiting!
MOK: Toad. (seen in a monitor, makes a kill handsign)
TOAD: ( gleefully stabs at a button.)

SCENE: Angel's flower explodes into worms that engulf the camera. She screams.


SCENE: Mok stands over Angel (her hair is brown?) as gas escapes from the flower.
MOK: You will bring me my demon, Angel, whether you like it or not. (another cool finger snap) Show her friends to the door.

SCENE: Mansion transforming sequence. Mok leaves the garden as Toad carries Angel. Some buttons are pressed, and Sleazy rips off his tux shirt so he can pull a stiff lever down. Shots of parts of the mansion sliding away, readouts increasing, air bladders inflating. Mok walks into his throne room and waits.

SCENE: somewhere in Mok's mansion.
DIZZY: Angel? Angel? We have to go. (Zip's shadow) Oh no.
ZIP: I spy with my little eye something that begins with... (Dizzy's stomach sticks out from his hiding place. He tries to suck it in) ... Fat!
DIZZY: I was looking for you. What's going on? I demand an answer!
ZIP: (grabs Dizzy) Hey you know, you're a pretty nosy guy.
DIZZY: Violence is not the answer to anything. (gets sacked on ZIP's shoulder) Can't we discuss this like civilized human beings?
ZIP: Nope, I don't think so.


SCENE: Mok's parlour.
TOAD: Look Sleazy. These ones is still watching old holograms I think their brains have seized up!
HOLOGRAM: Triumph! /
Triumph of the glory /
Triumph of the glory of me /
Triumph (Triumph!) /
Triumph of the glory /
Triumph (Triumph!) /
Triumph of the glory /
To the power and the glory that is me /
Triumph (Triumph!) /
Triumph of the glory /
Triumph of the glory of me /
Triumph (Triumph!) /
Triumph of the glory /
Triumph of the glory of me /
Triumph (Triumph!) /
Triumph of the glory /
Triumph of the power of me /
Triumph (Triumph!) /
Triumph of the glory /
To the power and the glory of me /
Triumph (Triumph!) /
Triumph of the power and glory of me /
Triumph! (Triumph!) /
Triumph! (Triumph!) /

SCENE: The hologram ends, stylized numbers tick down, Omar and Stretch are still mesmerized by the empty space.
SLEAZY: Aww, lookit Toad, now they're sleeping like little babies.
TOAD: Everyone outta the pool!
SLEAZY: But Toad, they can't walk in this condition.
TOAD: Yeah, you're right Sleazy. I think they better drive.

SCENE: Mok exits the garden, while Toad carries Stretch out. Mok takes a seat in his throne, with huge windows behind him. Sleazy rips off the tuxedo to reveal the lightning bolt tee-shirt. He pulls a lever which opens the mansion's roof where a balloon with spines extends out. The balloon inflates.
COMPUTER: Operation sequence has begun. Transfer sequence commencing. Marginal something initiated. Pressure 2.4 and rising. Pressure 6.5 and rising. Power to all systems. Pressure 8.0 and rising. All systems go.

SCENE: Zip is carrying Dizzy through the mansion.
DIZZY: Excuse me, but could you put me down? Hello? Hello? (knocks on Zip's skull. A hollow sound) Is anyone in there? (smacks head on door) Ouch! Oh, so you wanna play rough eh? That's what I was afraid of. These hands are lethal weapons.


SCENE: Outside the Mansion. Stretch's car is here, and so is Toad.
DIZZY: I could paralyze you.
ZIP: Oh no you couldn't. Remember, violence is not the answer to anything. Heh heh heh hehe. (dumps Dizzy in the car) Hey Toad, this one's got lethal weapons.
TOAD: Whoa! Keep him away from me! (laughter)
DIZZY: You skinheads don't scare me (looks behind him) Omar! Stretch! Where's Angel? What have you done with her?
TOAD: We didn't do nuthin'. She's goin to Nuke York with Mok.
DIZZY: (looks at the incomplete balloon, doesn't know what to make of it) She what?
ZIP: She's gonna be a big star. Mok's gonna make her a big star!
TOAD: She was, uh, overwhelmed. (laughter)
ZIP: (laughter) Yeah, over, over, uh he said.
DIZ: Wait a minute, she wouldn't go anywhere with you guys.
TOAD: I'm bored Zip.
ZIP: yah yah yah, me too.
TOAD: Happy trails, punkeroos! (bumps the car. Toad and Zip go to the mansion)
DIZZY: Hey! You guys can't get away with ...this?

SCENE: The balloon is fully inflated to be Mok's blimp, the goat 'M' sign on the front. The blimp rises, taking most of the mansion with it into the night sky.

SCENE: Diz watches, not noticing that Toad's little bump has started the car rolling.
DIZZY: You guys are totally stoned! Stretch, Stretch, wake up! I can't drive this car! Alright, where are the keys!? Where are the keys!?
DIZZY: Huh? Oh no! Stretch, Stretch, wake up Stretch! (said in an overdubbed voice:) You guys are totally stoned! Hurry, wake up! You gotta drive, I don't know how to drive!

SCENE: city limits. "A megawatt welcome to Ohmtown" reads the sign. A dog sniffs at a fire hydrant, lifts one leg, and gets splashed by the car. The dog, shocked, looks at the hydrant.
DIZZY: Dumb dog!

SCENE: A couple are talking. He pushes up against her to avoid the car, putting his hand on her boob. When he steps back, she hits him.
DIZZY: Look out! Look out!


SCENE: Dizzy has got the wheel from the back seat, steering down the hill. He comes through a tunnel.
DIZZY: Get a grip on yourself Dizzy. Oh oh, we're not going to die. (nearly misses Officer Quadhole, steers off the ramp.) Oh yes we are! (car lands on the next ramp)

SCENE: the car is going down a set of stairs. The Bag Lady shuffles at the bottom.
DIZZY: Oh no, the bag lady!

SCENE: The Bag Lady crouches, and the world's strongest short order cook opens a door just in time to deflect the car over the bag lady into the Ohmtown Fountain.
BAG LADY: (to the sound of a destroyed car, the Bag Lady looses her bags, her coat, her hat, a wheel rolls in front of her, her scarf, her nylons, her shift, and then her composure. One Bag Lady in underwear later...)


