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Purpose: I've been answering questions for the USENET Oracle, when his nibs is a bit too busy to give his omniscience out to us commoners. Some people think what I've written is funny, or entertaining, or in the highest praise of Steve Willer, "doesn't make me angry." I've been trying to answer at least a question a day, to keep my mind sharp. Sometimes I'll even do research to answer the question properly. Sometimes I'll just insult them.

January 2002 Goal: The year's up; and in one way, I failed. I didn't make it to 200 in a year. However, the true purpose has been a success. Like many things in life, the point wasn't to reach the destination, it was the journey. The true purpose was to improve my writing skills, and to create a large body of writing. So, I may have failed in my goal, but the reason why I set that goal has been more than satisfied. I've managed to have an answer in the each of the last three Oracularities Digests of the year 2002, and overall 23 of my 190-or-so oracularities were nominated for best-of collections. I did well. Final Progress: 196/260 (0.75) complete. Goal: 200/260 (0.77) by end of year.

More News: Some people have been asking about the older Oracularities. So now I've made the oracularities searchable:

Instructions: Click on the dates (in bright white) to read both the question and answer for that day. Some are marked as chosen to be published in the Oracularities (a best-of digest, published irregularily).

(This is only the most recent 20. I'm up to 502 and that makes for a rather large webpage.)