SCENE: Ohmtown Fountain, plus one demolished car. Stretch and Omar are choking.
DIZZY: Here, I'm sorry. (passes the steering wheel to Stretch.)
STRETCH: Oh no! This is my car, my wheels, my Voltage Wagon! (thrashes in the water)
OMAR: Hey, Stretch, dehydrate.
OMAR: Ah! (clutches headache) What's going on? Where's Angel?
DIZZY: Angel's gone, Omar.
OMAR: What?
DIZZY: Look! (points to Mok's blimp) There! Mok's taking her to Nuke York.
(sight of the blimp overhead in front of a lovely green moon)
OMAR: (pretty upset, but holds it together in front of the guys) Well thank you, little Miss Ambition.
OMAR: Well it ain't that easy. She owes me a --
DIZZY: Owes you? Hmm!
DIZZY: I see.
OMAR: I mean _us_ a personal explanation.
DIZZY: Nuke York's only three days away.
STRETCH: Gonna take us six days. We only got half a car left. hee hee hee!
DIZZY: (raises his hand to smack Stretch, but...)


SCENE: Officer Quadhole pulls up, sirens blaring. His door opens up , but he still uses the speakerphone on his car.
QUADHOLE: Okay you punks,
ALL: Freeze.
QUADHOLE: Whaterya doin in a public fountain?
OMAR: We give up Quad, what are we doin in a public fountain?
QUADHOLE: Okay wiseguys, into the car. Now.
QUADHOLE: That's a 4-19, B&F: Bathing Felony. You're lucky I'm not running you in for a 4-31: Improper Swimwear.
STRETCH: (examines his shirt)
DIZZY: Hey, wait! A real crime's been committed! Those goons at Mok's place tried to push the car down the hill --
QUADHOLE: (pulls out notepad) Is this a confession?
QUADHOLE: (puts it away) Then save it for the judge. Let's go.
OMAR: C'mon Dizzy.
DIZZY: But, huh?
OMAR: I'll get the evidence.
QUADHOLE: Oh no (grabs Omar) I'll get the evidence.
OMAR: Nah, I'll get the evidence. No, you get the evidence.
QUADHOLE: No, _I'll_ get it.
OMAR: Nah, --
QUADHOLE: I'll get it! You, (throws Omar on the car) get in the car. (mumbling) Trying to con a law officer... well let me tell you one thing, buddy; that's 6-37, and this time, I've got you red handed.
OMAR: Shit.
QUADHOLE: (picks up the steering wheel with a pencil) Someday you're gonna thank me.
OMAR: You're absolutely right! (sound of the car door closing.)


SCENE: Quadhole's car speeds away
BOYS: Thank You!!!
QUADHOLE: You're welcome.... (rips steering wheel) SLIIIIIIIIME!
(He doesn't get to say the "M" part of "slime".)
(throws down the broken wheel for the first beat of the song)

SCENE: various road tripping scenes. Highways, roads at night, passing cars, trains.
OMAR: Goin down the road, with a friend or two /
Ain't nothing in the world, in the world I can't do /
You thought you seen it all, you ain't seen nothing new /
There ain't nothing in the world, in the world I can't do /
I can read and write, I'm a rock and roller /
And I can't control myself /
Big city, big lights, can see it up ahead /
Noone can stop me, I'm driving ahead /
Make a name for myself, and I'll be number one /
Then I'll turn around, and turn around, and laugh at everyone /
I can read and write, I'm a rock and roller /
And I can't control myself.


SCENE: Sign, "Plastic Valley Roads Authority Light Bridge at end of tunnel."
OMAR: You're not doing too bad, Diz.
DIZZY: It's a lot easier on the open road!
DIZZY: Did I tell you guys I have an aunt in Nuke York?
OMAR: An aunt? I don't believe this.
DIZZY: Well, she's a famous artist, she might be able to help us out.
OMAR: Just get us there, Dizzy.

SCENE: The car floats off the road, over a few ditches, then floats back on the road.
DJ: That's solid gold from K-I-X KIX radio Nuke York, goin' out to the west side gutter gauchos who eat the street by tonight they for here today control the hotest piece of turf in the town. Congratulations to the gauchos!
OMAR: Nuke York's not ready for us !
DIZZY: Just remember Omar, it's Nuke York, not Ohmtown.
DJ: Due to blackout conditions, the city has been closed, repeat, closed to [sorry, still typing]


SCENE: A roadblock at city limits. Officer Wayne stands next to it.
OMAR: Hold on to your privates, generals, we're going through.
DIZZY: (doesn't know how to brake yet. A barrier stops the car)
OFF. WAYNE: Hey buddy, power black out. City's closed. No admittance to unauthorized vehicular traffic.
OMAR: (gets out of car, gets out his papers) Chief Inspector Quaalude, Ohmtown Police, these are scientists, big shots.
OFF. WAYNE: Sorry Inspector, there's trouble inside (take the paper) and it's my job to --
OMAR: (takes paper back) That's great. You're doing a good job. We'll be on our way.
OFF. WAYNE: Thank's anyways, Inspector (takes paper back) I'll just check this... Hey, this is a tuna fishing license!

SCENE: Police barge, with Quadhole's car on top, pulling away.
STRETCH: Hey, great plan, Omar!

SCENE: Montage of Nuke York scenes. Flying cars, and a devastated Lady Liberty, half melted and leaning over. The air is thick and dirty, the buildings are wreckage that nobody destroyed, just built over. A small aircraft is swallowed whole by a huge one marked "NYPD." We See "Radio Active Music Hall / The Greatest Performance in the " something. A neon sign that nobody tore down still says "Radio City". Camera pans up the building above the smoke and highways to the top of the building, where Mok's blimp can be seen.
ANGEL: Just how long does Mok think he can keep me here?
ZIP: Picnic time for little girls...
ANGEL: This is what I think of your picnic.
SLEAZY: Ooo! ( a Mok-shaped mug flies out a window) Okay, that's it, you're gonna stay here for a long time!

SCENE: Inside, Zip and Sleazy are carrying Angel between them.
ANGEL: Keep your flippers off me!
ZIP: Yeah, yeah, maybe even longer! (throws Angel onto a couch)
ANGEL: (at the closing door) Stuff it, pinheads!
CINDY: (off camera) You got it sister!
CINDY: Cinderella knows what you're talking about!


SCENE: One of the air vents in the room. No, wait, the other one. It bursts open, to show a butt wearing panties, rollerskates and a winged heart tatoo... After some effort, the top half of Cindy pops out and she lands bum-first.
CINDY: Sometimes those brothers of mine really burn my buns too (music starts, valley girl) They keep this place locked up tighter than a hummingbird's tweet. By the way doll, who're you? Mok's new ladyfriend?
ANGEL: Mok's new ladyfriend?
CINDY: (music stops)
ANGEL: Yeah, I guess so but, uh, (valley girl) hey, it don't make life any easier.
CINDY: (music starts again) Cinderella knows what you're talking about. They just don't understand us new women. After all, every now and then a girl's gotta get out and dance, catch my drift?
ANGEL: Gotcha, doll. Hey, if you're talking about walking, what's the scoop?
CINDY: No sweat! I just slide down the chute and away I scoot! (lifts the couch, puts it under the airvent) I do it every Saturday night! Let's go!
ANGEL: (steps onto the couch, looks around.)
CINDY: (jumps on one side, rocketing Angel up into the vent. Cindy bounces and follows up.)

SCENE: In the airvents. Black, but we see Angel's and Cindy's faces every so often by the lights from underneath through the vents.
CINDY: I have to be back in bed by twelve o'clock. That's when Toad checks in on me.
ANGEL: Aw, that's too bad toots, but nevermind. With your funk and my spunk, we don't need much time to find some real hot action!
CINDY: Hey, you're a little dated for one of Mok's, you know what I mean?
ANGEL: (uh-oh look)
CINDY: But that's okay. Just keep your lips zipped and stick with Cindy. We're on our way to the Twilight Zone! Y'know, it's just like Toad says: 'There's wackos out there just waiting for a for sweet young things like you.' So let's go for it!

SCENE: Cindy falls down a air chute. Her stupendously huge breasts get caught at the bottom. Angel follows, making some noise.
CINDY: Shhh!


SCENE: Angel crawls over an airvent, and sees Mok at a computer terminal. She stops to eavesdrop.
MOK: I've found the voice. I've got the girl.
CPU: Understood. The Armageddon Key has now been fully decoded. Stand by for data transmission. According to the Key, the girl must sing this progression of musical notes.

SCENE: Here are the notes that the computer displayed. Treble clef: key of C. 4E = quarter note E. 2E2 = half note E above E.
4E 4E2 4B2 4D2 bar 4E 4E2 4A2 4B2 4D2 4B2 bar 4E 4E2 dot 4E2 4E2 bar squiggle 1E2 bar 2E2 4E2 4B2 4G bar 1E end


SCENE: Mok at a computer terminal.
CPU: The vibrations of her voice will create a doorway through which the being will enter this dimension.
MOK: Ah yes. My beast; their nightmare. All mine, for a song! And then, nothing can stop me! (melodramatic pose)
CPU: Tough shape, Mok. You can be stopped.
ANGEL: (even more interest, if it's possible)
CPU: There is a force which can send the being back.
MOK: Send it back? What? Where? Who?
CPU: The being can be sent back by the magic of one voice, one heart, one song.
MOK: Magic? Magic, shmagic! "One voice, one heart, ne song," gibberish, garbage! Who is this person?
CPU: Individual's identity presently unavailable, Mok. Search will start now. Now checking, now checking, now checking (fades under Angel & Cindy's dialogue)
MOK: Grrr. Who can stop me? Is it the girl?Faster!
ANGEL: (gasps, but Cindy covers her mouth)
CINDY: You bumming out on me?
ANGEL: No way.
CINDY: Okay then, let's get out of here before we get caught.
ANGEL: (crawls away from the vent reluctantly, not hearing the next part)
CPU: According to the Key, the being can be sent back by the magic --
MOK: I know, I know, "one voice one heart one song", but _who_ is it?


SCENE: We see the computer. It's a huge mass of brain, hooked up to life support and cybernetics, readouts and such.
CPU: No one. There is no one.
CPU: No one. No one can send it back.

SCENE: Mok at a computer terminal.
MOK: No one? No such person? Then the beast is mine!

SCENE: The display fragments into three faces: "Promotion Dept.", "Legal Dept." and "Accounting Dept."
PROMO: Raising a real demon could be real bad for your image.
ACCTING: Think of the possible damage to sales from famine, pestilence and etcetera.
ALL: We all realize business is a tiny bit off but I mean this is pretty crazy --
MOK: Wars have been started for less! When I want your opinions I'll give them to you.

SCENE: back alley behind Radio City Music Hall
CINDY: (falling out of a pipe, on her butt again) Whoooa-- oof! We're in the clear. Come on doll, let's score a cab!
ANGEL: (shoots out of the pipe) Whoa! Right behind ya ...heh.

SCENE: overhead shots of Nuke York Cars, condemnable skyscrapers.
DJ: (v.o.) It's a sunny 68 out there, somewhere, but in our city it's it's 98 with acid showers, so button up and don't forget your goggles. And you heard it here first: Mok the Magic Man has announced he's coming out of seclusion with a surprise concert at Carnegie Hall! Tickets go on sale at noon for his triumphant Beauty and the Beast concert, 'the show to end all shows.'


SCENE: pan down to a place at street level, where we find "Edith's Tattoo Parlour. We can hear Stretch screaming. As the camera moves in, we see Edith using a laser with relish as it sparks and fritzes to tattoo a mermaid with huge naked breasts.
STRETCH: AHH! OOO! EAAH!! ...oh, I can't look!
EDITH: (to the Sailor she's tattooing) Oh yeah, the ladies will love this. Okay, Alphonse.
STRETCH: Alphonse? (to Dizzy) Ooo! So that's you're real name.
DIZZY: Dry up, Stretch.
STRETCH: Ooo, touchy!
EDITH: (scrubbing the tattoo) Let's see if I got the whole story. Oscar here piles everyone into a stolen police car, beats it up to Nuke York, tries to run the barricades, you all get busted by the city cops, and I havefta close down shop for half a day to bail you all out.
DIZZY: It's not exactly as it sounds, Aunt Edith. We're a band, right? And Angel left without telling anybody, and we just --
STRETCH: Oscar says she owes us a personal explanation.
EDITH: For what? Because she ran off with Mok, without saying goodbye? Cause he's a big star and you guys are just wishing?
OSCAR: We're concerned.
EDITH: Say what?
OMAR: I said we're concerned.
EDITH: Concerned about who?
OMAR: About Angel, we're concerned about her, okay?!
EDITH: You're all heart, Oscar.
STRETCH: You never told us we were concerned.
SAILOR: Is it some sort of proof there?
EDITH: (greedily swipes his credit card) Oh yeah, if it gives you any trouble, come on back.
SAILOR: (walks out)
EDITH: Okay guys, I can't tell you much about Mok, but I can tell you about Cinderella.
OMAR: Aw, are you gonna tuck us in, too?
EDITH: Relax Oscar, I was just beginning to like ya, ya little scumbag. Like I was saying, she's the little sister of a couple of guys who work for Mok.
STRETCH: Toad, Zeazy and Slip?
EDITH: Yeah, close.
OMAR: So where will we find her?
EDITH: I know she hangs around an uptown club.
DIZZY: What does she look like?
EDITH: Sorry Alphonse, everyone looks the same through this thing (her welding goggles). But she's got a winged heart tattoo; my $14.95 special.


SCENE: Outside Edith's, the Sailor has been listening to Edith's story. He makes his way to a payphone. A sausage gets stuck on his peg leg, and a bum near the phone notices.
SAILOR: (dials a number.)
TOAD: Toad here.
SAILOR: Captain.
TOAD: What do _you_ want?
SAILOR: You got to listen to my side of the story now. It was not my fault that night at all those cops were supposed to be on the take; I am on the level! To prove it, I've got some scuttlebutt for you. Now, you set your sails for this joint downtown, called Club SixSixtySix. Now there are some three guys, from Ohmtown, gonna drop anchor there with a cargo of trouble. They're looking for you little sister. Now we're even, right?
TOAD: (smiles, stabs at a button)
SAILOR: So get off my back? ...oh shit! (the payphone explodes, disintegrating the Sailor. The bum grabs the sausage off the peg leg.)
TOAD: Now we're even fink. We're going to Club SixSixtySix.


SCENE: Effects control room.
TOAD: Now, let's roll.
MOK: Wait! (Toad looks cowed.) Follow them, yes, but don't interfere. I have a much more amusing idea. Get me What's-Her-Face.

SCENE: Club666. A taxi pulls up.

SCENE: Club666's foyer.
CINDY: (puts her skates on the wall to zip down the stairs) Wheeee-- whoa. (dodges a laser shot)
SONNY: (fighting axe-wielding mutants with his laser baton)
CINDY: Oh boy! Mutants in the foyer of the club! Isn't it neat-o! Attaboy, Sonny! No prisoners! ...Okay, let's go! ...eww, watch your step! (a mutant dissolves into slime) This is the hottest antigravity club in the city, ya know. But you let mutants in and it spoils everything, know what I mean honey? They just don't know how to dress.


SCENE: Inside Club 666, where gravity is just a nice idea instead of a law. The bar spirals as the "floor" curves all over the place. Typically bizarre club denizens abound. Tres 80's new wave. Boobs, strange hair, party animals, I wish there was a place like this in Toronto.
DEALER: I got uppers and downers, inners and outers, screamers and shouters, and things that make you go sideways
EW&F: Hey yeah, yeah.... (sung under everything) /
Lets get to dance dance dance /
Let's get to dance dance dance /
Let the party start /
I know that I see you, and I'm hoping that you feel the same. /
Come on and dance. /
Just a dance with you /
Is my only decision /
I don't even have to know your name /
Come on and dance. (dance and dance)
(I can't get the rest of it, but it sounds very very funky)

SCENE: Somewhere in Club666
CINDY: Angel, this is Raoul Loveday.
CINDY: (lifts Raoul by the crotch) Squeeze ya later, Ralph!

SCENE: elsewhere in Club666
STRETCH: Hey Omar, where's this tattoo supposed to be anyway?
DIZZY: It could be on her arm, or her leg...
STRETCH: Or promiscuously anywhere! (turns to find his nose in someone's cleavage. Examines each breast for the tattoo, doesn't find it, looks up) Wanna dance?

SCENE: elsewhere in Club666
DIZZY: (looks down a dress, no tatoo. Checks out a pair of legs on someone wearing nothing but bananas, he looks up to see an effeminate guy offer him a banana. Dizzy scampers.)

SCENE: under the tables at Club666.
STRETCH: (checking out legs. He sees a tattoo! He lifts the skirt to check it out. The owner of that tattoo slugs the guy sitting next to her.)

SCENE: elsewhere in Club666
DIZZY: (checks out one of the go-go dancers. She watches him, trying to not look like she's staring. Dizzy, however, is very obvious.)

SCENE: elsewhere in Club 666. A guy with moose antlers, a parka and a Canadian flag is visible.
CINDY: Hey, come on, there's a booth over there.
ANGEL: But there's somebody in it.
CINDY: Not for long, sweetie.
ANGEL: Right.


SCENE: Two people at the bar, one large lady with a larger sweater. Her breasts start moving, to her surprise, and Stretch's head pops out, looking for the tattoo _anywhere_. She grabs him, pulls him out, and throws him across the bar. He slides across the floor until he pops into a booth, his nose right on somebody's bum... with the tattoo.
CINDY: Anyhow, he's kinda cute, but this guy had just gone too far so I told him he was a real waldo and I broke his fingers. (reaches to scratch her butt)
STRETCH: (rolls out of the way and away across the floor)

SCENE: Dizzy examines a woman wearing a trenchcoat, in his usual obvious manner. She opens her coat and flashes him.
DIZZY: Oh! Sorry! Pardon me! ...amazing. oof!
STRETCH: (on the floor wresting with Dizzy) Diz! This is no time to be lying around! I found Cinderella!
DIZZY: Where?
STRETCH: She's sitting right over there with Angel.
DIZZY: (gets his glasses off Stretch) This could be trouble. Just keep an eye on them. I'll get Omar.
STRETCH: (Gets his hat off Dizzy) Sure. Never fear Diz, I'll be here. (hides behind the table again, until a large arm rollerskates in and yanks him away.) Ooo!


SCENE: Cindy & Angel's table
CINDY: Sit tight honey, check this out, they're playing my song!
SONG: Got you in the frigid zone /
Attack attack your frontal lobe /
Sit atop the Empire State /
Got you in a mental state /
Bloody fool don't you know /
That everything is no no no no nooooooooo!(scream)

SCENE: While Cindy dances, Angel sees an exit and gets up to use it. Just when the song screams, a huge hand envelopes her face and her scream blends in with the song.

SCENE: Cindy, after smacking away someone who is trying to dance with her, notices Toad watching her. Pouting, she makes her way over to him.


SCENE: Back at the table that Stretch was at, Omar has found Stretch's hat. The music is too loud for us to hear Dizzy telling him about Cindy and Angel. Cindy's not at the table Dizzy points at, so Omar is not impressed. Then Dizzy sees Cindy leaving, so he grabs Omar and turns him in the right direction. Omar and Dizzy follow Cindy outside.
SONG: Thinking that Nuke York isn't up to your scene? /
Whatcha looking for? The girl of your dreams? /
Looking at the back string, whaddya think you'l find? /
Hot dogs and sushi, you're not my kind. /
Please deposit another dime, /
your three minutes is uuuuuuuuuup!

SCENE: Outside the club. The air is so thick you can't see past your arm.
OMAR: Stay close Diz, we'll play it by ear. ....Angel!
DIZZY: ...Omar? wulmph (as a familiar arm hauls him away by the face The fog is too much, so Omar didn't see it.)
OMAR: ...Angel?
B.SQUAD: (appear) Bomb Squad! Get off the street!
OMAR: (steps back into the fog, out of range to see a large figure rollerskate past. He does see car headlamps shut off.)
OMAR: Dizzy?
ANGEL: (above) Omar.
OMAR: Angel!
ANGEL: O-mar... (walks into a building)


SCENE: Omar follows Angel's voice up the fire escape and into the building. Inside he sees garbage on an empty warehouse floor.
OMAR: Angel?
MOK: (suddenly appearing) Omar!
OMAR: (surprise, then arrogant cool)
MOK: What a pleasant, and unexpected surprise.
ANGEL: (snuggles up to Mok) Hey big O, how's it going?
OMAR: (disturbed)
MOK: Perhaps we should invite him on up for a spell?
ANGEL: (laughter, more snuggling)
MOK: (laughter)
OMAR: (screams, runs away)

SCENE: As OMAR runs, his p.o.v., we see flashes of him and Angel spending time together,
"I want everything too Omar,"
"I've got everything I need,"
" takes time."
TOAD: There there, come to daddy. (OMAR's p.o.v. blacks out)
MOK: Excellent performance, my dear..errrrr.... What's-Her-Face. (he rip's Angels' face right off, and holds it during the next line) Thank you, for your help.
WHATS-HER-FACE: It's been a pleasure working with you, Mok.
MOK: Yes, good clean fun. All work and no play makes Mok a dull boy! (laughter, as he throws away the mask)


SCENE: control room, Toad and Zip
TOAD: Okay on number three, fade up on the girl, then give me the wall shot.
ZIP: The boss is ready on two.
SLEAZY: Okay, it's showtime.

SCENE: Angel's "room." She's pacing back and forth. Mok is calmly ignoring her.
ANGEL: Look, forget it. I won't sing. And what have you done to the guys?
MOK: I offer you fame, riches, and a crack at the top, you refuse... I accept that.
ANGEL: Good, where's Omar?
MOK: But then the chance to work with me, Mok, and you say 'No, thank you,' I'm very disappointed. (walks into the wall)
ANGEL: Hey listen, --
MOK: (big head illusion in the wall) But still hopeful! (vanish)
ANGEL: Mok! (follows Mok through he wall)
MOK: So try to realize that I must be firm when I say to you, dear Angel: Sing,.. or they FRY!


SCENE: Mok and Angel are on a balcony, overlooking the biggest Edison ball you've never seen. The guys are floating inside the ball, screaming in pain. Omar is violent, Dizzy tries to dodge the lasers but fails, and Stretch spasms with pain until he goes fetal.
ANGEL: What are you doing to them? Stop! Stop! (screams)
ANGEL: Mok! Stop! I'll sing!
MOK: As you will, your word is good enough for me. (utterly cool finger snap #2, and the Edison Ball shuts off leaving the boys all fetal and floating)
ANGEL: You could have killed them. You, you're totally crazy!
MOK: Thank you. Shall we see them off? (vanishes back into the wall)


SCENE: Nuke York bus terminal. A bus reads "Ohmtown." Angel searches the bus windows until she finds...
ANGEL: Omar? Stretch!
DIZZY: (moons Angel)
ANGEL: Dizzy?
OMAR: (laughter)
MOK: hm-mm-mm. How are you boys doing?
OMAR: How are we doing _what_, Mr. Mok? (laughter)
DIZZY: Bon Voyage! (waving his boxers goodbye) Bon Voyage! Bon voyage!
ANGEL: Mok, what have you done to them? They're airheads.
OMAR: (still laughing)
ANGEL: Omar, I promise, I'll get you outta this.
OMAR: I know Angel, it would've been swell to work on a song together but, well, you're working with the best now.
ANGEL: Omar, Mok is making me sing --
OMAR: Heeeey, I understand (winks, then sinks into the bus seat)
ANGEL: Mok, change them back!
MOK: Now now, I let them go for you...
ANGEL: Omar!
MOK: ...and you sing a little song for me.

SCENE: The bus pulls away, passing a poster for Mok's concert at "Carnage Hall" no, wait, sorry, Carnagie Hall.
the poster burns, slowly, until --
images flash over the poster: Mok, laughing, Angel singing in a skimpy outfit, a fountain of people forming a huge toothed mouth, then --

SCENE: Explosion of light and fragments, resolving into a snow teevee pattern, which tunes into a b/w teevee, showing KIX News.
NEWS: KIX morning news update. Mok's promise to rewrite rock history was prematurely and tragically interrupted last night when an overwhelming power surge totally destroyed Carnegie Hall and blacked out the entire city. Survivors described the destruction as "evil," "spooky," and "wow, bad karma, man." Our cameras are on the scene.


SCENE: Valley girl in front of piles of bodies.
V.GIRL: And it smelled just like cleaning fluid, and all it made me do was wanna, like, wax the floor, so like, can you tell me, like, is this concert for real, or is it just another rip off? (she collapses)

SCENE: a vendor's booth
JAKE'S GIRL: I dunno about this Jake, nobody seems to be buying these 'I survived the Mok concert' T-shirts.

NEWS: And finally, our roving reporter, the late Biff Glonsky --

SCENE: Mok's throne room.
MOK: (shuts off the teevee) What happened?
CPU: The being destroyed Carnegie Hall but did not completely materialize in this dimension. The electrical power supply in Nuke York is insufficient. (different voice actor)
CPU: (I don't quite remember, but it's the original voice)
MOK: I need more power?
CPU: Affirmative. A sufficient stable energy source does exist, in Ohmtown.
MOK: Ah, of course. 'ome sweet Ohm. I will raise this demon, I will not fail again. It's power will be mine.


SCENE: Black. Mok walks in, centre background.
MOK: My name is Mok, thanks a lot, /
I know you love the thing I've got. /
You've never seen the likes of me /
Why I'm the biggest thing since, World War Three. /
Girls? /
(His name is Mok, so thanks a lot /
you think he's acting but he is not) /
My name is Mok, and I'm on fire /
I'm the match, and I'm the pyre /
I'm the voodoo black musician priest /
Why, I'm the greatest thing, since World War Three! /
Girls? /
(You think he's acting, but he's not, /
His name is Mok, so thanks a lot) /
My name is Mok, thanks a lot /
I'm the power seldom used a lot /
I am the pillar, and the snake, /
I'm the big bad thing that makes you shake. /
I am the killer, I am the source, /
And you will worship me of course, /
I'm the oracle /
I'm the conduit /
There is no question that I am it! /
Girls? /
(His name is Mok, so thanks a lot /
He looks so cool, but he's not /
His name is Mok so thanks a lot, /
You think he's acting but he is not.) /
My name is Mok, thanks a lot (x5)


SCENE: The image spins, Mok falls, until the spinning resolves into Mok's face in the throne room. He's a little freaked, but the drugs wore off. Zip is watching Uncle Mikey.
MIKEY: Hello boys and girls, it's time for uncle Mikey's cartoon show.
ZIP: Hello Uncle Mikey!
MIKEY: Can you tell the difference between good and evil?

SCENE: A green man lights a cannon, aimed at a cow eating flowers.
MIKEY: Is this man being good to Cassie...
GREEN: Say cheese.... hoohahahahahah!
MIKEY: ...or evil? (Cannon fires, Cassie is blackened, and the tail falls off)
ZIP: uh...

SCENE: Green enters, gives Cassie a flower, and pets her nose.
MIKEY: Good...
ZIP: (kisses his Uncle Mikey doll)

SCENE: Green chases Cassie with a huge axe
MIKEY: ...or evil?


SCENE: Mok's throne room
MOK: (rolls eyes, lights a joint)
ZIP: (sees Ohmtown arrival on the teevee) Gosh, we're here. Hey boss, boss, wake up! We're over --
MOK: (stoned) Ohmtown.
ZIP: Hey boss, um, can you tell the difference between good and evil?
MOK: (snorts something from his ring) Ziiiiiiip, try to realize, there is no longer black or white, good or evil. We've evolved beyond that.
ZIP: Uh, but Uncle Mikey says we should know the difference between--
MOK: We all must have our own personal view of right and wrong.
ZIP: but but but is what we are doing evil?
MOK: Of course not! Remember Zip, 'evil' spelled backwards is 'live.' And we all want to do that.
ZIP: yeah yeah yeah, but but Uncle Mikey says that --
MIKEY: So until next week, boys and girls, goodbye, and be good!
ZIP: Goodbye Uncle Mikey.
MOK: Zip, (takes Zip's Uncle Mikey doll) Zip Zip, no Santa Claus, no Tooth Fairy, and No Uncle Mikey! (flings the doll off the catwalk)
ZIP: (big tears and snurfles.)


SCENE: The piano room in Mok's. Windows show a view from the front of the blimp, and Ohmtown below.
ANGEL: (plays her song on the piano, dejected)
MOK: (appearing from nowhere) I've seen it Angel. Destiny has revealed itself.
ANGEL: To me too, Mok. I... I can't resist you anymore.
MOK: Mmm?.
ANGEL: Take me with you wherever you go.
MOK: We're here, Angel. Ohmtown.
ANGEL: Just, just you and me, Mok.
MOK: Yes, after the concert.
ANGEL: Forget the concert. We can cancel. Nothing else matters. Just us.
MOK: Just us?
ANGEL: You and me.
MOK: MmmmmmmmMe.
ANGEL: Let's go away together.
MOK: Fiji? Disneyland? Fantasy Island?
ANGEL: Wherever you like!
MOK: Hahaha, but I win. You're a very clever girl. I've enjoyed your little game but tonight the game is mine.
ANGEL: You'll never see that demon, I'm the one with the voice and I'm not going to sing! And with out me you're nothing!
MOK: Shut up!
ANGEL: You're a fraud Mok, a joke --
MOK: (cuts Angel off by throttling her) Shut up! SHUT UP!
ANGEL: (choking) No hocus pocus.
MOK: You WILL SING! (throws her down, storms out of the room)
If I can sing it up, I can sing it back.

SCENE: Mok's wig room. We could see his amazing array of wigs to cover his bald head, if the lights were on. Mok is yelling incoherently, smashing and trashing things.
ZIP: (opens the door and points a flash light in, the only light, he pans them over the wigs..) Boss! Boss! Are you okay?
MOK: (off camera) ho ho ho, she can sing, or she can _scream_! (, wait, that last fright wig was him) Eee! But she still pissed me off. Get me that worm, Meelar. Tell him I want a concert at the power plant tomorrow night. Drug the girl, and wire her to the circuit board.


SCENE: Outside view of the blimp, camera cuts to Ohmtown, zooms in till we can see Mylar's again. The sign now reads "Omar and the Daycares, a concert for the Average Guy"
SCENE: Inside, Mylar's is empty. Omar, Stretch and Dizzy are quite quite stoned and singing to acoustic guitar.
OMAR: I like you, /
and I like this town /
I mean you, and this wonderful town / (etc.)
MYLAR: Okay guys, where's the girl, where's my duo?
DIZZY: Sorry mister Mylar, but we no-can-duo! Ha ha. Seriously, Angel likes singing with Mok, and Mok's in Nuke York. Isn't that nice?
MYLAR: Nice? Nice?! You guys just blew the whole show! And you know why? Because you wouldn't listen to Mylar! I said Du-o. The guy and the girl, a DUO!
MYLAR: (lackey whispers in his ear) What? Tonight? Mok? At the power plant? Hey guys, I've got a real concert to emcee. You're on your own.
OMAR: ...your hometown is my kinda place /
Your hometown puts a smile on my face ...


SCENE: Ohmtown power plant, inside. It's storming outside. The camera pans over the huge audience while the music starts. Mok's bat-shaped hoverstage floats above the audience, and he plays music by touching coloured rods surrounding him. Angel is onstage, in a skimpy outfit and strapped to bracers and a strange collar on her neck as part of ther dress. When she sings, the collar glows. Otherwise she's hanging limply, doped up.
ANGEL: (sings, but I can't make out the words.)
MOK: (stabs at some buttons, and a five-pointed star lights up onstage. The star starts to flicker.)
TOAD: (over radio) The Boss needs more power!
SLEAZY: (radio) There ain't more to give yet.
TOAD: More!
MOK: (takes off sunglasses, glares at the control room)
TOAD: More! Boost the power, now!
ZIP: (radio) But it's too hot!

SCENE: In one of the reactor control rooms, Toad's.
TOAD: More juice!
ZIP: (radio) Duh, does this mean we don't have enough power for the experiment, like Nuke York?
TOAD: (watches the readouts go red into power loss, stabs a button).
SLEAZY: (radio, something)

SCENE: A phallic lightning rod extends out of the power plant. It's struck by lightning.

SCENE: Toad's reactor control room.
SLEAZY: (radio) whoa, that's enough. Too much!
ZIP: (radio) It's over!
SLEAZY: Too much! Drain it off! (as readouts go to overload)

SCENE: Outside the plant, all the lights on the winding road get very bright. The lights into town brighten up, and Ohmtown's lights get doubly bright. Too bright, as we see on one street the lamps bursting, one after another. The bursting lamps lead eventually to Mylar's where the neon bursts.

SCENE: Mylar's stage. The boys are still singing. The inside lights pop, until the stage lamps pop..
BOYS: ...home /
Ohm sweet Ohm!>
(they get zapped by the power surge through the mikes. Black out.)
STRETCH: Hey Omar, I just had this crazy dream where you were a real nice guy.
OMAR: Get serious.


SCENE: Outside Mylar's. The city is blacked out.
DIZZY: We're in Ohmtown!
STRETCH: Last thing I remember, we were in that Nuke York club looking for Angel.
STRETCH: Ooo! My head feels like an eggplant!
DIZZY: !!! There's Angel!
(camera shot of the poster It's reads "MOK at the Ohmtown Power plant." It shows Angel standing in a skull on a five-pointed star.)
STRETCH: With M-Mok!
DIZZY: I don't like this. Omar!
DIZZY: We've got to rescue her.
OMAR: I've had it with the hero business.
OMAR: The only thing she cares about is being up there with him
STRETCH: You can't believe that.
OMAR: It's true. I saw them together. I've had it (walking away)
DIZZY: Believe your heart, Omar, not your eyes. Don't you see?
OMAR: ...
QUADHOLE: Everybody! Freeze!
QUADHOLE: You! (points to Omar, who's not there)
QUADHOLE: That means you. (points to Omar, who turns a corner into an alley)
STRETCH: Where'd he go?
DIZZY: I think I know. Let's go. (sound of car door)
QUADHOLE: Hey! SLIIIIIIIME!SLIIIIIIII-- (stops, gives up and walks off)

SCENE: Outside town, Quadhole's car drives up the road to the plant.

SCENE: Inside the plant. The star on stage stretches up, and rises into the sky through the plant's roof. The audience goes wild.

SCENE: Outside the plant, the star rises up through the clouds.
STRETCH: I'm scared! (Quadhole's car bursts through the first barricade. Some of the car smashes.)


SCENE: Inside. Angel's singing has become just tones. The camera looks down on the stage, rolling aside until it's in the star. It goes down as the star stretches down below the stage, with cheesy demon sounds to reveal demons bursting, reforming, snarling and clawing their way to the surface.
MOK: (Iggy Pop) Pain and suffering, /
Red wine turns to blood /
A cow floats /
Upside down in a river of mud...

SCENE: under the power plant, Dizzy's new driving skills are put to the test.
STRETCH: Pull it Diz! Pull it straight! Pull it straight!
DIZZY: (with effort, Quadhole's car is pushed up onto it's left edge, to barely make it through closing blast doors. More of the car is ripped off.)

SCENE: onstage, Mok is enjoying this. Quick reaction shots to Angel, demons and Mok.
MOK: .. a cat, black as night, /
and blood everywhere! /
Ha ha ha!

SCENE: under the plant. Dizzy's driving has the car bouncing off a few walls
STRETCH: Oh No! We'll never make it! Diz! Look out! ("Gate 4: No Entry" but Dizzy drives right into it.)

SCENE: They burst through, only the seat is left of the car, bouncing through Zip's control room. Zip has time to look before he's hit by the seat and carried onstage.

SCENE: Onstage. The star erupts into a geyser of burning faces and bodies that reaches to the ceiling. Instead of falling back down, the fountain becomes solid and forms a huge infernal beast.


SCENE: Toad's control room.
TOAD: (puts on his sunglasses) Aw, shit.

SCENE: Onstage.
BEAST: (knocks some balcony material onto the crowd.)
STRETCH: Oh Diz! What is it?
DIZZY: Whatever it is, it's evil.
BEAST: (tongue reaches out, picks up some people in the audience, and eats them)
ZIP: ...?
BEAST: (takes notice of Angel)


SCENE: Onstage. Angel tries to escape, but she's sill wired. Omar appears standing on a balcony above the stage.
OMAR: (screams, wields his guitar like an axe to cut the couplings holding Angel's braces closed. He leaps onstage, and turns to face the Beast.
BEAST: (curious, still hungry. The beast launches a spectral headbutt from it's mouth)
ZIP: (rollerskates in to catch the brunt of the attack, sending him into the wall with a crunch)
OMAR: (catches the rest of it, gets knocked unconscious.)
TOAD: (comes to Zip's side) Aw, Zip! Whatdidja do it for?
ZIP: For Uncle Mikey...and for us...Toad, we ain't evil, are we?
TOAD: Don't talk now Zip. ...Zip? ...ZIP! Talk to me! (Zip doesn't respond, or move. Toad, tears in eyes, looks up at Mok's hoverstage, furious.)
MOK: (laughter)


SCENE: Onstage.
ANGEL: (kneeling over Omar) If I can sing it up, I can sing it back.
OMAR: (wakes up) Angel!
ANGEL: Not now, Omar! I've got to sing!
OMAR: No Angel! Don't!
OMAR: Sing what?! We've gotta run!
ANGEL: No Omar! Trust me.
OMAR: (fireball strikes, surrounding him)
DIZZY: Oh no! Omar! Omar! (He and Stretch try to put the fire out)


SCENE: Onstage. Angel sings a few notes. echoes The beast's attention is on her. Mok watches, amused.
ANGEL: Oh what will the signal be /
For your eyes to see me /
MOK: (rolls eyes, amused)
ANGEL: So I still will set the stage / (BEAST closes in) Send my thoughts to you /
ANGEL & OMAR: We're receiving every wave /
This song sends love through / (the Beast recoils in fear) Now as one we're gonna show /
It's our one desire /
From this day we'll always know /
How our love grows higher / (the Beast starts to melt)
So as one we'll set the stage / (Mok's no longer amused)
DIZZY: Look! Something's happening! It's going back!
ANGEL & OMAR: Love will (something something) /
Now we're sending every wave /
This song sends love through


SCENE: Mok's hoverstage.
MOK: No! No No! They can't stop you! (presses every button he can) Destroy them all! Don't go! Please don't go! (something incoherent. Maybe backwards?)
TOAD: (behind Mok) My brother's dead!
MOK: You can't do this to me! (Toad can, and does grab Mok and lift him up)
MOK: I am MOK! (Toad throws him off the stage, into the hole where the beast rose from)

SCENE: onstage. ANGEL & OMAR watch as Mok falls down the hole. At the lip, we see one hand reach over the edge, trying to get a handhold.
MOK: The magic of once voice, one heart, one song! But there is!


SCENE: Mok falls, the hole's edge follows him, until the hole closes up and only the stage is left. ANGEL & OMAR are surprised. Angel holds on to Omar, tightly, and he holds her. The crowd goes bananas.
MYLAR: (jumps in front of the camera) Fabuloso! I put those two kids together, and whaddyou get?
MYLAR: (curtains sweep in just like Talent Night, covering the stage. Mylar jumps in front of the camera) How about that show! Good night Mok, whereever you are. Just kidding folks, he's just backstage, (short scene of Zip stirring into conciousness, with his Uncle Mikey hat) I think.
ANGEL & OMAR: Now as one we're going to show /
It's our one desire /
(more singing under --)

SCENE: wide shot of the stage, with Mylar's oversized shadow jumping around franticly
MYLAR: You get the greatest show ever! Let's hear it for these kids, and hope that this never happens again!

SCENE: Angel and Omar continue singing. The sun rises over the jukebox power plant, and the sun sparkle changes to a blue sky with rainbow, during which ANGEL & OMAR still sing for the ending credits.

Produced with the participation of the Canadian Film Development Corporation.
directed by: : Clive A. Smith
produced by: Patrick Loubert, Michael Hirsh
story by: Patrick Loubert, Peter Sauder
Screenplay: Peter Sauder, John Halfpenny
additional dialogue: Anna Bourque, Greg Duffell, Larry Mollin, Deanne Stillman, David Young
score composed and performed by: Patricia Cullen
Mok: Don Francks
Omar: Paul LeMat
Omar: Greg Salata
Angel: Susan Roman
Mok's Computer: Sam Langevin
Dizzy: Dan Dan Hennessy
Stretch & Zip: Greg Duffell
Toad: Chris Wiggins
Sleazy: Brent Titcomb
Quadhole & 1st Radio announcer: Donny Burks
Mylar & 2nd radio anouncer: Martin Lavut
Cindy: Catherine Gallant
Other computers: Keith Hampshire
Carnegie Hall Groupie: Melleny Brown
Edna: Anna Bourque
Borderguard: Nick Nichols
Uncle Mikey: John Halfpenny
Sailor: Maurice LaMarche
and Catherine O'Hara as Aunt Edith
(more credits)
(music changes to EW&F right about when the accountants get shown in the credits.)
written by Debbie Harry and Chris Stein
Chris Stein & Debie Harry
Written by Iggy Pop, with Ivan Kraal
written by Lou Reed
Written by Rick Nielsen, performed by Cheap Trick
"DANCE, DANCE, DANCE" written by Beloyd Taylor
performed by Earth, Wind & Fire
written by Patricia Cullen & Melleny Brown

copyright 1983, copyrighted again by United Artists, 1993.

transcripted by Moses Moore <moc.iazom@sesom>
corrections from Brian O'connel <> and Adam Brooks <>
Please send any corrections, especially to the Canadian script (in blue text) since it's my favourite of the two versions, and my copy has finally aged into video tape heaven

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